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Udyr Build Guide by Alzymerz

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Alzymerz

Dead Guide for a Dead Champion (in my heart)

Alzymerz Last updated on April 18, 2017
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RIP My Once Favorite Champion

TL;DR: This guide is dead, not updated, and probably won't be for quite some time. Some general information about playing Tiger Udyr still remains below and may be helpful to some players but everything else is outdated. Keeping this guide up for nostalgia more than anything (even though it now barely resembles the original build that motivated me to create this in the first place).

This guide is dead right now. I am deciding to leave it up in case I ever come back to it so I have some leftover general information. This was my first guide I ever made and I made it at a time when I played League just to play Udyr. When this guide was first created I honestly believe it was the strongest build by far with Tiger Udyr. Even better was it was so strong in an unconventional way and the effectiveness of the build was mind-blowing to me (was utility mastery focused while every other build was either damage or tank focused). While Udyr was not directly targeted, the jungle and mastery changes turned Udyr from my favorite champion to one I would regret playing and would struggle to find consistent success with. I still jungle as one of my main roles but the strength of other junglers compared to Udyr (especially Tiger variant which was my favorite) has left me with little reason to play him. My goal is to make some more guides on here for a variety of champions and maybe one day fall in love with Udyr all over again.

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The Future of This Guide

I have had plans for a while now to update the guide since my original creation date but that has never happened. I stopped playing League altogether and I play it again now but not too often. As of right now (06/07/2016) the items, runes, and masteries should be updated but I have deleted a majority of the remaining text portion of this guide (only some basic general information remains). I do still plan to eventually re-update this guide again completely and possibly make some other guides but realistically, it probably isn't happening anytime soon.

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Welcome to my 1st ever MOBAFIRE guide. I am a JG Main and love experimenting with new builds and champs from time to time. I will hopefully be releasing more JG guides in the future but this is it for now. Don't forgot to READ THE NOTES above as there is one for everything with tons of useful information. I also appreciate any feedback both positive and negative. Now onto THE GODYR.

NOTE: Udyr can be a very versatile champion. This build is specific to Offtank Tiger Stance Udyr and thus not a comprehensive Udyr guide in general. However, I have friends who play Phoenix stance but prefer my JG path for the early Drag and gold optimization (see JG section). I may add other Tiger builds as well as Phoenix in the future.

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Why Play Udyr and Why Tiger

Why Play Udyr:
Udyr can be very versatile and has many different things in his kit which you can adjust based on what your team needs. Things Udyr has overall include: Passive stacking AS and MS, A strong single target DOT, Passive extra damage per AA, A 2-3 second shield, Passive lifesteal, A 2-3 second MS boost, Can move through units for a short period every 2-3 seconds, Stuns, and AoE.

Why Play Tiger
One of the biggest reasons I've seen people play Phoenix over Tiger is for the AoE and waveclear. As far as waveclear goes, I do not notice a substantial difference because Tiger stance does so much damage you can waveclear just as fast by attacking only one enemy at a time. The AoE can be nice but damage wise is nothing close to the damage output of Tiger.

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Pros / Cons

+ Strong Burst (Single Target)
+ Insane Split Pusher
+ High Movespeed
+ Offtank

- No AoE
- Relies heavily on farming unless getting kills
- Can burst down carries but sometimes getting to them can be a problem in a teamfight
- Not as tanky early game

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A quick note on ganking. Too many times I see Udyr players always start the gank with Bear stance. Bear stance is good for entering the lane for MS but do not start dealing damage with it active. Always try to make sure your first AA is a newly activated Tiger stance. Bear stance immediately after Tiger. The reason being is starting with Bear stance allows the enemy to potentially escape as soon as the stun ends without you getting enough damage off. By getting damage off first then stunning, you are more likely to secure the kill because if they dash after Tiger, you still have bear stance to help you catch up and stun them.

NOTE: The exception to not starting off with the stun is if your team has CC of their own that they can combo after your initial stun. The stun from bear stance can help your team catch up to the enemy to use their own form of CC.

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Late Game

Late Game try to catch people alone and delete them before they can react or their team can help. I try to split push. If the enemy team groups to push I tell my team to turtle and defend and not engage. If they are forced to fight and do lose assess whether or not you need to back. If you are really pushed I would get their inhib so that even if they get yours at least its an even trade. If your only on second turret then maybe recall and try to defend base turret or something. Don't forgot to ward every time there is an open inhib so you can tele back and take it out.

NOTE: This guide is built and tailored to Split Pushing Godyr but it doesn't mean you should only split push. If your team cannot defend 4v5 then DO NOT continue to soley split push and DO in fact help your team in teamfights.

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This point marks the official end of my Tiger Stance Godyr guide. I will be consistently updating this guide as I have time and see fit. Many thanks to everyone reading my guide as well as those members of the Mobafire community whom have helped me make this guide what it currently is. Rating the guide and leaving a comment is a great help as well. Good luck on all your future games!