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Viktor Build Guide by BulldogDX55

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League of Legends Build Guide Author BulldogDX55

Death Rays for Viktory in Dominion

BulldogDX55 Last updated on April 27, 2013
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Note: The build actually has higher AP than what is listed by a good deal. It does not have the total 99 AP from augment death, nor does it factor in the extra 30% from Rabadons.

Well, there is no complete Dominion guide for Viktor yet. I have had a whole lot of luck with him early on, so I decided to write one. This is my first guide, so any feedback is appreciated. I do not plan on making this guide pretty (unless it turns out to be real easy), as I hope to let the content speak for itself.

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Pros / Cons


    Looks awesome
    Sounds awesome
    You have a death ray
    Adaptable passive
    Can hit hard in the right hands
    Good survivability abilities in the right hands
    Repositionable ultimate
    Deceptive range
    High skillcap

    High skillcap
    Can't take a hit too well
    Vulnerable to top notch gap closers and champs with huge lifesteal + MR

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Rune set up is the basic AP set up with some extra survivability built in. I went with scaling Armor/MR because you will need the survivability the whole game and you level fast, and I went with flat AP quints because this build will give you more than enough AP, and I feel the extra bit at the start can help you win the early fights to begin your snowballing.

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Simple AP + Survivability. Some people might go with the CDR, but I prefer it this way because if played right, you will kill enemy champs within two salvos of your abilities. More on that in skill sequence.

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1. START WITH AUGMENT: DEATH AND BOOTS 1. Why Death and not the others? It's more of a process of elimination than it being the clear best. Gravity is not needed, because you should be using your W defensively for the most part. With the added range, all that will do is give them more of a head start on running out of it while you approach. The 30% movespeed on Power is nice, but due to Viktor's short range, if you have to use it to get away it's likely already too late for you. This leaves Death, which provides a nice chunk of extra AP and the 30% extra damage on Death Ray just makes your best ability even better.

2. Sorc Boots: Gotta get that extra movespeed early, as you are not too durable, and the extra spell pen is a no brainer.

3. BFT: Hands down the best damage item when mixed with Augment: Death or any other DoT based champ.

4. Rylai's Crystal Scepter: This is all of the survivability you need. With this build, you will generally kill anybody with two rounds of abilities. Hit them with the first round, and this guarantees you can back off long enough for cooldowns for the second round.

5. Wooglet's: MORE POWER, and a pinch of survive, not to mention that Zhonya's active can get those cooldown's up safely.

6. Morellos: More lasers, more damage.

7. WOTA: Spell vamp to allow you to live long enough for multikills. Chances are the match won't last this long, however.

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Skill Sequence

E > Q > W back off til cooldowns are up R > E > Q > W > E > Ignite as needed

If you think it will take more than two salvos to bring down your foe, keep in mind that the range of your E is more than twice that of the circle. It has to start near you, but you can poke like hell if you aim it right.

My opinion/tips for use of abilities:

Evolving Technology: A very, very unique passive. On its own, it give you +3AP per level. When you upgrade it, you get three possible choices, which each upgrade a different ability and give you a nice stat boost. My opinion on this was stated in the item section.

Power Transfer: It hits decently well, and the shield s just gravy. A simple nuke, no real explanation needed.

Gravity Field: Deceptively good. Most people try to use it offensively, but they are pretty dumb. If you use it to hold someone in place to go after them, unless they are braindead or otherwise occupied, they will get out before the stun. The key to using it right is to put it between you and them (or, right on yourself if it is a fast champ or a champ with great gap closing capabilities). The only time I use it offensively is if they are trying to run, or in the jungle to create a bottleneck for a team fight. It also does pretty well in the opening top fight.

Death Ray: Your bread and butter. If you cannot use this properly, play a different champion because you will not be successful with Viktor. Why is this skill awesome? Its range is one of the longest in the game for skill shots, it hits everything in a line, and it hits really, REALLY hard. Also, if you follow my item sequence, it hits 30% harder! You can start the skill in the circle, and aim it out anywhere. The starting point does not even have to be in a place where you can stand (ie, the jungle), so you can easily hit stuff on the other side of impassible areas.

Chaos Storm: It does not do a whole lot of damage, but it lasts a long time and looks damn cool, so its pretty intimidating. Also, an ultimate that you can adjust after use is pretty spiffy. Pull this out whenever you need a bit of extra damage to win a fight, or any time you are outnumbered. Do not forget to readjust it. Also, even though it does not say so in the tool tip, it follows enemy champions til they die or it runs out.

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Summoner Spells

I have recently swapped to Garrison/Ignite. The extra damage on ignite speaks for itself if you get hit by a gap closer. I switched to Garrison from Ghost because I have found that it sways point fights in my favor more often than anything else.

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I think that Viktor is a strong champ if you can E like a boss. I have not seen demands for a nerf and he is nowhere near as popular as the bear or naruto, so I don't nee the nerf hammer incoming.

Top 3 in summation:

2. Two salvos and a defensive W for the win.
3. E like a boss. Practice in co op vs AI if need be.