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Blitzcrank Build Guide by CarlCarlovich

Jungle Definitely not a normal Blitzcrank

By CarlCarlovich | Updated on May 21, 2019

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Champion Build Guide

Definitely not a normal Blitzcrank

By CarlCarlovich
This is not a carry jungler and not a afk farmer. You are supposed to gank and help ur team as much as possible and get them feeded instead of you.
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Start blue then go for rift scuttlers as these are the easiest to take with blitz bad jungle clear get ur self lvl 3 and a red buff then pressure mid. When you have enough gold for boots of speed and a stalkers blade you can recall as these two items help ur ganks A LOT. Stay away from raptors and krugs before you have ur cinderhulk as these camps are hard to take as blitzcrank. In the early game you should focus ganking and only taking rift scuttler and ur buffs as you will probably just waste HP and time on the other jungle camps. Before you have ur mobility boots, tear of the goddess and cinderhulk you should tax the lanes a bit when you gank because these are really important for ur ganks.
League of Legends Build Guide Author CarlCarlovich
CarlCarlovich Blitzcrank Guide

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Definitely not a normal Blitzcrank