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Aatrox Build Guide by ice aatrox

Top Detailed Top lane aatrox guide, Kill me If u can

Top Detailed Top lane aatrox guide, Kill me If u can

Updated on June 21, 2017
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League of Legends Build Guide Author ice aatrox Build Guide By ice aatrox 90,238 Views 5 Comments
90,238 Views 5 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author ice aatrox Aatrox Build Guide By ice aatrox Updated on June 21, 2017
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LoL Summoner Spell: Teleport


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


Threats & Synergies

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His Massive changes this season

Ability changes which completely transformed aatrox from an underplayed champ to a massive beast
P:Blood Well: his passive now became a sort of stacking active which can be stacked by using abilities.after it stacks u will go in a hellbent state that gives u base ad and attack speed for about 4 seconds,now the interesting part about this is that if u duel with a champ the duration resets,but the down side is that your revive would only trigger once you are in this state
Q:Dark Flight: some statistical changes in damage which means it deals more spaghetti to your opponents while stopming them also they decreased its cooldown,awesome more hippidy hoppidy now .
w:Blood Thirst/Blood Price:now this an amazing part, your w now heals BASED ON MISSING HP which is wonderful news,instead of some random ad scaling and flat hp, now has flat heal + 6.5 of missing hp,the more ur hp gets lowered the more u heal which gives alot more potential
E:Blades Of Torment: ahhh yes..finally damage converted to physical damage and now scales off better with the ad ratio,but the slows were a little debuffed but not a big of a deal
unfortunately no changes to his ultimate whatsoever
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A little bit of my self

i started league at season 5 and since then i only played aatrox and whatever nonsense i hear about aatrox,i never gave up and now ive reached almost plat this season with a mind blowing 1 million mastery on aatrox.This guide is to help u be better at this awesome yet misunderstood champ.and iam always over growing with my mastery score which now has reached up to 1.13 m points which iam honored to have..iam also starting my You Tube Channel I wouldn't be more delited of u take a visit over there
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You might have heard over and over and over again,that aatrox is one of those forgotten champs,that no one likes him and that he can do nothing.Well i am here to show you that YOU CAN and u will become the best and u will prove everyone is wrong,aatrox is a fighter/tank champ which prioritize in self heal and sustain,u need to understand the champ more and more so u could become better at him.and now after he got some big attention from riot he had a massive overhaul to his abilities.some sweet new passive and some tweaks in his abilities that could TURN THE TIDE of any and all battles
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Pros / Cons

+ Massive sustain with Blood Thirst
+ High mobility with Dark Flight
+ Great CC, knock-up and slow
+ 2 lives which can come in handy
+ High burst with Blood Price
- passive is hard to manage
- strong cc will prevent him from healing
- falling off early will be hard to recover from
- poking and mobilty will be hard on him
- his engage-disengage can be interupted easily

aatrox has a great hope, he can be very useful for the team,helping them,dealing with the carries and also can carry hard if played correctly all is achievable u just need to understand the way of play and all will work out fine in the end
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: attack speed is a must and the quints are very important to do so

: attack damage will help u in farming and bursting off early game.

: these marks can be replaced with the damage ones so u can go an all out berserk attack speed which could reach about 30% with marks and quints

: aatrox lacks of tankiness and he is rather squishy so armor seals cant be avoided

: u need a source of magic resist and scaling glyphs is the way to go
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i prefer the fervor build cause of all that attack speed that u achieve and with fervor u can deal tons of on-hit damage
although this tree can be replaced with resolve tree if that suits ur way of playing
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Core Items:
hydra is one of the core items,life steal, AOE damage all in one,this could help in farming way more better and dealing tons of damage along the way
meanwhile BOTRK will help u deal with 1 vs 1 situations,i recommend this item only if there are tanks in the enemy team cause this item is a tank shredder,but 70% of the time i get hydra.although if u are ahead and u buy them both u will be a monster
:The black cleaver would give you hp,damage,and 20% CD which is massivly needed because u need to stack ur passive with abilities and CD got ur back
boots :
greaves works very well with aatrox cause of that extra attack speed,i recommend buying greaves with hydra then u will have everything u need

this will help u if u the enemy team have too much ap champs and high cc as this item nulls both and helps u more

this will help u against basic attack dependent champs such adc or aa top laners and this will give u some of the tankiness that u need

defensive items:

dead mans plate
as an all in defensive item, it has hp,armor and some mobility with some extra damage

one of my fav.items it extremly synergizes well with aatrox,more hp,more mr,and most important,more heal which means extra sustain which aatrox is all about
i would recommend this when the adc or other critical based champs are doing well as this could boost u up and weaken them down.u should buy dead mans plate early but if u reach a afull build replace this with dead mans plate as it is a better late game item.although getting both would be a great build
These Items are very good picks for stats that u could lack
:tri-force..simply,AS,HP,CD,AD,mobilty passive,Burst Passive.the all u can dream stats with one big expensive item,which is worth the while
:steraks gives u Base AD which is good considering ur passive,and good hp.A huge Shield depending on ur bonus HP which is good if ur tanky
ahh the ol'phantom dancer,trust me build this and ull have a blast playing..attack speed,movement speed,damage reducion for good duels.and also that sweet sweet crit strike that never gets old..very effective if ur going hyper carry build

these items are what i recommend but ofcourse u can try using different items and different build sets that suits ur gameplay style
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i normally get tpand flash but in some cases ignite can be really useful so u can have high lane pressure and kill securing
also u can consider having ghost instead of flash
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Now,aatrox is item dependent,one item could change the whole course of the game
therefore,you should really focus on farming because the more farm u have the more items that u will get and that would make u a beast if u have gold advantage than ur enemy
also, hydra could make ur farm way easier as of the high damage and aoe so it can help u a lot
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Team Work

now working with ur team and helping them every way possible will make u win games easily and remember u shouldnt flame them or talk back on unimportant stuff,keep ur head in the game at all times
at team fights u should always focus the carries and try to ignore the tanks,or u should also help ur own carries and protect them
teleport is a great spell that lets u have great map control while helping ur team in a fight for example
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all in all,aatrox is a beast if played and understood well he can carry almost any game if he is ahead.winning trades and getting extra gold advantage can help in the course of the game,buying more items means u will do better in teamfights which could give u and ur team more advantage for an easy game. aatrox is an unknown monster which u can unleash and wreck havoc upon all who will challenge u.

i hope this guide helped u in anyway possible
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Please respond

just comment whatever u want say whatever u like..things u want to change..things i can help u with.and please of this guide helped u in anyway possible just give it a good rating it would help me so much to publish this guide to help people become better thanks guys hope u enjoyed <3 peace
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follow me :D

if u want to follow me more
check out my youtube page for some sweet plays for aatrox and other league related content hope u enjoyed guys <3
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old aatrox awesome video,not related

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old aatrox guide watch if bored

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