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Warwick Build Guide by lego2097

Middle [DH] Value Warwick jg/mid/supp

By lego2097 | Updated on November 9, 2020

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Champion Build Guide

[DH] Value Warwick jg/mid/supp

By lego2097
Main Idea
This is my WW extreme working and fun build. You can eat yasou's, zed,s kata, with 3 hits and u will be quite tanky brusier with 3,5k life 190 ad def and 180 ap def with 320 ad at full build

Tips and idea how to play WW Dark Harvest build

The idea
Make build with 'impact' dmg

U always max Q coz is the main source of dmg, W works like a passiv and E u use to defence and cc enemies, so is very important to collect 40% cdr as fast as possible so u can spam Q and heal up urself

Trust me just dont build jg item as first item u even dont need it u can sell it later or build Cinderhulk (but i dont recomend it)
WW need quite huge mana pool max cdr and high def stats than hp pool
U will shine when u buy ur first item Frost Fist vs most AD enemies

It gives u 20% cdr
500 mana
65 ad def
and slow enemies

Next item u need is boots (i prefer magic resist for shorter stuns etc)
After boots focus on max 40cdr items

Remember u build first def items then attack
After Spirit visage u can focus attack items...

will be updated....
League of Legends Build Guide Author lego2097
lego2097 Warwick Guide

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