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Ashe Build Guide by Indeed545

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Indeed545

Di Frost Archa[IN DEPTH]

Indeed545 Last updated on November 23, 2011
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One of the perennial favorites of summoners in the League of Legends is the Freljordian beauty known as Ashe. She is a direct descendant of Avarosa - one of three legendary sisters who each claimed dominion over the scattered tribes dwelling in the icy tundra of northern Valoran. Ashe mirrors her ancestor's unparalleled mastery of the bow, earning her the title of ''The Frost Archer'' the way Avarosa did during her era. Ashe is a literal Princess amongst her people, though she prefers to be addressed by outsiders as her tribal title rather than any form of royal moniker. There are those in Freljord, however, that would prefer to address Ashe as the ''late'' Frost Archer; the other two tribes that are descendants from the Three Sisters are historically sworn enemies of Ashe and her people. Having survived more than one assassination attempt in her life, Ashe is always aware of her surroundings regardless of where she is.

Ashe originally came to the Institute of War in service of the League summoners, seeking enough influence and favor to finally bring peace to her realm - one that has endured civil strife since Avarosa and the Time of the Three Sisters. With countless victories under her belt, she has started to put the influence she has earned in the League to use. Rumors abound that Ashe has begun to associate herself with fellow champion Tryndamere outside of the Fields of Justice. While she denies such talk as frivolous, all eyes will remain on Ashe now that her success in the League may finally allow her to restore lasting peace to her people.

"It's a good idea to spread out. Ashe can hit five birds with one arrow." - Tryndamere

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Hello everybody! Im Indeed545 and today im presenting you Ashe The Frost Archer. Ashe is a ranged DPS. She is very squishy in the early game, but she can gain some kills with her passive Focus. Ashe is an easy to play champion, one of the most playable champions in the League. Don't get me wrong when I say that Ashe is an easy to play. Her awesome and fun ultimate Enchanted Crystal Arrow requires some skill to target an enimy. Anyway... That's it for the introduction. And pls READ THE BUILD FIRST AND THEN VOTE!!

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Pros / Cons


1.Easy to play^^
2.Awesome ultimate ( Enchanted Crystal Arrow)
3.You have a Clairvoyance as your ability ( Hawkshot)
4.Very good CC with Volley


2.Always focused
3.She has no escaping abilities
4.your team will always flame you because you got killed or something like that...

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Some Nice Supports You Would Like To Lane With

Morgana- She's one of the best supports in the game. And since her nerf she only works as a support. Her Black Shield can block any magic damage. Emagine a Miss Fortune using her ultimate on you, and your friend Morgana puts a shield on you and you block the whole thing!
Her Dark Binding is the longest snare in the game. It can last for 3 sec max and 2 sec when it's lv 1!

Janna-Her Eye Of The Storm is an awesome shield too! And her ultimate moonsoon has a really nice heal.

Lux-Not the best support. Her abilities are like Morgana's. Her shield is nice. She can put it on the whole team, and her ultimate is really fun to use. Light Bindingis a nice snare, lasts for 2 seconds.

Alistar-He is a good support. His Triumphant Roar is a great heal. So it can pull you out of trouble. If you have him on your team, don't take Heal because he already has it.

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Summoner Spells


Heal-This is a great summoner spell for Ashe. She is always focused. And her hp isn't that big, so this could prevent you get away from dying in early, mid, and late game. So It's always useful.

Flash-This is a spell that works on every champion in the League. Awesome for running away and chasing. This also works great with your Heal. You get ganked, the enemy team uses their abilities, you Heal and Flash away.

Ghost-Also a great choice for Ashe. Good for running away and chasing! Or maybe someone is pushing on your turret and your Enchanted Crystal Arrow is on CD. You rush to the turret and save the day.

Exhaust-Another good spell for Ashe. Example, You are killing drake, and then the enemy team comes when you are finished there is an enemy Master Yi on their team. When you Exhaust him he is slowed and he deal's lower damage. It'll be a peace of cake to kill him when he is Exhausted.


Clairvoyance-You already have Hawkshot don't you??

Revive-I like to think that im gonna live on, not die... -.-''

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Ashes Abillities

Focus-Not the best passive in the game, but it's still viable. It's very useful in early game for first blood. Critical strike chance is always useful.^^ Not much to say about this... It's OK.

Frost Shot- This is your skill of survival and killing. You activate it when pressing Q and turn it off when pressing Q again^^. One arrow costs 8 mana, which isn't a lot. Just don't have it activated when you are using your Volley, it's a big mana drainer...

Volley-This is your bread and butter skill. Great CC, if you stack damage items, your Volley has more damage!! Max this ability first but max your Enchanted Crystal Arrow
whenever you can. It's also nice in team fights. Always spam Volley first and Frost Shot all the time. Never give up!

Hawkshot-This is really nice ability too! Everytime when you kill someone, you gain 5 extra gold! And you have a free Clairvoyance so you can check for drake every one minute.

Enchanted Crystal Arrow-Finaly we have come to the most awesome ability in the game! You have range of the whole map! It does require some skill, but not so much. This is good for stopping enemies from pushing on your turret. Use it frequently!!

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Here im gonna write what runes I use. i have always thoght that runes are a personal choice.
So here we go:

Greater Mark of Desolation
This will give you armor penatration. This works great at early game. Works great with your passive Focus. A lot of damage.

Ashe can sometimes have mana problems. This will help.^^

This is when your enimies have high burst of AP carry casters with HUGE CC. Ashe is really vulnerable to CC... I hate that.. -.-''

Greater Quintessence of Desolation
Again some more armor penetration. More damage for Ashe never hurts.^^

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Masteries are a personal choice, unlike runes. My tree look's like this:

3/3-Attack damage.

2/2-Basic attacks deal bonus damage to minions.

4/4-Attack speed.

4/4-More critical strike chance.

1/1-Armor penetration.

1/1-Critical strike damage.

3/3-Life steal.

3/3-Armor penetration.

1/1-Increases damage dealt to targets bellow 40% health




1/1-Improves these summoner spells:

3/3-Reduces time spent dead.

1/4-Increases movement speed.

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I guess you have noticed that i have putted some wards in the build. Now this is very important, and one single ward can save you or any of your teamates!

* Yellow: Vital to protect the jungler on your team
* Blue: For protection depending on which lane you're on
* Red: To guard Dragon and Baron
* Orange: In order to Counter-Jungle

I know, I know... You are probaby wondering why should Ashe get Sight Ward when she already has Hawkshot. Well Hawkshot lasts for a few seconds, and can only be used every 60sec. Your Sight Ward lasts for 3 min, and I think that this is more useful than Hawkshot. You don't need to buy it if you don't want to, but i recommend it.

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Now farming. I jungle with her after lv 6. Sometines I even kill Drake.
I even sometimes take Wriggle's Lantern if Im the only one who can farm in the forest.

When farming minions dont use your Frost Shot. It will drain your mana in a second(at least in early game)! When in forest use your Volley and Frost Shot. If you are on the top lane (The Twisted Treeline) when you see the skull on the map where the Drake is supposed to be, send your Hawkshot to the place, and then ping it, and kill it. You can kill it by yourself if you have bought Wriggle's Lantern.
When you kill the dragon, put the Sight Ward on the place if you have it.

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Berserker's Greaves-I think these are the best shoes for Ashe. The faster she shoots, the more damage she deals.

Infinity Edge-This is an awesome item! She never misses! Like when you are trying to shoot Malphite he will almost always dodge your autoattack! So I think it's always wise to get this early.

Phantom Dancer-A really nice item too! You will be faster at everything!This is also good for farming in the forest. The faster you shoot the faster you farm.^^

Banshee's Veil-I think this is a must for Ashe. The magic resist is awesome! And it also block negative abilities. You can block any ultimate!

Last Whisper-Whit this item is good for the attack damage and its extra armor penetration. It take this mid game, because its not really worth of buying early or late game.

The Bloodthirster-This gives you some nice life steal. It's nice for farming too, and if you were 1v1 with someine and you win, your hp is low, but you have your The Bloodthirster! It will restore your health in a few shots!

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Items Early/Middle/Late Game



Berserker's Greaves-On every champion I get boots first. Espetialy for Ashe! She is very squishy and she is always focused. Soooo... yeah

Infinity Edge-This is your -damage- item. And she can't miss! That's the most beautiful item for Ashe!

Phantom Dancer-Also a great damage item, because you know the faster Ashe shoots, the faster she deals damage.


Banshee's Veil-This is your main survivability item. It can block anything!*____*

Last Whisper-This is a strong item,^^. The item is pretty cheap and it's relly good!


The Bloodthirster-Again some nice lifesteal.^^ With this you can survive almost everything!

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Wriggle's Lantern

This is a nice item for farming as I already said. You get it only if You are the only one that can farm in the forest. The life steal is always good.With this item you can kill DRAKE by yourself! And you have a free ward.^^ So you take this instead of Infinity Edge or Phantom Dancer depends what are you buying first.

Well I guess this is it about Wriggle's Lantern,^^

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My Combos^^

To harass the enemy shoot him with your autoattack or if you feel like it use your Volley.
In harrasment never, but NEVER use Frost Shot! This is a small mana drainer, that will make you go back to base ALL THE TIME!!

1v1 combo is this:

->turn on ->->a few time ->and if still alive

Team battles:

->->turn on ->->if not dead a few times and you have slain an enemy!

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It has been a wild ride writing this guide. But now it's kinda done. I will update it frequently and I know that I have grammar mistakes, but english isn't my native of language... Sooo yeah...

I hope you enjoyed reading my guide!