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Not Updated For Current Season

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Evelynn Build Guide by Indeed545

Hybrid Jungle Eve-DIE CREEPS!!!

Hybrid Jungle Eve-DIE CREEPS!!!

Updated on May 23, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Indeed545 Build Guide By Indeed545 6,931 Views 8 Comments
6,931 Views 8 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Indeed545 Evelynn Build Guide By Indeed545 Updated on May 23, 2012
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LoL Summoner Spell: Smite


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash



Hello! Welcome to my Hybrid Jungle Evelynn guide. Now Evelynn is not the best champion for jungling in game but its fun to jungle with her and her ganks are amazing.
I build her like a hybrid becouse I think thats where eve really shines. Just please dont downvote this guide becouse you see Evelynn in the name of the guide or you think that she is not worth of playing. Let me just tell you something my friend, if she is builded right, she will OWN!.Just sit back, relax and enjoy a trip trough Evelynn ^^
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Pros / Cons


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My masteres choice is 0-30-0 becouse Evelynn needs def early becouse I think she wont last at blue withouth it. But I understand people have diffrent choices. Use any masteries you want, but I really think this is the smartest way to go.
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Boots of Mobillity are the most viable choice for Evelynn. She can run and gank fast . A great replacment for it are Sorcerer's Shoes and Ninja Tabi.
Lich Bane is worth of rushing becouse of the passive . Deals additional damage after a skill and it multiplies your movement speed by 7. There is no replacements for this item.
I chose this item becouse of it's AP boost. A possible replacment for it is Zhonya's Hourglass but I really preffer Rabadon's Deathcap.
This item works just great of Evelynn. AP and AS. AP for the damage on Q and E and AS for faster Lich Bane proc. Hextech Gunblade is a great replacement.
The spellvamp and AP is great. It will help you at jungling and fighting.
A great choice for Evelynn becouse you will probably be focused first in teamfight or in 1v1 skrimishes you die and the enemies health is low, you will return and you will kill him/her A good replacement would be any tanky item.

Definetly a must for Evelynn. There is no replacements.WRIGGLES
This is acctualy the most important item for a jungler. It gives you attack damage, vampiric and you can place it like a ward. BUT we are gonna sell it later so we can buy some better items. That is the reason I didn't put it in the main item chapter.
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Health is actually the second most important thing for Eve. You will not survive withouth it on blue golem.
Armor is the most important thing when we talk about jungle eve. No armor, you die at blue, your allys leve,GG.
Same as marks.
Same as Glyphs and Marks
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This passive is ok(I guess..). The problem is that it doesn't affect jungle creeps. It's good when youre ganking.
This is your main jungling tool becouse it has a 0.8sec CD. It doesnt do that big damage but it's pretty much awesome becouse it has a 25% AP ratio and that is a lot when we are talking about 0.8sec CD.
This is your bread and butter skill. When maxed it lasts 50sec. 50SEC!!!!!! That is a really long time. This is also your mail ganking tool. Great for scouting and stealing drake /baron.
This is your main damage tool. It has a 100% AP ratio so it will deal devastating damage when you buy Rabadon's Deathcap. It also lowers you enemies defense and magic resisit wich comes really in handy.
This is just a great ulti. It speeds you up and it gives you attack speed. The CD reffreshes when you gain a kill or an assist and you gain health every time an enemy champion dies. Use it frequently becouse it has a low CD.
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Summoner Spells

Just for you to know there are no replacements for Smite. Here I will show you the second summoner spell choices.
This spell is the most viable spell in game(I beleve). It's great for escaping and chasing enemies.
Ghost is just like Flash, you just can't go over walls. It's personal prefference so I won't go much into it.
Its great for slowing enemies down and shutting their damage. I dont take this spell becouse your AD carry will probably take it. Always have one Exhaust in team.
This is a finisher spell. You won't need this, but if you want to take it, take it….
This is actually a great spell on the beggining. If you take it I would reccomend to use it on blue golem. It gives you AS and AP, but I don't preffer it.
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Jungling Route

You will start at blue buff. Ask for a leash and maybye some help. Activate 2 potions when you start. Smite blue golem when he's around half hp. Use another potion if needed. When you kill it you will be lv 2. Take Ravage.
Next kill the wolwes then go to the wraths. When youre finished with them go to the red buff. Smite the lizard and kill his little minions. When you kill him you will lv up. Now here it's up to you- you can either upgrade Hate Spike or take a point into Shadow Walk and start to gank. If you go for the gank just do your combo and him/her will die by the help of your ally. If you continue to jungle, go for the golems, target the big one.
After that recall and buy Madreds Razors. When you buy that continue to jungle and gank.
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Sight Ward
It's actually the supports duty to ward the map, but they have limited gold and they need to buy items too. So help them a little.
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The End

It seems like we have came to the end, thank you for readig my guide. I will update it further more. I do beleve that you had some problems in reading it becouse of my grammar mistakes. Can someone tell me where is that thingie for fixing grammar mistakes? Anyway bb ^^Thanks to jhoijhoi for the line deviders!
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Indeed545
Indeed545 Evelynn Guide
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Hybrid Jungle Eve-DIE CREEPS!!!

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