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Zed Build Guide by TheRealGir

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author TheRealGir

[Diamond][Updated] Zed, The true dunk-master - Mid Zed guide

TheRealGir Last updated on July 15, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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No lore

So I didn't add this because noobs just add it to make their guides look long, which makes real guide makers like myself outraged, I mean just put the real **** like I did in this all you need 101 12 second crash course pro tips and trick shots double throwing knife cross map killin guide, of dunk. warwick is for scrubs

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Side note.

If you look me up for stalker purposes you will notice I don't even own Zed, this is due to my **** **** friend telling me he sucked **** so I wasted my RP, but I played him a ton on his account and got fed every game I went mid, but not the jungle/support (ik support like wtf ****** vlad taking my ****ing lane) his thing is imaraudershieldi <--(**** this ******) feel free to spam him with hatred as I already have and throw bricks through his window. and also the skill sequence is ****ed up and the site is being glitchy so I can't change it ********* it. **** that last sentence I fixed it. Im TheRealGir btw and like I go hard in the paint, feel free to add me though know this, I will probably decline it, but keep your hopes high! Edit: I got zed, continued to destroy all hope people had to have fun with this game. good times.

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Pros / Cons

+ He is the best right now
+ Ninja
+ **** Shen
+ shurikens without the pikachu = win
+ has no cons at all

-has a few cons
-high cd dash
-his ult only makes you dodge damage like a boss and insta kill people, not good enough
-has people who make guides worse then this
-didn't kill shen when he had the chance, **** shen, go buckeyes.

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Only thing you need to know

Alright, so I know this is going to get down voted for laziness, but this is all you need to know, this is the greatest champ in the game, he has high mobility great harass, sustain once you have vamp scepter, and he just dunks all. So what I do is play safe and just poke like a baws until level 5ish, unless the other guy blows nuts then just **** him up. Once you hit 6 you should be able to just ult and smash your face into the keyboard for an easy kill, once that is done either b, push the lane, or look for gank opportunities. do this until you win.

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The items!

So I start Elixir of Fortitude and 3 hp pots. This start gives you a nice clutch save with red pot or big extra damage to secure first blood. Sadly they nerfed the cost of fort pot so no more early ward, The pots will help sustain quite a large amount of poke early. once you got some mooniez from all the easy kills head back for some items towards your Blade of the Ruined King and Boots of Swiftness if you are a super beast like all the blacks in the alley I live in. it may seem silly to get The blade, but the attack speed and life steal will come in handy. but the main reason to get it is for the active, combined with your ult it can rack up some heavy damage. plus the slow/haste makes sticking to your target easy. Next work on a The Brutalizer, it isn't very expensive and will make sure you cut through a large amount of the enemies base armor. Build into a Last Whisper right after Brut, the enemy is probably already starting to get some armor and this will make you cut through them like a ****ty lvl 1 Anivia. After that Work towards your The Bloodthirster, getting this combined with the items you have will make your burst insane. Wrap your build up by finishing your The Black Cleaver for some extra Hp and armor shred, then continue on to win the game. This has been my 60th guide on MOBA and I think my best one yet, hope you all enjoy this getting you to max ELO rating with ease. UPDATED: just do the new item build cause I said so.

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I was not going to go over this stuff originally since everyone pretty much knows what to take on who, unless you're new of course but whatever. So I take 21/9/0 for the good offense capabilities. While taking a small amount of defense. Zed doesn't need blue very much so he doesn't need the runic affinity in utility.

Summoner spells

For summoners I take flash because flash + W + ult is just overpowered, plus an extra escape is always nice. You can also take ghost or exhaust though if you prefer those, ghost works well with his W and exhaust is nice to get those carries shut down while you annihilate them. tp works well for lanes you don't think you can win and will need to recall back to heal up.


For runes I take flat MR blues to negate some of the damage from your mid opponent. Take armor yellows to make their auto attacks pointless and it will help later and during ganks. Flat ad quints and reds for big early game dmgerino

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**** warwick and Nasus

Nasus is just ****ing awesome I mean his slow is downright OP yet they never nerf the ****er since he's all underplayed and ****, But like you get to just stand there and farm for ten years then go and crack some ****** Ezreal's skull open while dancing in the middle of the team doing AoE damages numbering in the billions. Why does he have to be so easily poked early he's just a ****ing dog. They should just make his ult do true damage while he walks around and if he gets a kill any time during the game the cooldown resets. I think this is fair so that means it is I think. Darius is for losers im just gonna go out and say that, we all know it's true. I wonder if this is enough characters to count as a full guide yet. It has to be getting pretty close. stupid microsoft word not helping, **** only told me how many words there were not characters, ****ing microsoft you goons. It's cool though I just searched for a character counter on google and we're past the 5000 limit. wooooooooo best guide erver nasus 4 lyfe. Edit: **** nasus that piece if trash, the game is all about top lane Warwick. He is an unstoppable force these days. He has no hard counters and amazing base stats. If you're against an ad rush glacial shroud and then wits end, if you're against ap rush spirit visage and then wits end, get the other item later and a frozen mallet, then a blade of the ruined king. You will be unkillable and will shred their carries like paper. You may be wondering, what the **** does this have to do with zed, well im here to tell you, it has nothing to do with him. **** zed WW 5EVER. Nasus is probably the lamest champ ever, doesn't matter if you rape him in lane, he just withers you once during a teamfight and he might as well instakill you ****ing gg ****** *** dog. Warwick sucks ****. UPDATED: these champs are still for ******s and require no skill whatsoever, **** yourself if you main them

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In short, go mid always, play safe until you hit level 5 or so unless you are playing against one of those brain dead guys. Try to save your W for escaping unless you know the jungle is not near and you want to instagib their mid. Focus carries, ward around your lane and all that jazz. But most importantly don't forget to never go jungle zed, it is complete **** mid is where he belongs his poke is just too good to waste on jungle creeps or beefy top lane *** clowns. Good luck on your mid lane slaughters, not that you need it.