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Diana Build Guide by Yogi DMT

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Yogi DMT

Diana - Get fed

Yogi DMT Last updated on December 8, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Diana - Scorn of the Moon

Diana is a versatile champion that can be devastating when played well. She has solid AoE damage through Moonsilver Blade, Pale Cascade, and even Crescent Strike. Moonfall also helps you deal your AoE damage by drawing enemies in and slowing them. Even with all her AoE she still have one of the highest single target bursts in the game. She farms pretty easily and snowballs HARD. She also scales very well into late game. You must be careful though, getting a few kills early in the game will make you the other team's number one priority.

In team fights, she has the potential to single combo most squishies. Because of this, Diana is more or less an "all-in" champion and has virtually no real escape potential besides summoner spells. She can lock on to her targets fairly easily with Lunar Rush and nuke them fast but the moment you get focused or CCd your going to drop. You must play diana conservatively in team battles, her shield is great but it wont do much when an ADC or APC is focusing you. Always let your tank initiate and make sure someone else has their attention and then jump in and blow **** up.

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Her runes are fairly standard for an APC...

Marks - Magic pen: A very important stat for Diana, especially since enemies will build MR if you start doing well

Seals - Flat mana regen: Diana can have mana problems early game and having an extra 3.7 mp5 definitely helps with lane sustain and keeping your harass on CD

Glyphs - Flat ability power: Gives Diana that extra kick early game giving her better kill and bully potential even before you get your deathcap

Quints - Again going to be magic pen. Along with your marks your pretty much going to negate all enemy MR early game.

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This is your basic damage-focused APC build with two utility talents, Meditation and Expanded Mind that help out with early game mana problems and Wanderer that makes roaming a bit easier.

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Mercury's Treads: CC is just about the worst thing for Diana so having some tenacity definitely makes a big difference. You get some decent MP from your runes and then a massive 40% MR reduction when you pickup void staff so you dont necessarily need the MP boots. Having this tenacity is far more valuable for survival and that little bit of MR also helps out while your still in laning phase. Also your going to want the furor enchantment because it help you stick on your target.

Rabadon's Deathcap: A no brainer for Diana. This Item gives the most additional ability power out of all items in the game. Your going to want to rush this early. Getting all this extra AP early on is a much better choice than going for MP first for a number of reasons. Most enemies dont start getting substantial MR until a bit later on and also like i said Diana snowballs like crazy, thats why you want the strongest early game possible.

Rylai's Crystal Scepter: A popular choice for most melee APs. This item gives you a substantial amount of health and AP and of course, slows any enemy hit with spell damage (that includes the magic damage from your passive). This item is great for chasing, once you get a Crescent Strike off, your enemy will not be getting away from you. In addition, this item makes your Q a long range slow and your W a short range AoE slow so your escape capability is vastly improved with this item.

Zhoyna's Hourglass: A must-have for nearly all APs. Not only does this item give you a whopping 100 AP and a good amount of armor but it also can put you in a stasis for 2.5 seconds, which is by far the most powerful defensive spell Diana has. This is your ONLY anti-focus utility and because of that you should always make sure this item is off CD before you dive into a team fight. TIP: Always use the active on this Item just as you start to get focused, before you really start to take damage. You dont want to wait until your at 5% health and then use the item, you will more than likely instantly die after. You want to try and catch them at the beginning of their burst, so they have to switch targets and your still healthy enough to fight unhindered after the invulnerability is over.

Lichbane: This is this item that really seals the deal. With your high AP, lichbane gives Diana the potential to autocombo. At max build, every time you use a spell your going to hit the enemy for an extra 500 damage. This item is an absolutely necessity for damage later in the game.

Void Staff: Unlike other MP items, void staff lets you ignore a % of the enemies MR. This is crucial late game when you might need to kill enemies with a lot of MR. This %-based reduction really lets you deal the damage you need to deal, even if the enemy has a good amount of MR.

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Skill Sequence

Pretty standard skill sequence for Diana. Max out your poke first, then your absorb, and it doesnt really matter what you do after. As always, upgrade your ultimate whenever possible.

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Flash is pretty standard but some of you may be wondering why no ignite. The answer is simple. Diana doesnt have damage problems. She kills most champions so fast that theyre probably not going to get any healing or regeneration spells off, even if they do, theyre going to still be very very low and die very soon. That being said, the healing reduction portion of the move is pretty useless, and damage over time is pretty much anti-Diana. That's why Cleanse is a better choice. Diana gets wrecked by CC and cleanse can easily help you escape tough situations.