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Diana Build Guide by jslowe

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author jslowe

Diana, how to carry season 4

jslowe Last updated on May 6, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

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A guide out of bronze/silver

To start off I want to make it clear that this is not a fully in depth guide. It is here to help players in lower elo to get a decent understanding of this champion and how they can carry in low elo with Diana. IN the guide Im going to assume that you know what diana's abilities are and what they do, if you don't go find out then come back.

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I'm not high Elo...

currently I'm in silver 4, promos for silver 3 and you probably think well why should I look at your build then? About a year ago I sucked, really bad (not that I'm amazing now) and I was in bronze 5. It took me a long time to get out. But eventually I did it and now I'm slowly making my way up. And just to make things clear I didn't get to where I am just knowing one champion, of course Diana is my strongest hence why I'm doing this guide, but you need to know the theory behind the game and that helps a lot. The majority of my wins come from strategies if I'm not on a champ I'm comfortable with. But the reason I like Diana so much is especially in low elo she isn't played a lot and people don't know how to play against her. This causes them to underestimate her strength. The best thing about Diana is her turn potential. If you are on about 200hp (for example) and all your abilities are off cooldown you can turn a fight vs almost anyone. This is mainly due to Diana's W. Because it scales with AP you can put out a lot of damage while shielding yourself from a lot of damage. The combo in this situation would be Q-R-W-R-R. Depending on cooldwon and how much damage you take you can even do Q-R-W-Q-R-R and use E if they try and escape.

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1. In lane - Don't spam abilities. This causes you to loose mana and you'll have to B quite regularly meaning you'll miss out on CS.

2. In lane - try freeze your lane near your tower. This is especially good in lane after level 6. This is because if they enemy tries to get CS you can land an easy Q allowing you to combo with Q-R-W-E-Q-R-R + ignite.

3. Combos - When using your combo try not to initiate with your R if you haven't landed a Q. This Reduces your damage a lot and means your ult is on cooldown for around 20 seconds preventing you from re-engaging. Also Don't panic use your E, only use it if they are trying to get away from your combo.

4. Using E - E Can be used for more than just pulling enemies back to kill them. E can be used to escape from enemies chasing you, although it is not the most effective escape if timed correctly it can slow enemies. But don't do it if they are too close to you because it will just bring them closer to you. Try use it when they are on the edge of its radius. E in team fights can be useful. If you ult into the enemy team (conditional you will need a zhonya) you can E the team into you then use your zhonya. This clusters the enemy team allowing your team to put out massive damage especially if your team has AOE attacks.

5. Roaming - This part is easy, because you have very high damage it makes bot lane an easy target, going bot lane can get you FED and I one hit baron FED (not literally). Because ADCs are so squishy you can kill them with a Q-W-R-R combo most of the time. This helps you win your lane and your bot lane.

6. Late Game - This one is simple focus the carries wither its the ADC or APC it doesn't really matter you kill them extremely fast and you tend to still have enough damage to take out half the enemy team.

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Other Items that can be used situationally

Iceborn Gauntlet - effective vs AD heavy teams. slows their AAs and works similarly to lich bane however the trigger uses AD not AP so it doesn't stack well with your AP.

Guardian Angel - simply if you die too much get this.

raylai's crystal scepter - Good for chasing down enemies because of its slow also effective vs Damage heavy teams due to the health it gives you.

Double doran ring - In early game if you spam a lot of mana and I mean a LOT get another doran, its not ideal but its good for you early game and really annoying for your opponent. (brief explanation why multiple doran rings are good - They stack, meaning more health, more AP more Mana regen and more annoying because early game they are good scalars. but going into mod game they don't scale too well since you buy full items and dorans and inefficient at this stage, also a waste of money just to annoying your enemy but it can pay off. )

Blue elixir - If you're ahead and you want to be an ***, get one of these then go on a killing spree .

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Pros / Cons

Pros - Lots of burst damage
- relatively tanky
- Unexpected turn damage
- easy to carry with
- easy to kill squishy targets
- easy to play
- easy to play vs melee

cons - If you get behind its hard to come back
- no natural escape
- hard to kill tanks without lots of magic pen.
- easy to counter
- hard to play vs ranged / poke
- once you have used your burst you need to leave the fight

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If this guide is liked I will expand it and go into more detail. Good luck and enjoy.