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Diana Build Guide by S Diana 2



Updated on March 16, 2016
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League of Legends Build Guide Author S Diana 2 Build Guide By S Diana 2 24,616 Views 0 Comments
24,616 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author S Diana 2 Diana Build Guide By S Diana 2 Updated on March 16, 2016
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Ability sequence.

Ability Sequence
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Starting items.

1. Doran's Ring Health Potion Stealth Ward

- dorans ring + 2 pots + trinket

standard start for diana.
Unless you have no interest in killing the opponent and want to sustain in lane, this is the best starting item.
If u have hard time because you get harassed too much, you can choose the option 2 below.

2. Corrupting Potion
-corrupting potion

start this if you are in a melee matchup and u feel like it wont be hard to win lane, so when u start trading use the bot so it burns the enemey.
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Core items for mid game.

* note : i buy 3 dorans about 80% of the time because i don't like having mana problems and sometimes in solo queue, your team jungler doesn't give you the 2nd blue buff. I don't like crying over blue and i hate lacking mana.
If you can deal with having 2 doran rings, it's much better in gold efficiency.
You can choose to buy 2 or 3 depending on what you like.

Doran's Ring Abyssal Mask Sorcerer's Shoes
- 2-3 doran's + abyssal + pen boots.

Get abyssal if the enemy team is Heavy AP damage ( ex. AP mid/top/jg ) or if they have mid AP and top AP
and you feel u need magic resist.

if enemy team have only 1 AP, but its a mid laner and you are having hard time in lane, you can just get the negatron cloak and work on getting your zhonyas.

* AP mid laners that you will have hard time will be Heavy AP damage dealers which are ......
Veigar, Annie, Syndra, Leblanc. - the ones that can 100-0 you.

Doran's Ring Nashor's Tooth Doran's Ring Zhonya's Hourglass
2-3 dorans + zhonya's + nashor's tooth

Very standard for diana.
Zhonya's hourglass is the 2nd most needed item for diana (unless vsing hard AP) because her ulti is hard engage that teleports you to the enemy target.
Every game, as a diana you will hard engage 1v5 or dive towers etc.
this item helps you go in and be invincible for 2.5 seconds when u activate.
If you hit Q on squishy target(s) and you are grouped with your team, you can just All in on that target and activate zhonya's.
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Match History

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League of Legends Build Guide Author S Diana 2
S Diana 2 Diana Guide
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