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League of Legends Build Guide Author Pølsemanden

Disregard creeps - Farm champions

Pølsemanden Last updated on February 2, 2016
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wrapping up the build

Ability Sequence

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Threats to Shaco with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Master Yi Can 1v1 him at almost all times in the game, remember to box AFTER alpha strike so it doesn't take it
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Who Is This Guy Who Thinks He Knows More Than Me?

Hello Mobafire, this is Pølse writing another ballz to the wallz guide.
About me: I'm a plat elo-player Maining Shaco jungle and sometimes I go for a troll-game with suppoartings.

In this guide I will not just present a build, I will cry my heart out to you on how to play Shaco on a Gold 1 level

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Introducing you to shaco

Shaco is a hard-to-play gank and objective oriented jungler, he's strong from gold tier and up but can also be succesfully played beneath that.

Frankly you as Shaco do not care about farming, you want to first and foremost snowball your lanes and secondly snowball yourself. A great example of this was my average CS on Shaco 37,7 per game. This is halfway because most games ended early with my team snowballed through the roof and halfway because I didn't mind waiting and bypassing camps. If you just ganked bot-lane and can see that top-lane is gankable in 30 seconds, just run directly there - the enemy will have a false sense of security from just seeing you bottom, because who would be stupid enough to bypass all that farm? I would. I also don't mind "camping" a lane, waiting in a bush for 10-15 seconds for making a gank happen.

The only kill you want on Shaco is the first kill so you can go back and get Boots of Speed and some AD, beyond that you'd rather want the kills to go to your carries. Unless tagging a person for an assist.

If you want to solo-carry games, get fed and 1shot people with a hard-to-play champ i'd recommend you to play Kha'zix, Lee sin or elise instead. All 3 are really fun shaco can't carry **** like they do - he's reliant on his team to pick him up and carry him after he pumped steroids into their bloodstream

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Runes and rune alternatives

Basically you go for the first set of runes if you're vs. little to no ap and the second one vs. 2 or more ap doods.

If you don't have the listed runes:
Armor, AD, AS or MR in whatever spot will basically always be fine

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Utilising Your Skills To The Fullest


This is probably the most champion defining skill in the game. This is what makes Shaco the bastard and terrorist he is.
This skill can be used in numerous ways, in early game you're gonna use this spell to bypass wards and engage onto unsuspecting lanes. Popping into the middle of lanes and getting double kills.

In lategame you're gonna be popping into the middle of the teamfight bursting down their squishes. Or even running into the fight and escaping with 5 hp by deceiving out.

Useful tips

Jack In The Box:

First of all, this it what you'll be using for initiating your jungling but more on this in chapter 4

Useful tips

Two-Shiv Poison:

This is the only straight-forward and easy-to-use part of Shaco's skillset, and even this one is somewhat tricky.

Useful tips

Hallucinate is a really strong ability but also a really hard to use ability, used for dueling, scouting, dodging nukes, taking objectives and occasionally tricking your enemies in ways you didn't think was possible. If this wasn't enough it also procs on-hit effects.

Useful tips

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What is this Jungle route you speak of?

In this chapter i'll go through the 3 different starts there are on Shaco, you do not want to invade if you don't have to since doing a buff without boxes on shaco is a pain at lvl 1.

I don't really have a standard jungle/invade route i usually just do it on the fly, but as a standard start i do:
1 box at golems/gromp - 3 boxes just outside buff range and put a box by the gromp/golems when you come back for the double fear while making your botlane help you. And then do the buff while taking no damage - skill E if you're gonna do a third camp for quicker buff and quicker lvl 3 skill Q if you're gonna lvl 2 invade their buff/3rd camp.

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Go and make them disappear

deceive spots

Ks'ing and the benefits of it?

"KS'ing" is actually better than rumour has it. To understand what I mean by this you have to understand how the gold system in League of Legends works. When a kill is gained, the total gold for the killers is split into 2 pots.

One is the kill-pot. It's 100% of the gold and all of this gold is assigned to the killer

The other one is the "assist pot". The assist pot is evenly divided between all assisters and consists of 60% of the gold that the killer got. It's a bonus that only comes when you get an assist as illustrated in this picture:
The amount of gold gotten from a kill+assist is substantially bigger. 160% of the gold that a kill alone would've amounted to, to be exact.

So don't go around KS'ing everything and everyone. But if you have to take a kill to tag an assist onto the target, feel free to do so.

I most of the time take the kill on my first gank just to get the ball rolling and steamroll the game.

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When to teamfight

As a shaco out of a teamfight you're capable of doing 2 things.
2:Cleaning up

You have to decide, do you actually want to teamfight?
There are a number of times where you don't want to teamfight:
1: They have some really good AOE-creep clearing and you want to end the game
Example: Enemy team has Anivia and is just clearing wave after wave under the turret you can't get in there and if you do she'll wall you off your team and 2v5 you.

2: They have an aoe-team
Example: Annie+ Kennen
There's no reason to fight an AOE-team 5on5 because that maximizes their damage output, tibbers on 1 person isn't too bad compared to tibbers onto 5 persons. And you can as shaco 1v1 most AOE-carries.

3: your team "doesn't know how" to teamfight
Example: you lost 3 teamfights in a row, your teams are of equal strength but enemy just keep comming out on top, try doing some split-pushing to ease the situation and try to attract an enemy to ya.

If above is the case, go splitpushing.

How to splitpush

You and your team has to keep pressure on 2 lanes for splitpushing to work, additionally you can have minions pushing a third lane, but this is only optional.

The technique in itself is quite simple, you force the enemy team to either engage, split up or neglect towers by pushing multiple lanes at the same time.

If you lose vision of 2+ enemy teammembers fall back and wait for them to be visible again, remember to as you splitpush spam boxes for obstacles when you flee.

A teamfight erupts on mid, you now have a choice
1: Keep pushing, your team is not gonna make it and you won't make a considerable difference, keep pushing and get a tower, maybe even force the enemy to abandon their push

2: The fight is even, there might even be a few low-hp guys out there you can instagib and your push wasn't hard enough to get towers - go and clean up the fight, cleaning up is what you're best at.

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How to teamfight

As a Shaco in a teamfight you're capable of doing 2 things.

1: Peeling
This is a feature that a lot of people disregard about shaco - but is in the current meta what is best to do in most of the teamfights. It's really strong against especially assassins relying on slipperiness and damage to kill your carry - it's strong against these kind of divers because they're squishy and you should be able to melt them with your damage. Akali would be a prime example of where peeling is a good idea.
If everything against an akali is done correctly things should go somewhat like this:
You put a Jack In The Box near your carry, Akali jumps your carry, gets feared before she can shroud, you and the carry both attack her(if she's fed you use your clone for more damage, if not you save it for later), she's almost dead and tries to Flash out, you Deceive after and clean her up for the kill. Totally useless, rite?

2: Assassination
Assassination is what is normally done all the time by Shaco players, it's rather hard to pull off and can be done in so many ways depending on the scenario that nothing but experience can help you with this aspect.

You go for assassination in a lot of scenarios:

  • You have a double assassin comp and you know for a fact that if both of you dive their carry he will be deleted from the game, every time.
  • You can't peel for your carry or peeling is obsolete due to the tanky nature of their diver - as a Shaco peeling from a Malphite or a Rammus is nearly impossible and should if possible be avoided - in this scenario you have to demolish their threat rather than protecting your own carry.

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Itemizing for destruction

So as shaco you want to be everywhere on the map and you want to be there fast so there's basically only one choice after the Boots of Swiftness buff. And that's the boots of swiftness.

I go for the warrior enchant because i want burst rather than sustained dmg with this build. More on the devourer later.

After this i always go for a Youmuu's Ghostblade because this gives you much better ganks with longer stealtrange.

Here's where the chosing begins because at this point there are 2 items to buy - if they have an ap jungler who's fed and/or an AP mid who's fed go with a Hexdrinker before upgrading to Ravenous Hydra

That basically wraps up the core now for the situationals

SPA Get this item vs. bursty ap's and if you already have a Hexdrinker you can upgrade that ****er into this bigboy here
SPA Guardian angel is kind of a niche item that i like to get on Shaco because you die a lot in teamfights as the first one after having killed their carry just pop up and deceive out. If you're not the first one dying in teamfights do not get this item since the passive will be useless as a 3rd or 4th death
Mercurial schimitar SPA If you ask 90% of assassin player what counters assassins they'll say CC.
Well this baby counters CC so of they have any click and **** you CC like Lissandra go for this badboy

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Counterjungling and when to do it.

I love to counterjungle heavily and with the ballz to the wallz start, it's even better because the enemy will be behind from the start thus setting you up for counterjungling heaven, ward his wraith bush whenever possible to ensure vision and the posibility for the killings.

It's 7 minutes into the game, you see amumu just ganked bottom lane, he's half health. This means he's going to go and get his blue, you can 50-0 amumu on half health unless he has health items, go do your job son.

Same thing applies to a half health amumu going to do wolves, you can kill him as well.

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A; My computer is too low-end for videos, honestly just taking a screenshot while playing makes my screen freeze for 3 seconds making me miss out on ganks for the sake of the guide >.>

Guide Top

With special thanks to

Xiao - for making the kill assist goldpot :)

Bilernes hus Denmark - for giving me a great job where i wrote this guide in the time i wasn't doing anything at work.

Riot games for making a great game

Janitsu for helping me with some coding and reviewing the guide rite now <3