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Udyr Build Guide by sexyman46

Top DisrespectDYR

By sexyman46 | Updated on August 1, 2020
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  • LoL Champion: Udyr
    Udyr TOP
  • LoL Champion: Udyr
    SplitDYR (OP)

Runes: If you don't feel like running

1 2 3
Shield Bash
Second Wind

Manaflow Band

++8 ability haste
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2 3
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Teleport


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Jungle Role
Ranked #8 in
Jungle Role
Win 54%
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Champion Build Guide


By sexyman46
About me
I'm just a former Udyr player. I don't play serious and i like living in enemy bases. If i cant live there because it's too populated, i just go in and out, just like a drive through and make them chase me. After i lose them, i return to their base so i can freely live there again. Running is my favorite hobby. I like tilting the enemy team and making them chase me, while barely escaping.

EUW: sexyman46

Never forget to talk thrash in all chat!
Udyr Back to Top
Lets face it: Udyr is a garbage champ, but because he is garbage, doesn't mean he is not fun - on the contrary! People never expect the damage and he is really fun to play; especially if you are able to run around the whole map!
Matchups Back to Top
Udyr loses in a lot of matchups, but people tend to get cocky and throw their lead, so you can still win. You should max W vs ranged, poke, kite matchups. If you like pushing, you can take R after you've putten atleast 3 points into W. If team is carrying your bronze ***, you can max E and just have fun (my favorite).
Reason behind items Back to Top
Sadly, even the deer has its flaws; he runs out of mana fast. So i would recommend getting a mana item first, like Abyssal (AP) Frozen heart (AD). If all that goes well, go for boots. Now, if you don't wanna play Udyr like me, then the boots can wait, but because i like disrespecting and running, i am making sure to get tier 2 boots asap. After that go for Sunfire or Spirit visage. If they have a lot of ranged AD champs, i would recommend getting Bramble vest asap. For the last item, i would recommend getting Warmogs. Why Warmogs? Well, it gives CDR and a lot of health + really good regen. I am running a lot in their base, i go in and out, just like its a drive through. I like sitting there spamming my mastery emote, dancing and taking my laners farm, but you don't have to do all this ;) So after all that running, the deer will ofc miss some health, so that way you can regen fast without needing to B. If you make sure to get Frozen Heart + Abyssal, then you shouldn't run out of mana fast. Wits end is just if you are going to fight a lot, but i seldon buy it.
Gamephase Back to Top
In the Early game, you should just focus on farming and not giving up kills. If you are able to trade with the enemy, then do it. Be sure to switch from W to R frequently so you're both tanky and deal a nice chunk of damage.

In the Mid game, you should try to get your turret and then help others with your TP

In the late game, your phoenix will deal a nice amount of damage but if the enemy has a lot of ranged (poke, kite), then it will be hard for you. I would say that you just be the frontliner and stun everyone. Don't be affraid to run it down if needed!

If you are useless, you can just distract the enemies by running so your team can take objectives!
Disrespect Back to Top
Now the part you all been waiting for..

Disrespect. Of course, if you play Udyr, you must disrespect - it's a rule. Now, how do i effectively disrespect you may ask? Well.. Make sure you got atleast a mastery level 5 emote. The 7 is best, but something about the 5 screams disrespect - especially if you have like 100 k on Udyr with mastery 5.

So, if you have 3 points in turtle and 3 points in bear, you should be able to run freely. I keep in mind that you probably have gotten some items, so it shouldn't be a problem.

For extra tilt, make use of the blast cones. The new blast cone update really buffs the disrespectDYR; it gives you more opportunity to escape!
Video of me doing my thing Back to Top

Don't forget to spam sexyman46 in all chat!
Club Back to Top
I have a club on EUW server, that still has room for my fellow disrespecters. If you are interested in the disrespect topic, i would like you to join my club. It's a new group and i believe it will help us all grow, and one day i'm sure it will be a really famous club - with the help of my fellow homies ofc!

EUW: sexyman46 - tell me you saw my mobafire post and i will add you
League of Legends Build Guide Author sexyman46
sexyman46 Udyr Guide
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