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Twisted Fate Build Guide by JacenBlare

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author JacenBlare

Doin' It: Dominion Twisted Fate

JacenBlare Last updated on December 2, 2011
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Twisted Fate

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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello and welcome to my guide to how to play . This guide is meant to explain a couple things, first dominion. I have noticed that there are not very many dominion guides up so I decided to make one myself. I intend to cover basic strategy, how to play in dominion, and ninjaing capture points with . Second why I think is one of the BEST champions for Dominion. With that said please give any feedback and let me know what you think of this guide, but first I ask that you try it, thanks.

**Note**I know there isn't a skill description section. I felt like it was pointless to do because of the Skill Icons. Just mouse over them to read what each skill does.

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Simply because your playing DPS Fate, I feel that more attack damage is helpful.

So, I tried a few different seals and these seriously up your damage output. Plus nothing wrong with more crits :).

Alright some of you may question this choice, but I've noticed that is subject to basically every ganker/nuker/burster in the game. These help out tremendously against those nukers/bursters like ,Rhyze.

Same as the crit seals they help out your damage.

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Just your standard 21/0/9. Picking up some extra xp from and gold from . Most importantly ! Less time spent dead in dominion is a must!!!! The games are very fast paced and the longer you are dead the more of an advantage the enemy team has over yours and (possibly) the more points you will lose.

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Okay, this build contains some of the new items that are available only in dominion, but these items allow a dps to actually acquire a bit burst damage from . When all three of these trigger at the same time your enemies will b in awe at the massive amount of hp that just vanished. I must say I personally enjoy that feeling when an opponent tries to gank you while your back dooring at 1/2 hp and you still kill them AND capture the point!

Start off with:

X 2
I like to start off with those items mainly because you get a nice bit of AD, Lifesteal, and HP from the and the Health Potions let you stay in the fray much longer. Boots of? Do I need to explain? More movement speed enough said.

So you want to pick up the rest of the items in this order, simply because it gives you your damage but also survivablilty with the Lifesteal.


I normally get this generally because people seem to build more HP in Dominion games. This allows you to tear through their health

Get this if the enemy team is really tanky and is building lots of armor.

I get this if our team is stomping the other, but I still feel that is a better choice, but its up to you.

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Summoner Spells

Why these? Because, lets you get to Windmill faster. Also I prefer when they try to turret dive and I gold card one and exhaust the other.

These are the other summoner spells I would recommend. The others just don't seem necessary and kind of pointless to me on

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Basic Playing Style

Well, the play style for this particular build is Gold Card from then follow up with some auto attacks. Only use to finish off low health champs that try to get away from you. That's it really nothing fancy just make sure you pick your fights and always remain mobile when possible. Standing still makes you an easy target and your most people will try and target you. Focus on staying alive and just play cautiously.

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Dominion Strategy

Okay, now that we have covered the boring part of the guide here is the basic strategy for dominion. Dominion is the newest game type in League. The objective is to hold more points/nods/towers than your opponents. For every second you hold more points than them their nexus takes damage. There are three different types of champions much like in normal Summoner's Rift games. Attackers, Defenders, Runners. For more on these please visit Arclune's Dominion Guide. Your text to link here...

Early Game

I normally go with the 4T1B strategy having one attacker cap Drill/Refinery and the other three going top rush Windmill. As you are going to want to rush windmill. As soon as the game starts use ghost and pick up the speed buff along the way. Be sure to stay in the jungle as much as possible. Doing this allows you to remain out of sight from the enemy champions also rushing Windmill. Once you arrive at Windmill stay just below the capture point in the jungle. As soon as you see an enemy try and cap Gold card them and auto attack them THROUGH the wall. This is possible if you position yourself correctly. If they start to fall back push them a safe distance away from Windmill then fall back and help capture the point along with your team mate. Once Windmill is yours check to see if the bottom lane is having trouble if so help them out if not push the lane into enemy territory. Killing those creeps will give you more xp and more gold. Make sure to keep a watchful eye on your mini map. Keep track of enemy champs if you suspect a gank hurry back to your nearest turret.

Hugging the Turret

I've seen many people who don't seem to notice this in Dominion. The points you control are turrets! If the enemy is trying to capture a turret that you are defending hug it like you would in a normal game, but you need to be cautious if there is more than one enemy be sure to CC any champion who tries to cap the turret. While they are caping it will not attack enemy's leaving you to face two plus champions without a turret.

Mid/Late Game

So by this point either your team is completely ghetto stomping, getting ghetto stomped, or the game is pretty even. Have no fear if your team is losing! The game isn't over till its over! Try your best to ninja points using . Teleport to a unprotected point and immediately begin capturing it. Keep a watchful eye out for champions like who can (if played well) simply say no to your attempts. By this time you should have and be close to finishing . The most important part of Mid/Late game is to make sure your team always control at least three points on the map (yes, I know that seems like common sense). If you see enemies getting ready to cap a point ping it and start heading that way to cut them off. Even if you die your personal score will go up for being a martyr. Be sure to pick up the middle buff whenever you can, it will allow you to do much more damage and allow you to win those fights were you happen to be out numbered.

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So, there you have it my guide to for Dominion. As said before comments and feedback are greatly appreciated. Thanks for reading! DEAL 'EM! This guide is Dedicated to the guy who has the most complete guide to TF Crazy Smurf, thanks man.

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Change Log

*changed the dominion strategy.
*added ap attack speed build let me kno how it goes