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Poppy Build Guide by Aerosaul

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Aerosaul

Dominion Poppy. Apply Hammer Here.

Aerosaul Last updated on August 21, 2012
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Ability Sequence

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



Offense: 21

Honor Guard

Defense: 9

Strength of Spirit

Utility: 0

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[*] For lack of a good Dominion Poppy Build I've decided to make this guide. This is my first guide so please leave me constructive criticism so I can improve on what is lacking.

[*] Please read through the entire guide before down voting because of something you don't like. There is plenty of variation to this guide to please everybody involved.

[*] Poppy is a dominion powerhouse that will leave your enemies baffled. She does completely ridiculous damage and is overpowered in dominion because she normally has to live with no money due to her poor farming skills.

[*] If you have something against my item choices check out the items section or look at my sub builds.

[*] I will go into more detail or make more choices for other builds if it is requested. I will likely add an AP build to the guide regardless.

[*] Sorry about the utter Rainbow that this guide is, I want to get my point across and make things easy to understand ^.^

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[*] Poppy is lacking within the first 5-10 minuets of the game, but she becomes more powerful than anybody else late game which will typically change the tides of a battle. I will try to find a better early on poppy build that lasts.
The way she is lacking is that she will die fairly easily early on making damage hard to get out.

[*] Poppy's worst enemies... CC's Poppy is a very mobile fighter in battle and typically has to run in and out to do her job. If she get's held down too long she will be focused because of her ridiculous damage.

[*] Blind severely cripples you due to the fact that you can't hit with Devastating Blow while blinded.

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Just everything that will be added to the guide goes Here.

[*] An ap build along with several sub builds.
Sub builds will typically be different modifications to the main builds which will likely be an AP and an AD.

[*] A list of Champions that you can dominates and a list of Champions you should be wary of.

[*] Pictures and fancy stuff :D

[*] Much more detail.

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Anyone who has never played Poppy would freak out over Poppy's stats saying she doesn't do the damage I claim she does. Well your wrong! Poppy is an ability based hybrid that later gets good melee damage making her whoop *** without being item dependent. With this way of working she is extremely efficient because she doesn't need to focus all of her items for one stat. She can have a little bit of everything.

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Skill sequence.

That weird jumble of a sequence shown above should be roughly how you're leveling in game.

Devastating Blow Scales with health, so it should be leveled based on your enemies health.
Rank 1 will break it's maximum dmg at 938 hp.
Rank 2 will break at 1875 hp.
Rank 3 will break at 2813 hp
Rank 4 will break at 3750 hp
Rank 5 will break at 4688 hp

Basically, if any of your opponents have less that 3750 health than there is no point in getting it to level 4.

Poppy's Heroic Charge will be used for its stun rather than its damage even though it hits hard simply because the cooldown is too long to abuse it.

So Paragon of Demacia will be leveled instead because while Devastating Blow is on cooldown this will really amp up your damage.

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Why I chose these items and variations in the build

[*] I prefer to get two Phantom Dancers if I get any pair of boots aside from Boots of Mobility

[*] Starting with Sheen gives you a fantastic damage boost right from the get go.

[*] For boots Ionian Boots of Lucidity are my favorite choice because the CDR helps you repeat your combo in lasting skirmishes or during dangerous situations. Berserker's Greaves Will give you better sustained damage early on making them a fine choice. Ninja Tabi, these really aren't the best choice because your passive gives you plenty of survivability but nonetheless are a valid option. Boots of Mobility are a great choice because it helps when ganking a lone carry pushing bottom or when backdooring. Also great just for getting place to place. Mercury Treads, similar to Ninja Tabi these really aren't the best choice due to the fact that there are very few AP foes in Dominion that pose a threat to Poppy, their main use would be for the tenacity which poppy still doesn't have much use for because of her ult.

[*] If you manage to finish this build you will have exactly 100% crit rate and 260% crit damage.

[*] Trinity Force/ Sheen is Poppy's bread and butter, they are the item's that really top her off making her burst damage utterly ridiculous.


[*] You can totally replace one of your Phantom Dancers for another good attackspeed item because you rarely make it to your Infinity Edge making a crit path a less useful choice. Though this will reduce your movespeed by a small amount.

[*] Your Infinity Edge should probably be replaced for another item if you choose to replace one of your Phantom Dancer's. A good choice is The Black Cleaver because you will likely make use of the on hit effect if you choose to add an attackspeed item.

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Devastating Blow
[*] This ability does percentage damage so it doesn't lose it's effectiveness even against the the beefiest of tanks.
[*] This ability is considered a melee attack so hitting someone with it will apply Sheen/ Lich Bane's effect.
[*] Has a Three Second Cooldown so Spam like Hell!
[*] This ability has great synergy with spell vamp, just using this ability with nothing but a Hextech Revolver Will heal you for 200+ health!

Paragon of Demacia
[*] This ability fits great with Poppy's naturally high move speed.
[*] Use this ability to set up a Heroic Charge stun which will cause Incredible Damage.

Heroic Charge
[*] This ability is great for dashing small distances to finish someone off.
[*] The damage this ability does Is More Than Doubled if you can launch your target into a wall and also provides a 1 second Stun so you can really wham on your enemies.

Diplomatic Immunity
[*] This ability increases damage done to your target by 40 Percent!
[*] Your are Immune To All The Damage, and even cc's from everything except your target, even turrets or that pesky Tryndamare
[*] Be warned, the moment you kill your target the shield disappears.
[*] Choose a low damage low CC target then wreak havoc on the rest of their team.

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Summoner Spells

[*] I prefer to use Ghost and Exaust as my summoner spells. I choose Ghost for backdooring/escaping/chasing down that accursed Master Yi. Exaust is good for 1v1 fights and for holding someone down.

[*] Ignite/ Promote/ Flash/ Garrison are all good for Dominion as well.

[*] You can Promote a minion on the fly for some extra gold or for an easier capture.

[*] You can Flash directly onto a Movementspeed Buff for a head start when escaping.

[*] Garrison is fantastic for those horrid situations when your defending against 3 enemies and your ultimate is on cooldown.

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[*] Because of Poppy's wild movespeed with Paragon of Demacia you can easily backdoor. You can also Dedicate yourself to the cause with Boots of Mobility and some Phantom Dancers.

[*] A good tactic is to throw your ultimate, Diplomatic Immunity onto a low damage/low CC enemy then thrash the enemy team while you're invincible.

[*] You can easily lead 2 or 3 enemies through the jungle and survive while a sneaky twitch backdoors them and captures their turret. You can do this because of the speed from Paragon of Demacia and your Phantom Dancer's along with the survivability from your passive Valiant Fighter, the armor bonus from Paragon of Demacia, and the semi-invulnerability of your ultimate, Diplomatic Immunity.

[*] Let's say you just got out of a big team fight, you just creamed two of their carry's and now a pesky Warwick is hunting you down through the jungle. Use Heroic Charge to knock him into a wall right after activating Devastating Blow to do a good a good 40% damage or more. From here you can either try to finish him off using the lifesteal from Sanguine Blade and the stun, or use Paragon of Demacia to flee and hopefully redo the combo if he decides to chase. This is an extremely easy tactic to use due to the fact that it's hard not to ram someone into a wall in the jungle of the Dominion.

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Along with masteries, runes are very self explanatory.

[*] Hp per level is good on poppy because she naturally has the highest armor in the game, mixed in with Paragon of Demacia, makes health the best route.

[*] Armor Penetration is the absolute best way to improve your attack damage.

[*] Cooldown Reduction Helps you get your combo out faster which gives more damage and better survivability in bad situations.

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The masteries I have chosen are fairly self explanatory. Poppy needs to do as much damage as possible as quickly as possible so she is set 21/9/0. Nine in defense for a little extra survivability.

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[*] You could replace your Ionian Boots of Lucidity for Boots of Mobility while holding on to your Phantom Dancers to have great backdooring potential without losing your punch.

[*] You could possible get Berserker's Greaves then stack 5 Sanguine Blades. If the effects of Sanguine Blade stack then you would hypothetically be unstoppable.(As long as you don't get CC'd to death >.<)

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Poppy is one of the greatest champions for dominion regardless of how you play her. She can back door, survive tricky situations, and rampage through the enemy team at the swing of a hammer. Please leave me lot's of feedback so I can Improve the guide lots >:D

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Poppy really doesn't cost that much for what you get. So you can hold on to your wing wangs :D