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League of Legends Build Guide Author vlatt

Dominion - Tower Guardians

vlatt Last updated on January 31, 2012
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I originally thought of Soraka & Karma as Garbage in dominion, the thought of having a support just really didn't have any appeal to me.
At least untill the day I played against a Karma. So i decided to try it out, play Karma and Soraka.
The results were interesting, holding the tower against 2-3 enemys, pushing enemy towers with ease, I am a beliver that a support is Needed in dominion.

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Pro's vs Cons

Defends Towers Really well
Healing and AOE's can keep enemy from stoping tower damage
Keeps Allies alive
Good Damage output

Will become targeted First
Monitoring Allies constantly
Lower Damage output compared to AP/AD Champions

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Your Role

Just as in 5v5 your Main job is to Support, which means going with allies to Heal/Sheild, and to damamge enemies.
The Secondary job would be to hold towers, or Capture Towers(un occupied). you should be able to hold the tower very easily vs 1 opponet, you might even be able to fend off/kill 2.
The best way to hold the tower is to Stay under it! If the tower is not in your possession then it is ok to run, unless you feel you can take the enemy. Hit the enemy when they try to capture it and the tower will be your friend.

Your kills will come from defending and from supporting.

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Core Build - Item Reasoning

Ionian Boots of Lucidity - Gives you increased Cooldown, which helps you cast your spells to keep you or teammates alive

Morello's Evil Tome - Gives you increased Cooldown, which helps you cast your spells to keep you or teammates alive, as well as giving you AP, and some Mana Regen

Rabadon's Deathcap - Gives AP

These are the only Items I placed in the Core Build becasue I feel that these Three items are the only items that you should get no matter the circumstance. They give you the needed AP and Cooldown.

**Note** if you feel like your getting hit hard postpone the Rabadon for some Tankier Items

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Optional Items

These are Items to build after your core, they can very greatly depending on you team, and the opposing team.
Abyssal Mask - Good addition adds AP and MR, also gives MR Reduction Aura

Zhonya's Hourglass - This item works well with Karma and Soraka, if you get surrounded at a turrent and your abilities are on CD, Activate and it might give you enough time to - A) use your abilities, B) enemy to channel tower and not be prepared for you to use your abilities, C) allies to arrive.

Void Staff - I like the MPen and AP for this item

Guardian Angel - late game item at best, very situational its a I can almost hold this tower needed a few more hits... Huzzah im back! die!

Thornmail - Good for return damage,

Yes there are more items you can pick, This guide is, well a template. Pick the items you feel go good with the flow of the game or your play style.

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This Vs That (Items)

If you dont like CDR on Ionian Boots of Lucidity or you prefer MPen, then yes Sorcerer's Shoes will work just fine, but just be aware that your losing cd time and might want to think about adding CDR in your build

Deathfire Grasp vs Morello's Evil Tome , Im sure that this is a valid comparison and although the active on Deathfire Grasp does give you additional Damage, it gives you less AP, and me personally I constantly forget that i have items with Actives, but yes this can be a good tradeoff.

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Items I dont Reccomend

Rylai's Crystal Scepter - I dont really think that this makes a good Item for Soraka or Karma, but I know that some people enjot the slow it gives, but remember (and the reason I dont get this item) the slow only gives 15% for AoE spells Eq Starcall, Heavenly Wave, Mantra + Soul Shield

Rod of Ages - I know I might get some different views on this but I dont feel like RoA has a place in dominon. It cost too much for an item that requires time to reach full potential.

Spirit Vasage - I feel like this item is out of place in dominion, the fast pace of the game can outweigh the healing benifits, but the additional CDR might make you feel better about getting it

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Summoner Skills

Personally I Prefer to use

Heal - to add an Oh **** button for times off need

Exhaust - to keep low life enemys close to tower or to weaken the effect of hard hitting enemys

Other Viable Choices

of course Flash or Ghost

Dont Pick

Clarity - it just isnt as usefull in dominion due to the fast pace of the game

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Masteries and Runes

To be honest I didnt put any thought into the runes or masteries, for masteries I usally go Utility, but pick your masteries and runes to complement your playstyle not to go with a build.

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In Closing

If you have any advice for me or ideas let me know, I enjoy having fun at this game so by no means do I think that im Pro, or that this build is pro, but I wanted to get my thoughts out (no matter how fragemented they are in this guide)