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Tristana Build Guide by KellyG

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author KellyG

[Dominion] Tristana, Endgame Domination

KellyG Last updated on January 19, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

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So I'm KellyG, I was a diamond player in Summoner's Rift last season. Near the end of the season I made the switch to dominion and have been playing almost exclusively nothing but Dominion. I am considered a decently high elo dominion player. I've only played in one DD tournament, not usually free on that day unfortunately. Although I highly recommend playing in the DD weekly, great players and a fun experience. I'd add a little about dominion elo history, but I didn't play back when you could see dominion elo, so I don't think it's fitting. However now, the way to measure your elo is by the queue times and the people you see in your games.

I'm making this guide, and will make a few others, because of the guides I've been seeing for dominion on this website. They're uhh, pretty weak. So yeah, please enjoy, and feel free to add me in game if you have any questions.

Great Dominion resources by the illustrious Sauron:
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Tier Lists!

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Ok soo, revive is the number one dominion spell. When people ask what the meta is in dominion, the answer is revive. REVIVE REVIVE REVIVE. You can NOT play dominion with OUT revive. Like I can't even begin to explain how ****ing pertinent Revive is.

As for ignite, I like it on Trist so you can steal more kills early on to make sure you get fed ASAP.

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Armor Pen is impeeeeerative to playing pretty much any champ. Much higher damage output. You don't need AD like in Summoner's Rift because you don't need to last hit. You can swap out health per level for armor, but I really wouldn't. You could swap out the Armor Pen quints for movement speed quints.

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Item Build/Skill Order

Boots/Prospectors ---> Berserker Greaves/Vamp ----> BF/Pickaxe ---> IE ---> Zeal/Cloak of Agility ---> PD ---> Pickaxe ----> LW. AFter this, do whatever. These are your core items, everything else is troll. Need vision? Go Lightbringer. Need Life steal? Finish that Sanguine Blade. Wanna move hella fast? Sell boots and get another 2 Phantom Dancers =D or just get boots upgrades =D. Hella tanks and LW not doing enough? Get Kitae's! Want to 3 shot someone? Go SoTD.

As for skill order. I like 2 points in for starting fight because the DoT damage is higher than two points in . As for after that, I max W asap due to it's utility. I explain more about that later. Then I max for late mid game and endgame Tristana power, also seeing as it's your only steroid. You can opt out of any points in E until you have everything else maxed.

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First Top Fight

THIS FIGHT IS ACTUALLY NOT AT ALL IMPORTANT TO YOU PERSONALLY. It does help you snowball of course, but not winning won't kill you (personally). Basically, chill in the back. I like to go into the bushes where the health pack is and poke ****. Just Auto>E>Auto and then run. Now, the majority of your damage at this point in the game is magical. So what you're going to do is wait until someone has 2-3 bars of health, then you're gonna WEF (autos in between). And they will die. Then you're gonna look around. Do I need to get the **** out before I die? W out. Is there someone else low? W on top of them.

= Early game. EVERYTHING YOU DO is contingent upon how well you understand the damage and the mechanics of Rocket Jump. If you carry it out correctly, you can get a quadra kill. Remember, you can't jump too early (unless you jump 1v4) but you CAN jump too late, try not to jump on them after they die, Rocket Jump WON'T reset!

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Post Early Game

So I'm going to be honest, if you don't have IE and you're losing by 200 points, don't count on winning. I mean, I've comeback from 30-400 games before, actually many times, but that's because I'm the ****. Really though, if you don't get fed as trist, you're ****ed. One important thing you need to make sure you're doing is farming. If you're not farming minions, you will be behind. Kills are good and all, but farm is better. One wave of farm is 120 gold, one kill is like 100 (I actually don't know lol). If your team is all capping a node and you dont need to be, forget the 100 or 67 gold from it and hop on the fat wave incoming and get your 400 gold.

With that being said, Tristana's real power begins when she has her / . last whisperer is a luxury item after IE/PD on trist most of the time unless you're up against a lot of bruisers/tanks/aegis. Regardless, once you have these two, you can kill pretty much anyone in the game.

Tristana is one of the few characters that can 1vX and succesfully defend a node alone. I should take videos, but I forget =/. However, I will explain to my best ability how to be awesome. So, first and foremost, you want to kill squishies/no escape carries. Good examples are Orianna, Lux, Nidalee, Graves, Varus, Draven. BRUISERS DONT COUNT. BRUISERS EAT YOUR FACE. Now, it's good to know how these champs work but if you don't, it's ok. Basically what you will want to do is sit in the bush and wait for someone to cap, since your range is like 100000, you're going to pop Q and attack them, this should put them at around 60% health depending on your RNG. They back off and the tank will usually try to pursue you (if they didn't do so from the beginning. What you want to do now is rocket jump the carry, Ignite (or E I guess) and kill them. If they don't die, you either failed or they left with 1 health, NO BIG DEAL THAT'S 10 SECS YOU BOUGHT YOURSELF.In which you will use to carefully take care of the tank/bruiser. Remember ult has longer CD and is harder to push people through terrain. So what you want to do right now is attack until they reach you and try to dodge skillshots. Some skillshots ARE worth jumping from. When they reach you, they should be at around 60-70% health. Jump over a wall and continue nuking, try to throw in an E or ignite somewhere in between Autos. When they come near you again ult them.

Now, team fights? Lols.. What I do is hide behind the walls where the health packs on the side of the map are and auto attack through those thick *** walls and use my W to chase. Just watch your tank/intiator and wait for the enemy's escape/gap closer. If talon hasn't used any spells, don't jump in, back the **** off and wait till he uses something.

That being said, it brings me to the most important part of playing Tristana, AWARENESS. Like, real talk, forget positioning for a sec, forget items and all. I'm not talking map awareness, I'm talking cooldown awareness. Look at the fight before deciding whether it is safe to in. If they have a and she used her 5 secs ago, pop in 4 or 5 autos and then back the **** off. If you saw her use her QR combo, then jump right on in, no ****s given. Let's say they have an . Is she below 100%? Maybe wait for her to E someone else. If not, and she manages to get to you, Just chill, W away, nuke, ult away, nuke. If they have a and you're at 50% health, ROCKET JUMP HIS Q OR YOU WILL DIE (unless he completely misses). If they have a , just slap your face on the keyboard and hope he DCs.

Oh and that **** saves your life.