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Jinx Build Guide by tanxon

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League of Legends Build Guide Author tanxon

Don't Jinx my Headshot!

tanxon Last updated on October 16, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Why Jinx

After all the hype for Lucian, many of you may be hesitant about this sudden appearance from this new ADC. Trust me when i say Jinx is a breath of fresh air for those that were let down as I was. Don't get me wrong [Lucian] is fun and can be powerful, I just feel that he was not as AMAZING as promised but more of a standard ADC. Although sudden, [Jinx] definately deserved her own music video and I'm happy that this jewel of a character is now here.

By the way, has anyone else notice that Mafia Jinx's minigun is in a guitar case kinda like one of Antonio Banderas's brothers in Once Upon a Time in Mexico. Jezz i can hear the guitar tune that he played right now.

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Item Picks and Why for my Deviant Core

As of season 3, starting with this and the 4% lifesteal from quints is standard for all ADC, Jinx included. Try not resorting to selling this until you run out of slots or have the first 3 of your core items and need that little bit of gold to buy your fourth. You may be tempted to start off another way but this is the best way and 99% ADC players will agree. On your first back, picking up a second Doran's Blade is a viable option if you aren't doing so great.

Blade of the Ruined King is as amazing on Jinx as it is on Vayne but maybe not as mandatory. The best part is that even if your lane isnt doing so well at least you can constantly be building up to this instead of waiting for BT sword and having weak poke agaisnt the other ADC. Is especially helpful is there is a Zac, Chogath, or any other healthstacking Bruiser around. If you continue on you will read the synergy with Runaan's Hurricane.

Berserker's Greaves can be built whenever you like during Blade of the Ruined King but make sure you eventually get Enchantment: Furor as there will be no escaping you, and kiting ability will significantly increase especially with Fishbones, the Rocket Launcher

You may think I'm crazy building into Runaan's Hurricane but this item is just so good with her. It procs the Blade of the Ruined King passive, gives you instant 3 stack on your Pow-Pow, the Minigun, AND procs ADDITIONAL Fishbones, the Rocket Launcher explosions (probably full damage but even half is still significant) for amazing nukes into a teamfight cluster-%$#@, destroying the enemy team in moments especially if there are any squishies in the mix. Imagine this, 3 enemis stacked close together. If they are close enough they will each be hit be eachothers explosions resulting in wonderful numbers.

If you feel so strongly that this item is not worth getting at all, by all means, build Phantom Dancer in its place, or perhaps The Bloodthirster then a Runaan's Hurricane, this is just my play style and i find it successful

You do eventually build The Bloodthirster but by now it is more for the pure damage boost than anything. If you are 1v1 vs a bruiser you can just stand there and auto attack them now since you have amazing attack speed with your Pow-Pow, the Minigun, and lifesteal prevents your health from moving below 75%.

It is my personal preferance of The Black Cleaver over Last Whisper because Runaan's Hurricane will have yet another boost and shred multiple enemies armor which is great as this will help not only you but your whole team

Guardian Angel could be built right after Runaan's Hurricane if you feel you are being singled out extreemly well by the enemy team, but do not rely on the armor or magic resist. You are an ADC, a Glass Cannon that is squishy but deals max possible damage. Your goal is to stick behind your bruisers and kill from max range only to move in when it is time to clean up. Try to use your best judgement, having this for what may be the last teamfight before a win or loss can mean the difference especially if you are caught out of position but still have a chance to help in the teamfight once you pick back up.

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This passive is fun. Down a turret and run before you get ganked or use the boost to catch someone that was defending and is now making a break for it. Teamfight happens and enemies try to escape, an assist/kill procs it up and you can run up to the fleeing bastards, get in range for Zap! or even Flame Chompers! to block them off securing that team Ace.

Max this first, as will for the most part mana will not be an issue which is the case for most ADC's at the start of a match.

Early game you are able to have absolute control of your lane. If you want to push right up to the turret it is easy with Pow-Pow, the Minigun to starve out the enemy by having your creeps die to their turret.

If the enemy team is being aggressive you can annoy them with Fishbones, the Rocket Launcher because of its great range. Try to fire this at them when they are near one another so they both take significant poke damage. In addition if the enemy team is pushing your lane, you can use this to quickly clear minions at a safe distance and freeze your lane just out of range of your turret. Be careful not to forget you are using Fishbones, the Rocket Launcher as it will eventually (although takes quite a few shots) deplete your mana and switch you back to Pow-Pow, the Minigun automatically. You will be using this ability in teamfights to keep max distance whilst dealing damage, swapping to Pow-Pow, the Minigun only when you feel safe enough to come closer or have someone up in your grill.

Once you get the feel of the ramp up on Pow-Pow, the Minigun, your trading early game will be great. Build up 3 stacks on minions then engage on the enemy ADC. With your increased attack speed you can easily trade 2 shots for 1 and when they realize this and back off, swapping to Fishbones, the Rocket Launcher will land another 1 to 2 hits leaving them at half health or less and forcing them to back away meaning you can move up and push them away from getting any minion kills.

You may opt for this at level 1 if your team is invading, standing in a spot for a gank or vice versa from the enemy. The strong damage, slow, and range is great, and I have seen others max this out first. This all comes down to preference over Switcheroo!. The reason I go for Switcheroo! first is because Zap! can be dodged or even worse blocked off by a minion and this is personally infuriating to me. Zap! has a small but noticeable cast time which mean you cannot use it as freely as Ezreal's Mystic Shot. Putting your level 2 or 3 point into this is helpful for scouting bushes early match, or if you do feel like poking with the massive range, it inst a massive drain on mana. Never use this to CS unless your are 100% sure about the timing of this spell and absolutely need that creep secured. Shooting this into a teamfight is acceptable

Remember that this is a root, not a stun and followed by a Zap! results in a nice chunk of damage. As with Zap! you may opt to put your first skill point into this. The damage at level 1 is high and can really ensure a kill if you manage to land it. Any other points will decrease the cooldown slightly and increase the damage by a small amount where as the stun duration and range remains the same. With the root unchanging and the damaged based off AP, you max this out last but an early point can be helpful. Placing this behind a low enemy prevents escaping from a kill, in the middle of a team fight may change the tide of the battle, and a well placed shot makes escapes easy. If ever there is an enemy under your turret taking hits be sure to place it so they don't make it out from under it. This ability should be chained off with every other available stun, root, or disorient your team has to offer. More you play Jinx the better you will be at deciding where and when to use this, but be careful when it is on cooldown as it leaves you relatively easy to gank. I should note that it may be shot over walls and reveals a tiny amount in the fog of war which means you can scout for dragon/baron.

Very satisfying feeling when you land this. Has a bigger line of fire than Ashe's Enchanted Crystal Arrow but a little smaller than Ezreal's Trueshot Barrage. For roughly 1 second of travel time it will do half of its potential damage, meaning its best to use this from a longer range but you want to be sure it will hit. Try to practice landind your Zap! at max range as that is the distance your ult needs to travel before it does a supersonic animation signalling its damage potential is at its highest. If you are in a team fight and see that is wouldn't be worth increasing range for your ult it is acceptable (but significantly less damage) to use it if your sure it will hit at least 3 people.

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Runes and Masteries

Super Standard AD Carry Runes - (for random queing)

2x Greater Quintessence of Life Steal - great with Doran's Blade early game because you will inevitably take some poke damage and this counters that fairly well
1x Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage - easier early game farming and harder poke/trading and because a 3rd lifesteal quint isnt as useful
9x Greater Mark of Attack Damage - As with the quint of attack damage
9x Greater Seal of Armor - Reduces poke damage from your probable opposing AD carry
9x Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist - when you are finally finish the laning phase you will have more resist than with the non scaling and AP carries hopefully wont 1-shot you

Consider replacing just 1 of your marks with Greater Mark of Critical Chance for a bit of surprise damage here and there


21/9/0 is standard for all ADC's. If you do intend to have crit in your final build instead of 3 points in Havoc , have 2 in Lethality and 1 in Frenzy.

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Supports - From Experience

Non standard - these people hopefully know their champions well and sometimes are better to have as they are capable of dealing more damage than normal supports. If they do badly on the otherhand, or the two of you don't synergize ... yeah.

Annie - 7.5/10 her stun with your Flame Chompers! and Zap! makes for impressive damage

Ashe - 7/10 since she (probably) isn't going to be building damage her poke is mainly early game and she is even more squishy than you but the slow from her Frost Shot makes it easy to secure early game kills especially if they over extend. Again a Flame Chompers!, Zap! and even Super Mega Death Rocket! after her Enchanted Crystal Arrow is a sure kill

Darius - 5/10 depends of if and how often he lands that grapple, I wouldnt want a darius support but his potential is based solely on the player

Dr. Mundo - 7/10 his spamable skill shot slows and does damage, as with ashe it is easy to get an early game lead but if you don't mundo will become useless unless he builds damage in which case you may lose out on ward control. With mundo you will either do extreemly well, or terribly

Fiddlesticks - 7.5/10 That fear! land a Flame Chompers! when they are disoriented and you both can chunk them down.

Kayle -7.5/10 Similar to ashe with the slow, but can heal and shield you with an ult. I like her very much but don't see her supporting often

Orianna -7/10 Without an early lead not so great, but if you do get that first blood, or even a double kill she can start builing up some AP as well as continue to buy wards resulting in a fun bot lane. Keep an eye for when she slows the target or pulls then with her ult which does a nice bit of damage so that you can time a Flame Chompers! in there to secure a kill. Having Orianna support feels to me alot like having a Zyra support.

Standard - most often picked and expected supports

Alistar - 8/10 See this guy about as often as Urgot. He can heal more often the lower health you are, and a rather short stun. It is funny seeing him punt an enemy into your turret or into the rest of your team

Blitzcrank - 9.5/10 King of all support, when that Rocket Grab lands on a champion and pulls them right into your teams clutches its gameover. Of course if your blitz is absolutely terrible and cannot land grabs at all, blitz becomes the most useless champion as his non ability damage is probably the lowest in the game. Your blitz's PROBABLY wont be as horrible as the ones i've encoutered. Again land a Flame Chompers! when blitz koncks them up into the air.

Janna - 7.5/10 I like how often she can shield you from damage, but timing a Flame Chompers! can be a little difficult with her whirlwind as enemies normally run away when they see it forcing you to move up with can be risky.

Leona - 9/10 If you see her leap onto an enemy Flame Chompers! then as they should be stunned. If she plays aggresively make sure you back her up because her CC is great but not so much her damage

Lulu - 7.5/10 Her ult is great when it comes to saving your butt, she can slow enemies for a bit, give you a damage boost, and even a shield. If you have a good Lulu she will be able to very impressively poke the enemy down and have a slow if a chase breaks out. Very much based on player skill

Lux - 9/10 Great shield, has a root than can be combined with Flame Chompers!. Skill based much like Lulu

Nami - 9/10 Has a relatively small cooldown on a great stun that is easily combined with Flame Chompers!, can give your auto attacks a slow, can heal you for sustain, and her rather large ult that stuns for a moment and slows for yet another Flame Chompers! combo.

Karma - 7.5/10 Has an ezreal-like poke, can shortly root targets, and can shield you which will give you a nice little speed boots. Reminds me very much playing with Nami but she is more 5v5 oriented, where as Nami is more 2v2. If she builds enough AP can be pretty powerful on her own though meaning she can contribute more to teamfights

Poppy - 8/10 Her stun is much like Vayne's Condemn which means you should position yourself or force the enemy into a position where they will hit terrain so that they can be stunbed, chain combo Flame Chompers!

Sona - 9/10 People forget that she has her own ranged auto attack and pokes rather well. Gives you a passive constant damage boost, sustains much like soraka, and an ult that stuns multiple targets. 2nd favourite support, you may lose a match but it wont be due to bot lane.

Soraka - 8/10 Best sustainer (health AND mana), silences enemies which can be the difference between a kill or death and if she knows the range on her Starcall well enough, a decent poker

Taric - 9/10 Another great stun-chomp combo-er, aura that grants armor (excellent vs AD poke), and a heal

Thresh - 9.5 Ties with Blitzcrank, but definately requires more skill. Hook-chomp combo is awesome but it doesnt stop there, he can also sweep targets away/toward you, throw in a lantern so you can pull yourself out of trouble, and an ult that slows so much that they may as well have walked into another one of your Flame Chompers!. Skill is more of an issue because the visual effects of Death Sentence is much more obvious and easier to dodge than Blit's Rocket Grab. Even if he doesn't land to many hooks, his armor build up quickly from collecting souls which means positioned correctly he can soak up damage and lure more safely than most supports.

Zilean - 8.5 Superb poke, useful slow on enemies or speed boost to you/him. After level 6 its great having him watch your back because even if you are focused or get successfully tower dived on, his ult can Guardian Angel you back up again

Zyra - 9/10 Another very skill based character with high damage potential, and chomp-combo compatible with her Grasping Roots and an ult that can stun,slow, and deal heavy damage all in one

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Special thanks to Dedicated and N1netaildfox

This is my first guide, and I am encouraged to keep working on it and when I've gotten better to offer more.