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Garen Build Guide by Chawkborris

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Chawkborris

Double warmog

Chawkborris Last updated on June 3, 2013
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Hello, I am lvl 30 garen player and in this guide you will learn to killsteal from your teammates and think double warmog.

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Pros / Cons


  1. Awesome hp.
  2. Awesome defence.
  3. Awesome hp
  4. Demacia

  1. Low dps.

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You start with standard boots + pots

Then you buy either mercs (lots of cc) or ninjas (little cc / 2 ad carries / rengar)

Then you buy two warmogs when you can. NEVER EVER buy anything else situational. Ever.

If you have money you can buy atmas, or if you can´t afford it yet, buy crit cloak because crits op and his abilities crit which is super op.

The force of nature for magic resist and mainly for hp regen. You´ll never have to go back to base again.

Last item has options: Do you want to do more damage? Get infinity edge. Do you want more defence? Guardian angel. More warmogs? Hell yeah more warmogs.

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Skill Sequence

I don´t remember exact sequence but basically you get e,q,r and from there max e first, decisive strike second and shield thingy third while maxing ult when you can.

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Summoner Spells

Exhaust: Because you don´t have any cc and you can´t kill anything otherwise (no ignite is not good because you can do more damage if you melee enemies).

Ghost: Because you can catch ppl with this, if you didn´t kill them during exhaust (you won´t). Also makes you go super fast with decisive strike speed thingy. And even faster with initiator.

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They dont matter. I just listed some good ones for garen. I recommend defence but i´m using ad & arp runes so.

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I get magic and armor masteries because you are not going to build defence for a while so you might as well

Hp and hp regen for added lane sustain.

Cdr and initiator cause his abilities are only cdr limited and extra speed is always nice especially when you´re chasing with decisive strike.

Im taking two points in butches so I can last hit easier (2 ad doesnt matter) and cdr I explained above.

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Team Work

    Your job is to secure kills.

    When enemy is low on life ult them.

    Always go for their ad carry because they do most dps.

    Always tell your team that you´re building warmogs.

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Garen is super awesome. With this guide your garen can be an awesome tank and do no damage. But it´s not so bad: you can easily secure kills from your allies make you look awesome even though you didn´t really do anything.

Remember to farm up warmogs.