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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Svendsen

Dps guide for Renekton!!

Svendsen Last updated on April 3, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Hello all. Renekton is my fav champion to play, because he can both kill and keep himself alive.

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In your runebook i would recomend that you use these runes:

This is T3


Greater Mark of Desolation 410 IP points


410 Ip points

820 IP points


410 IP points


2050 IP points

2050 IP points

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Offense = 21.. Why ?

Because he is a KILLER and that's why you should go all offense. Renekton need 3 things basicly.. Critt, armor pen and att speed. With that he kill his opponents fast.

Defense = 6.. Why?

Because he only got one healing spell and no armor spell, so he needs a little defense to keep himself alive. And the Preservation (The spell in your masteries) works VERY good with your Revive (Spell in the) Because when you use revive when you have Preservation, you will get 400 extra HP for 120 seconds, and that's good if you die in early game.

Utility = 3.. Why?

Because Renekton wont need anything else in ulility exept some health regen..

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Hi's spells is just amazing when you combine them. Start with "slice and dice" (It's good to wait until there is minions, because then you can use it twice, to get even faster to your opponent) When you reach you opponent use Exhaust fast and then "Ruthless Predator" (It both damage and stuns your opponent) Now use your ultimate (If you got it) And then "Cull the week"

Cull the week is also good as farming. Same time as it damage alot it also gives you a great heal. When you are running from an opponent it's also good because it actually got a long range, so while they can't hit you (This only works if it's a melee opponent that is chasing you) You can heal yourself by hitting them with Cull the week.

If your just killing minions i recommend that you use Slice and dice then Ruthless Predator and then Slice and dice again, but it's just my way of doing it so you can do it my way or just find another good comination..

I don't got more to say about spells. Normaly i would recommend that you just try every possibility of spell combination, and then just combine them the way you want. this is just a help.

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Here is the items that i recommend you buy. I telling something about every wep. Not much just some faqs.

Doran's blade:

is a good start item for a bruiser because it gives you health (witch is good to keep himself alive in the early game) 9 attack (just good because he needs alot damage) 3 life steal (Good with the extra damage)

Berserker's Greaves:

Some movement and attack speed.

Sword of the Divine:

It's very good because of the passive ability it got. You damage 100 more for each 4 attack. tha's damn evil..

The Brutalizer:

While it decrease your spells cooldown it also gives you attack damage AND armor pen.. It's also the item you need for Youmu's Ghostblade!

Youmuu's Ghostblade:

It's basicly the same as the item above, but it adds an ability you can use. It gives you movement speed and attack speed. very good for Renekton!


It's a good item in the late game, and it's iused to build the next item.

Phantom dancer:

See this is something. It gives alot attack speed and critt chance.

The black cleacer:

Like the phantom dancer it gives alot attack speed, but it gives you damage instead of critt. btw it has a passive ability to. It reduces your opponents armor.

Madred's Bloodrazor

Every Bruiser/DpS should have this item!
Renekton needs a little armor to, so this is a good item because it gives you both armor, attack speed and attack damage. Again this item also have an ability. It damage 4% of the opponents maximum health with magic.

Trinity force:

This is something you should get in late game, so you can keep up your defense.

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Like i said in the spells:

Cull the week is also good as farming. Same time as it damage alot it also gives you a great heal. When you are running from an opponent it's also good because it actually got a long range, so while they can't hit you (This only works if it's a melee opponent that is chasing you) You can heal yourself by hitting them with Cull the week.

Hm.. You can go jungle if you want, but i dont suggest you jungle.. maybe for some gold but go out and kill minions instead. I have exp that it gives alot more money if you kill minions.

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Unique Skills

I dont know if this build is better than other builds.. I just think to many people build Renekton like he is a Tank. And he's not. My build is very offensive. He's build like a Rouge if you can say so. hehe.

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Skill Sequence

Ruthless Predator is a great choice to pick first because it stuns, so when the game starts and you are standing in the bush, you can stun the opponent while your teammates kill him. It's easy to earn firstblood if you choose Ruthless Predator.

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Summoner Spells

I have chosen exhaust because it's very good, when you are hunting somone. Renekton has Ruthless Predator that stuns, but it has no range, so when you slow your opponent down with Exhaust you can use Slice and Dice to get to him and then use Ruthless Predator so you get them stunned. After that it should be pretty easy.. JUST KILL THE GUY!

In your masteries you can get Preservation, and when you use Revive while you have Preservation you get 400 extra HP when you use Revive, and that's a good thing if you having a hard time in early game. Btw it last for 120 seconds..