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Dr. Mundo Build Guide by kaennish

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League of Legends Build Guide Author kaennish

Dr. Woundo - The Tanky Carry

kaennish Last updated on March 17, 2012
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Welcome to my Dr. Woundo build/guide for the incredible champion, Dr. Mundo. I play Mundo a bit different than most it seems. Where most build Mundo tankier, I build him more offensive. The reason behind this is his E ability Masochism. (Basically its OP. I've had 250 AD at lvl 7 with no AD items masteries or runes) While leveling your E ability first, with a little bit AS and lifesteal. You'll be UNSTOPPABLE!!! And who doesn't love to be unstoppable? But for more in depth explanations of why Dr. Woundo is the way to go, please... Continue reading.

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-None as of yet, builds brand new :D

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Pros / Cons

Amazing Damage!!!
Still Tanky (CDR = 40 second CD ult, with good HP and lifesteal)
Great kiter (Constant Slow if you can land skillshots)
Great Chaser (Constant Slow if you can land skillshots)
( Infected Cleaver Get good with it :D its awesome.)

Only ranged move is a skillshot. (People can hide in minions)
Not that great of an early game. (Make sure to farm up safely until lvl 7 or so)
Ignite/ Executioner's Calling Counters a lot of your tankiness. (Try not to pop Sadism or Heal during either of these.)

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Greater Mark of Lethality

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Quintessence of Scaling Health

Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist
This rune set up gives me stronger basic attacks, and gives a later game HP/Magic Resistance boost. Which is definitely needed. As those are the only weak-ish points you'll have with this build.

Greater Mark of Desolation
Your main form of damage will be basic attacks, right clicks, so Armor Pen is the easy choice for marks.
Most people get Greater Mark of Magic Penetration for better EARLY GAME cleavers. But I'd prefer to have better basic attacks for the ENTIRE GAME.

Greater Seal of Armor
Early Game armor is really important, especially for 3v3. These are pretty standard it seems. So I won't go any deeper on these.

Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist
Magic Resistance is really important, especially late game, which is when your Magic resist will be lacking the most. So Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist > Greater Glyph of Magic Resist for us.

Greater Quintessence of Vitality
HP is amazing for Dr. Mundo because of the huge impact it has on Adrenaline Rush and Sadism You shouldn't have a problem with dying early game. So you can afford to get Greater Quintessence of Vitality over Greater Quintessence of Health. Plus, dying won't be an issue early on. Late game however you'll probably get focused down due to crazy damage output. More reason why HP per lvl > Flat HP

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This build lacks in defensive strength (Compared to other Mundo builds) for a MUCH better offense. So you really can't afford to scrap the defensive masteries. Plus they're all great for Mundo.

Enlightenment gets you closer to the CDR cap, meaning more Sadism and full time duration Masochism

Durability , Veteran's Scars and Juggernaut are great because of the already explained synergy with Adrenaline Rush and Sadism. ( Juggernaut also has syngery with Burning Agony THIS IS WHY WE DON'T NEED MERC TREADS!)

Vigor is excellent because Mundo's attacks cost HP, this will help make up for that early game.

Resistance is great because of our lack of late game Magic Resistance.

Initiator helps you initiate? #Nuffsaid

Honor Guard is self explanatory, it makes you tank more.

And for the Offensive Tree masteries. They're pretty obvious. You wan't to hit harder.

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Skill Sequence

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18


Grab Infected Cleaver at level one, it will be more useful than anything else. You can use it to chase/slow/harrass, which is all lvl 1 laning really is for mundo.
Burning Agony really isn't all that hot, the thing I like about this is the CC reduction. Which is only needed late game when you get focused down really heavy.

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Summer Spells

Ghost is the best Summoner Spell for mobility, which Mundo lacks. (No gap closer) As for comparing this to flash, its better for longer duration chases/kites. But the real reason I use Ghost is to pop it at the same time as Sadism for some AMAZING movement speed.

Since the recent buff to heal, it's quickly became one of my more preferred Summoner Spells. This will save a lot of lives. The main reason I use this is because your only tanky because of Sadism but it heals over time. Sometimes you'll need a little more healing upfront to live.

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Starter Items

My favorite choice for boots is Ionian Boots of Lucidity because CDR is amazing for mundo. Giving you infinite Masochism uptime, and allowing you to spam Sadism to stay topped off on HP. Plus, because of Juggernaut and Burning Agony you really don't need any tenacity.

Doran's Shield is the best starting item for Mundo, your spells cost HP. The HP regen from this counters it. Plus the armor is always great to have.

Vampiric Scepter makes it so that your E Masochism will actually grant you more health than it costs. Because of the large AD boost, lifesteal will be awesome, even if it is only 12%.

Zeal you'll have massive AD for free because of Masochism so with a little AS and crit ontop of that you'll be able to pull of some great damage with basic attacs. Also has a little movement speed increase, which is very helpful. (Mundo has no gap closer D:)

Core Items
Zeke's Herald

Zeke's Herald will put you at the CDR level you want to be at, while providing some much needed HP. (Not gonna explain why HP is good AGAIN) Also this gives you and your teammates the same AS as a and the lifesteal of a . Which are both items I already explained to be good for you. :D

Atma's Impaler will give you some crit, which will be very very helpful late game. The main thing to note about Atma's though is the increase to AD based off of your HP. You should have a Zeke's Herald and a before getting this. So the AD increase is very nice to say the least. Plus armor never hurts to have :D

Warmog's Armor NOW WE ARE TANKY, feel free to play dumb now :D Also, because of the previously mentioned this will also give you AD. At this point your core is complete and you can start DOMINATING.

Late Game Items

Phantom Dancer is the same thing as a but MUCH BETTER. So I don't think I have to explain this one. Plus this syncs with your next item phenomenally.

Infinity Edge once you get this, your damage will literally be OP. (Considering your also tanky) Bonus AD is great, bonus crit is great. But the true beauty behind the beloved IE is it increases your crit damage. Making the crit EVEN better. Syncing up with that .