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Draven Build Guide by noda93

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League of Legends Build Guide Author noda93

Draven Utility S3 UPDATED

noda93 Last updated on July 11, 2013
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hi folks!
I'm ReDegliInferi and I try this build after the 3.9 patch that have chage the passive skill of Draven, I think that passive can help an adc to feed himself faster then the enemy adc and on that line i craft this build =) Enjoy and letme know what do you think of this build with a comment ^^

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Pros / Cons


- you take a lot of gold and feed yourself quicly
- however you have a very nice damage mid/end game
- have more movement speed for ecape from fight or run after an enemy to kill him
- very nice attack speed

- low damage early game
- you have to be passive and farm a lot early game
- you will never get to the damage of an offensive draven

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I prefer use 3 AD quint but if you want more sustain you can get a quint of Life Steal and 2 AD quint but and dont have to take Vampiric Scepter early game.


I use 9 Armor Penetration Marks to do more damage in end game but if you want farm esier and have more damage in early game take take 9 Attack Damage Marks but I recommend Arpen!!!


Take Magic Resist per Level so yu get more Magic Resist at level 18 or if you're against aggressive AP support take Magic Resist Glyph

TAKE ARMOR!!! for more sustain and to be less squishy

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And here we are...
As you can see this is an abnormal build for a draven but with this masteries you can get a lot of gold easy and quickly and you feed yourself faster then the other ADC.

Utility Tree
Summoner's Insight:
always a point on this if you take flash otherwise if you prefer a gosth or a cleanse take a 3/3 Meditation

this grants you more movement speed out of combat for easly move through lanes when you need to run to top or mid lane altought an adc have to be fast

Grants some mana sustain

Some CD reduction on your summoner spells have always liked, this grants you to flash more times in a game

Greed and Pickpocket:
this improve your farm and grants you more gold. Take care to hit the enemy support or ADC when you can for take extra gold from Pickpocket, Pickpocket have a 5 seconds CD so the best could be hit an enemy every 5 sec (you take 3 gold every time you hit an enemy)

Grants some lifesteal and magic lifesteal for more sustain

Some CD reduction grants you less cooldown on your W skills that is a good escape and however some CD reduction on your Ultimate its not bad

grants you 3% movement speed and a faster ADC is a better ADC, a high movement speed allows you to escape and run after an enemy easly and grants you a greater control of the map.

Offensive Tree

Grants more attck speed and for this Draven Attck Speed is very important couse you do less damage thena normal draven so you need to hit more times then normal to get kill

Grants some AD thath help you early game with farm

Weapon Expertise:
Improve Arpen and grants you more damage in end game.

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Always start with Doran Blade!!!
Cause Doran Blade grants you more earky damage taƬhat helpyou with farm and a bit of lifesteal for sustain

Early Game:
In order take boots of speed then avarice blade then improve boots in berserk and last take vampiric, but as you will see you can take berserk and advarice blade at the first recall.
Take care to take Avarice Blade as quick as you can and dont improve it until you are feeded and dont need extra gold

Mid Game:
If you are dominating and the enemies are noobs or if you get kill easy take a BloodThirster. If you cant get kill and are passive and only have to farm take an Infinity Edge, in any case after thath take Phantom Dancer forAttack speed movement speed and the crit chance.

Need gold?
if you dont need it improve Avarice Blade in Statikk Shiv that grants you more attack speed more Crit chance and more Movement speed. If you need extra gold go for the end game build and improve the avarice blade later

End Game:
for the last offensive choise I recommend you if you have take an Infinity Edge always go for hydra for the lifesteal and for the active ability that help tou in fights, if you have take the bloodthister choose if you need more lifesteal and like the active of hydra or if you need more damage bonus take the black cleaver

Defense Choise:
I usually go to Guardian Angel or in case that I am very very feeded I take Frozen Mallet, but if you need an escape from enemy CC take mercurial shimitar

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I recommend flash and barrier but if you prefer you can take gosth or cleanse, with cleanse you are CC invulnerable and with gosth you can escape or run after an enemy easly.
Anyway always take barrier:

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Skill Sequence

start with Q for take more stack of passive ability of Draven, if your team want to invade take an E first for slow the enemies.
then max the Q for extra damage then the W for escape and last max the E and ovviusly a point on Ulti when you can

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In early game you have to farm a lot and for take more gold lasthit minions with Q skill active couse every time you kill a minion and every time you get a draven's axe you get 1 stack of passive and when you get a kill you consume a half of stacks and take 3 gold per stack consumed.
So for farm better far with Q actiive lasthit as many minions as you can and hit sometimes the enemy supp or ADC for Pickpocket extra gold, in case you want to zoning the enemy adc pickpocket grants you extra gold.