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Cho'Gath Build Guide by Erichillz

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Erichillz

Eating The World And Growing Your ELO

Erichillz Last updated on June 8, 2016
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The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Bounty Hunter
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Threats to Cho'Gath with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Darius Darius is very strong, if you have to battle him don't get to close and play safe, ask for a few ganks to make sure he stays behind. Don't trade, he will almost always win the trade.
Jax He has a very good gap closer and a stun, which can be fatal when you try to run. Once you silence him, he is not so strong anymore.
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Hello fellow Summoner! So you want to know how to play Cho'Gath top don't you? Well, then you've come to the right address! I've been playing Cho for a while, and I'll tell you how to play him. This guide is mainly for low ELO or Unranked people, and everything will be thoroughly explained. Let's get right to it!

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Choosing Cho'Gath

Cho is always a good champion to have just in case. He is quite good in lots of matchups, and he is quite easy to play. If you want to have a great KDA to show off to your friends, this is your guy! Choose him against low mobility champion or a champion without gap-closers, or so to say champions that don't have abilities that grab you or that they jump to you.

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Early game

First, walk to your lane. Help your jungler if he asks, but don't tank all the damage. You're not very tanky early game and your jungler has life steal items anyway. DON'T GET THE KILL ON THE MONSTER! If you do that, your jungler will not level up and might have a very hard start. After helping your jungler, or if you doesn't need your help set your vision ward in the bush in the river as soon as possible. This is so you will so a gank coming. Get your Thunderlord strike on him ASAP, by standing close to the minions and let your spikes hit him. If he tries to kill some minions, attack him with your auto-attack once or twice. If he goes all-in, use your Q to knock him up, auto-attack, W to silence them, then auto-attack until they use their Flash or until they die or Feast (R) on them if you are already level 6. As soon as you're level 6, it's a necessity to stack your Feast. Try to use your R on Siege Minions, those big minions riding a cannon. But be careful! Hit them a few times first so they have less then 1000 health. If no big minions are around, eat a small one. But be careful if you think your opponent is going to attack you or if YOU want to attack. Then you need your R to kill him/her. After losing health, but when no enemies are around, don't recall, just kill a few minions and you are back to full health!

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Mid game

After you have destroyed the first (outer) turret of your opponent and killed a few minion waves so your turret is not in danger, see if you can help anywhere on the map. Make sure you have your teleport so you can return when you turret is under attack. DON'T BE AN EGOISTIC SOB! When helping someone, and they really need your help, don't think "oh my turret is under attack gotta go bye!" Just don't do that, because then your team will probably lose the fight and you might lose the game as a result. When the fight is over, THEN you can teleport. Also, when attacking someone, use your W to silence them so they can't use spells then it will also be easy to land your Q for a knockup, and either you or a teammate can finish him. Also, when fighting, stand at the front line. For two reasons: 1. you are a tank, and you should take all, or at least most, of the damage. 2. You are a melee champ, so you must be in the front line to do any damage. Also, when in a teamfight, try to W and Q the opponent who does the most damage first, and kill them. When you do that, you have probably already won the fight. Kill the opponent with the most health last, so you won't take damage from the others whilst fighting the tanky guy.

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Late game

Once a teamfight has been won by your team, and not many people have died, either go for Baron Nashor or a dragon. When doing Baron, you have to wait for your team to arrive and you have to attack him first. He won't do any significant damage to you, but he will to your teammates if they are not tanky enough. If they are low on health they should retreat, and you have to take all the damage for a while. HOWEVER! Yes, they should retreat, but NOT recall. They have to wait then go in again because you don't do much damage to Baron. If your jungler is not here to smite Baron, use your R on him to finish him once he is below 1000 health. This has to be done so the opposing jungler cannot steal Baron from your team. Once you have Baron, your team should recall. Including you. If you don't have a full build yet, buy the remaining items and say to your team to push mid. If your whole team goes mid, you can kill the inhibitor (if you haven't already) then quickly finish the game. Then, surprise surprise, you have won the game!

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Getting Ganked

Watch the minimap for ganks, because if you are not on time you will probably die. Your vision ward should be protected, and if the enemy jungler is attack it throw a Q at him to scare him away. Be sure to run away on time or else you will have trouble getting away, since Cho'Gath doesn't have dashes or other escapes. If you think you can kill the jungler and the opposing toplaner, go ahead, I have won countless 1v2's and even 1v4's! Though I don't recommend you trying that, it is certainly possible. As long as you remember: kill the weak target with the most damage first!

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So, to recap it all:
-Ward the river
-Kill the weak target with lots of damage
-Help your team
-Stack your Feast
-Have fun!