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Sivir Build Guide by MRN.ecco

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author MRN.ecco

Ecco's Sivir Guide!

MRN.ecco Last updated on June 20, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hello! I am Tyler "ecco" Spesick and I'm a former LCS mid player. Sivir has always been a champion that has interested me because of her overall consistency, team contribution, burst damage and the nifty things you can do with her spell shield. She's a very unique champion that is very fun to play. Hopefully this guide will help you refine your play with her and become the best Sivir you can be!

My Stream

Twitter: @eccoLoL - Stream: thebts

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  1. Best wave-clear of any adc.
  2. Strong poke.
  3. Very good burst/sustain damage.
  4. Has an amazing team-centered ultimate.
  5. Can avoid CC/burst spells with Spell Shield
  6. High AoE damage in team-fights.


  1. Very short range.
  2. Low mobility without ultimate.
  3. Fairly low single target damage compared to other adcs.

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Team Comps

The largest thing that Sivir contributes to her team is her ultimate, On The Hunt. To best use her contribution, we build a composition around it that has very strong engage. Jarvan IV and Rumble are the main initiators that are going to lay down the ground work and first AoE/CC comboes upon the opposing team. Karthus will follow-up with his massive AoE damage and eventually his Requiem. Right behind Karthus will you be Sivir and Sona to lay down their AoE damage with the Tidal Wave follow-up knocking them up, keeping them in the AoE longer.

It isn't the best composition and sieging and burning down turrets but it is fantastic at dancing around objectives as well as taking advantage of teams being out of position. This composition is only one of many that would work well with Sivir. For a while in the 2014 NA LCS Spring split, Sivir and Vi was one of the most picked and deadliest comboes. Typically you are going to be picking a very strong engage jungler with follow-up on the rest of the members. Other AoE and AoE compliments Sivir very well because of her insane AoE damage but it isn't 100% necessary to run with her.

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Heal and Flash are my summoners of choice on Sivir. Even after the heal nerfs the best couple of patches and the one in the soon upcoming one, it is still going to be necessary to run Heal on a member in a duo lane. Typically the support is going to be running Exhaust/ Ignite which leaves it on you to be running it. Barrier is a strong choice in general but because Heal's speed boost is so strong and will effect both members it is the superior choice.

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... Greater Mark of Attack Damage
Greater Seal of Health
Greater Seal of Armor
Greater Glyph of Mana Regeneration
Greater Glyph of Magic Resist
Greater Quintessence of Attack Speed
Greater Quintessence of Armor

Since the recent rune changes that were done, there have been a lot of changes in an adc's run page. Marks stay the same because attack damage is still by far the most efficient ones that an adc can run. Armor seals got nerfed so we'll only be running 4 of them. Since health seals got buffed, we're going to be finishing out our seals with 5 of those to make ourselves a little bit bulkier early game. For glyphs, they are the same standard ones I have always ran. 4 flat mana-regeneration ones to give me an extra spell or two in the laning phase as well as 5 flat magic resist to be a little tankier. Lifesteal also got a fairly large nerf so it isn't common for it to be run anymore. Both attack speed and armor quints got buffed though so we take both of those to help out our early game trading.

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The standard mastery page that I've been running is overall pretty damn standard in general. We're going to be running down the offensive mastery tree to give us a decent amount of ad early game, executing power, and overall scaling strength into late game. The 9 points in defense are there to give us a little bit of sustain and trading efficiency in lane as well as help out our health pool a bit. Overall a very well rounded setup.

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Skill Sequence

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

Nothing very out of the ordinary here (if anything at all). Only thing that really needs any explanation is taking a point in Ricochet at level one is to help shoving the lane for the quickest level 2 that we can achieve. It costs barely less mana (only 10 after the recent Ricochet mana increase) but every little advantage we can get adds up!

Fleet of Foot (Passive)

Fleet of Foot is one of my favorite passives out of the all adcs. It helps her kiting and chasing ability and overall helps make up for her lack of range and dash ability. Just very solid and efficient.

Boomerang Blade

Boomerang Blade is Sivir's strongest spell in terms of raw damage. It is fantastic for pushing waves as well as harassing and poking opponents. Once we have both The Bloodthirster and Last Whisper with both parts of Boomerang Blade hitting it will easily do over 450-500 damage on a single target squishy. That is a ton of damage from one spell. It's actually the main reason that we go Last Whisper second over an attack speed item because we want to take full advantage of its early to mid-game potential.

There aren't a lot of intricacies to Boomerang Blade but it is very strong at what it does. That is kind of the story to all of Sivir's spells really. The spell always comes back to you and will change direction on its flight back to match your movement so you should be positioning yourself to hitting any potential targets on the way back. Also, the damage does get decreased the more targets it goes through so when using it to harass in lane it is best not to go through the wave of minions when doing so.


Ricochet is a fantastic spell for pushing waves and doing large amounts of AoE damage in team-fights. Once you have a point in On The Hunt, your attacks-speed will also be increased by a good amount when Ricochet is active as well. The spell acts as an auto-attack cancel so, when possible, to maximize your damage you want to be activating the spell immediately after your initial auto-attack is in the air.

Spell Shield

Spell Shield is my personal favorite spell in Sivir's kit. You can use the spell to eat either CC or burst damage and typically don't use it purely for to gain mana unless there is no imminent threat nearby. Timing it perfectly to eat the correct spell is difficult but with enough practice and natural reaction-time you can become fairly proficient at it. Having knowledge of champions' rotations and spell cool-downs will help with your accuracy as well!

On the Hunt

On The Hunt is Sivir's best spell hands down. It is a weird spell for an adc because it is so team-centered and doesn't do any damage. Although it is an interesting spell for an adc to have, it is probably one of the best ultimates in the game. The amount of engage/disengage ability it grants a team is simply out of this world. It is also giving Sivir herself a lot of kiting power and makes it nearly impossible for non-gap closing/cc champions to stick on her.

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These are the 100% necessary starting items on an adc and you can not change from them.

Your very first buy is going to be determined by how much gold you are backing with. If you back with roughly ~1200 gold then you are wanting to be purchasing a Vampiric Scepter, Boots of Speed and a couple of Health Potions. If you have more than 1585 gold then you should purchase a B. F. Sword and up to two health potions. Regardless of your first back, you are going to be completing The Bloodthirster as your very first item. Then, depending once again on how much gold you are going to be backing with, completing your Berserker's Greaves and Last Whisper. The reason we are going pure damage for our first two items is, as I mentioned in the previous section, to maximize our potential Boomerang Blade damage. The damage it does is ridiculous once these two items are completed and it will maximize your early mid-game damage. We then go back to complete the standard adc core and pick up Phantom Dancer to help our attack-speed and kiting ability while giving ourselves a decent amount of critical strike.

After Core

Going after core it gets a little bit interesting. There isn't a straight path for what you should build immediately next so I'll go over all the options that I consider.

First off there is Infinity Edge. Completing this item as your 4th item means that you are feeling very confident to not die in team-fights and want to maximize your damage. If you have a very support heavy team (like having a support-style mid laner such as Lulu or Soraka) then you should be able to get away with this. If you do not ending up building it as your 4th item, you will promptly build it as your 5th as it is 100% necessary to run.

Mercurial Scimitar is a fantastic choice. If they have a lot of cc but don't have more than one assassin then this is a nice option. Typically when going this you build the Quicksilver Sash, finish your IE, then go back and finish Mercurial.

Banshee's Veil is fantastic at living through AP burst. If they have a champion like a Fizz or a LeBlanc that is giving you a lot of attention then this in conjunction with your Spell Shield should guarantee your survival through almost any one AP champion's burst. Typically I only pick up the Negatron Cloak before finishing my IE and then completing my Banshee's.

Randuin's Omen is an overall strong item when facing a lot of heavy front-liners. This means that they don't have a lot of burst AP damage (so they'd have a more team-fight centered mid-laner) and a lot of chase. Facing something like a Shyvana top, a Nocturne jungle and a Lulu mid would make Randuin's a prime candidate. Typically I'd get the item completely after IE and the Giant's Belt prior if I was having a little bit of trouble staying alive.

Finally, Guardian Angel. This item is pretty much the item you build when you're getting bursted down by both adc and AP champions and just overall consistently dying in team-fights. An example would be facing an Irelia top, LeBlanc mid and Vi jungle. If they're all focusing you down in team-fights it is going to be nearly impossible to stay alive unless you have near perfect positioning and an amazing support babysitting you. If you are confident in your team to perform well and win team-fights without you building much damage directly after your core then you should build this as your 4th item.

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... Laning with Sivir is going to be very focused on pushing. Constantly auto-attack the wave and using Ricochet occasionally when trading or for that extra little oomph when pushing. You won't be doing a lot of direct trading with Sivir as her auto-attack range is low which puts her in jeopardy of taking a lot of damage from the ranged caster minions. It is mostly a fairly safe laning phase that consists of pushing the wave, harassing with Boomerang Blade, and Spell Shielding burst/cc. You don't have a lot of tools to finish off a champion so it is up to your support to set up a kill if possible.

As for supports, Sivir is kind of a catch all kind of champion. She works well with almost anyone. She has enough burst/chase potential to work well with aggressive supports and has enough damage in her kit with late game scaling to be complimented well by a more passive/classic support like Janna. Overall, my favorite duo with Sivir is Leona. She has strong engage and easily sets up her Boomerang Blade with all of her CC. Leona also does a fair amount of damage herself as well as takes full advantage of the utility that On The Hunt brings to the table.

Since you will be pushed towards their tower for the majority of the lane, make sure you and your support are both constantly warding. It is important to know early on that you are going to be getting ganked because Sivir has no get out of jail free card. With a well timed Spell Shield she can deflect a CC to help her escape but most of the time she'll have to blow her Flash or ultimate (if she is level 6 or above) and maybe even both. If you don't have these spells it is almost guaranteed death unless your support is a god and/or your jungler is there to counter-gank. Vision wins games so make sure you and your support are doing their part.

Mid Game
... Going into the mid-game, your team should be focused on objectives and light sieging. Because On The Hunt is such a fantastic spell in the open, it gives your team immense ability to capitalize on positioning mistakes by the other team. Your main engaging champion in conjunction with On the Hunt will be able to catch out a player/team and force a fight that is favorable for you. With the large amount of movement speed given to everyone, they should be able to follow it up and kite/chase after the initial engagement as needed.

Your job as Sivir is to position yourself perfectly. You can avoid one or more spell(s) in a team-fight depending on how extended it is so use it wisely. Using it at the correct time can be a life-saver so practice your timing and knowledge of champions' spells. You should always be on the outskirts of the fight, doing damage to whatever you can safely do damage to. Sivir is a champion where very rarely will you go past the front-line towards their back-line so just be safe and constantly auto-attacking.

So for when you're lightly sieging towers, you won't be using your comp to its full effect but this is something that you still need to be doing. What I mean by lightly sieging is that you are plopping your team in front of a tower but not forcing the situation at all. Your team will be tapping the tower with an auto-attack or two here and there when it is safe to, throwing out some poke, etc but it won't be full on forcing a tower. This is because you don't need to because it's not your strength. It is pretty much buying time for either objectives to come back up where you can truly force your biggest strength while still being aggressive and setting the tempo of the game. Make sure to have other lanes pushing towards the enemy when sieging so that they'll be losing out on gold/exp and potentially get damage to their towers. It can also present situations where they'll attempt to defend 5v4. This can sometimes allow your team to force a favorable dive if you're able to catch someone out of position.

Late Game
... Your team's late game strengths will be the same as they were mid-game. Sivir's late game damage is out-shined by a lot of the other ad-carries unless the other team is clumped up so it is even more important to get a proper engagement. Wait for them to make a mistake positionally and promptly capitalize on it as a team. Death timers will be very large at this point in the game so you will be able to get even more out of their mistakes than you did previously. Position well in the rear of the team and don't leave yourself vulnerable to getting caught out by an assassin.