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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author iainB85

Economy Ashe

iainB85 Last updated on May 6, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello all, this is my first guide so comments and feedback are welcome. I have learned a lot from the other Ashe guides on this site, but one thing that always bothered me is the top rated ones seem to be totally about min/maxing the stats, and not how you could actually afford the items. Sure it's nice to say I am going to go from boots of swiftness to a black cleaver to a bloodthirster, but that is a lot of CASH, how are you going to afford that -- especially when your team isn't always ganking as much as they should be?

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Items Sequence / Early Game Strategy (When to Visit Shop)

Philosopher's Stone &

Extra 10 gold (11 with mastery) every 10 seconds adds up quick. These items end up making up for quite a bot of their cost by themselves, plus the additional health/mana regen is great for spamming volley and laning longer against pesky harassers, and of course crit chance on Ashe is never a bad thing.

I first grab the regrowth pendant, ensuring I can stay mid versus any champ, even a pesky harasser like Urgot, and as soon as I hit ~1000 gold I grab my philosopher's stone and boots. Then with the mana / health regen it's easy to lane until I can get avarice blade and boots of swiftness on my next trip.

The extra move speed is very good for Ashe, as she is in general a slow hero. Berserk's Greaves obviously aren't bad on Ashe, but I think the extra move speed helps in the long run for chasing down heroes, and escaping as well.

& &

Armor penetration, damage, and massive crits -- what more is there to say? This is when you bulk up and become a great hero killer. With all the armor pen you will be able to take out tanks and casters alike, just focus on the lowest HP heroes first when possible.

A lot of people wonder about the focus on armor penetration first. A lot of people will focus on critical strikes first instead. While this can be a good strategy if you are up against a bunch of squishy (low armor) champions, you will be absolutely useless against any champions with high armor. Focusing on armor penetration first lets you do more even damage to the whole array of enemy champions, rather than only being able to target a select few.

By this point your damage should be awesome, and they will definitely start taking notice and targeting you. With Banshee's Veil, Flash, and Ghost you should be able to keep your position in team battles and deal out that massive damage without being the first victim.

You already have all the ingredients for it, so it's a natural progression... and do not forget to use the active ability on this... the attack speed + move speed are just an added bonus for getting your ranged position in team battles, and carving your way through enemies.

Icing on the cake. Increases your damage, you should be able to build up stacks quickly at this point, and the Lifesteal can be an unexpected life saver at times. Note: At this point you will obviously sell your philosopher's stone for this item, as you don't need the gold anymore, and the mana / health regen are obsolete on the big scale fights at level 18 as well.

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Summoner Spells

With the exception of a late game banshee's veil, this build is heavily focused on damage, armor penetration, and critical strikes. This will leave you outputting some of the highest damage on your team, which will cause any good enemy team to target you down first. When you see them all charge you, flash out of range then immediately use ghost... keep frost arrow on and keep spamming volley to slow them and keep them away from you. Eventually, they'll be forced to give up and target another champion, and this is when you can resume pumping them full of arrows again.

Without these two summoner spells, I find it extremely hard to get good position in late game team battles, as you really need an escape mechanism in the beginning of a battle to get them off you to deal damage after.

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Skill Sequence

Pretty standard here. My only comment is I see a lot of people not get Hawkshot until the last possible moment. While it is pretty stupid to level this up until the end, putting one point in it for scouting ganks / dragon / rune mobs is totally worth sacrificing one point in frost shot early on. The extra 5% slow from another point in frost shot does not make or break the early game by any means.

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Team Work

Never initiate. You are insane AD damage and your opponents will know that and try to target you first. Stay back and spam volley until your team initiates and your enemies are occupied with other, more beefy allies. At this point target the weakest targets possible and start racking up the kills.

If your team is being too hesitant on engaging, your ultimate can be a great starter. I cannot count the amount of times my team has been skating around the edges of the other team, never initiating. Step back a little bit, shoot your ult into the middle of their group and your team will see a prime chance to jump the stunned target and get the quick 4v5 advantage :)

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Pros / Cons

- This build will result in some of the highest AD damage in the game. In a world where so many people seem to favor the AP heroes, it can make or break the game to have a good AD hero like Ashe on the team, so the opposing team can't just stack MR and win

- With summoner abilities and banshee's veil, you should be able to escape long enough to dish out the damage

- Champions with dash/blink type abilities such as Akali or Xin Zhao can be very hard to avoid. If you find yourself getting stomped by these champions ask your team to focus their crowd control (fear/snare/stun/etc) type abilities on them first, and you will reward them with your full DPS in return :)

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Ashe is without a doubt one of the best ranged attack damage heroes in the game. Combine that with her low cost to unlock, she should be one of the first champions to unlock in any serious player's arsenal.

Hope this guide helps everyone, feel free to leave comments below!