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Ekko Build Guide by OsuDesu

Support Ekko support, is that real?

Support Ekko support, is that real?

Updated on August 19, 2015
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League of Legends Build Guide Author OsuDesu Build Guide By OsuDesu 1,969 Views 0 Comments
1,969 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author OsuDesu Ekko Build Guide By OsuDesu Updated on August 19, 2015
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Hi everyone, I'm OsuDesu, and this is my first, but i guess not bad Ekko guide. I worked hard to make this guide the best I could, and I would appreciate any and all feedback that you guys may provide. Ekko is so funny champion, who has amazing skills for kite enemy.
Without further ado, i present to you, my dear readers, my new meta Ekko support guide. I put a fair amount of effort into this guide, so I do implore you to reconsider any downvotes pending the actual trial and testing of my guide that I imagine you are planning to do. And above all, thank you for taking the time to read this Ekko support guide.
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Pros / Cons

+ Can escape from hell
+ Good AOE Crowd Control with Parallel Convergence
+ Extremely Powerful
+ Insane ultimate damage

- hard to play
- Long cooldowns
- out of mana
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Your role at bottom is just harass enemy, thats hard to do but so helpful. To harass enemy you are need atleast lvl 3 to get ultra combo ( Parallel Convergence -> Phase Dive -> Timewinder) for harass enemy. Run out of range enemy and use your Parallel Convergence, then run to them and use Phase Dive, after stun them you need to use Timewinder and do 1 more hit and run away. Why one more hit if timewinder will come back soon? cause you need to get move speed from your Z-Drive Resonance as fast as you can (to run out of enemy range).
Next question is: "and how am i get gold for all of this items, if i dont have any of support items of runes/masteries for gold income?"
I still dont understand that too, but then we are playing duo with my friend he just give me 1-2 kills to get enought gold for sightstone and boots. Then I just come to gank another lanes with our jungler or by my self. You are getting not bad amount of gold for assists, so thats enough to buy all what you need as support.
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Closing Remarks

I just wondering why still no one seen support role in Ekko plays, i mean if Annie can be support and be helpfull on bottom lane, why Ekko cant? In my discretion i think what that meta can work. Anyway thank you so much for reading my new meta guide for Ekko, i hope you all leave your discussion about that meta and help me to make this guide better.

P.s. sorry for my bad english skill, but i just want to create this guide cause everyone hate me then i pick ekko as support. (btw i have 95% winrate as support ekko)
League of Legends Build Guide Author OsuDesu
OsuDesu Ekko Guide
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Ekko support, is that real?

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