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Elise Build Guide by The Legit Legend

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author The Legit Legend

Elise: A Build To Victory

The Legit Legend Last updated on November 19, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Work in Progress

This is my very first guide and I would, very much, appreciate some criticism and suggestions for some changes to this build. Please do not down-vote this guide if you didn't like something.

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Welcome to my very first guide on Mobafire.

This guide will be about the champ, Elise. She is very versatile champ as she can take on many rolls. Her abilities allow her to quickly dispose of enemies if used correctly. Elise, like Jayce, has an UlT that switches that switches her form and is available from lvl 1. Elise must be practiced a lot in order to fully master her. This build is mainly focused on AP and causing as much damage as possible with her abilities.

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Pros / Cons


  • Has good burst damage.
  • Spider ULT form doesn't use any mana.
  • Can catch escaping enemies and finish them off easily.
  • A very fun champion, especially when played well.

  • A little Squishy early game.
  • If you feed early game, your late game won't be any better.
  • The CD for some abilities are a little long.
  • A hard champion to master, takes a lot of practice.

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Sorcerer's Shoes

Aside from Potions and the Doran's Ring, boots should be built first. The Sorcerer's Shoes would give you the basic Movement Speed needed to actually roam or run away. Combined with the Spider Form's added Movement Speed, Rappel and maybe Flash, you should be able to least evade enemies when needed and be able to get back to your lane ASAP. The Shoes also give some Magic Penetration. The amount given should be sufficient in ignoring enemy Champion' s Magic Resist and dishing out as much damage as possible early game.

Rylai's Crystal Scepter

Elise is a pretty Squishy Champion, especially early game. If your not doing so well, try to aim for the Giant's Belt instead of Blasting Wand when building Rylai's Crystal Scepter. This item is pretty important for Elise since she is Squishy. It may be her only "Tanky" item but the extra health makes all the difference when you are in a 1v1 with an enemy Champion. Plus it can slow your opponents for a short time so that you may Flash or Rappel away. To put it simply, IT CAN SAVE YOUR ***.

Rabadon's Deathcap

The Rabadon's Deathcap is a must for any AP Build. It gives a ton of AP and it's Passive adds even more AP based on your current AP. All this will contribute to the Human Form's spells. With it you can easily Burst down target's mid game 1 by 1.

Void Staff

The opponent might build up some Magic Resistance to counter you or any other AP Casters on your team. The Void Staff will give you more AP as well as a Magic Penetration bouns. This will take care of those who are building up Magic Resistance.

Hextech Gunblade

A perfect item for Elise. It gives both AP and AD for Human Form and Spider Form respectively. Not only that but gives a bouns Life Steal to add to the Spider Q and some Spell Vamp for the Human Form's spells. It's active deals magic damage for a better burst as well as slowing your target so that you can land your Stun much more easily. You could use it for escaping but I should suggest that you save it for your enemies. If your opponents aren't really building Magic Resistance and are Minion Blocking to the max, you might wanna get this first before the Void Staff.

Lich Bane

The Lich Bane is a very useful item late game, especially if you aren't doing so well. It can give you REDEMPTION. First off, it gives you more AP, some Magic Resistance for a little defence against those AP Casters targeting you and a bit of Mana so you can keep casting those Human Form spells. If you have been getting Ganked on a lot and tend to die because of this, the added movement speed from the Lich Bane should let escape these Ganks but if not, you could always use your stun or the Hextexh Gunblade. Now the Lich Bane's passive makes Elise become extremely dangerous especially to enemies roaming around alone. Whenever you use an ability, your next attack will do damage according to 100% of your AP. With such a short CD, no enemy could possibly escape you alive without backup. This item could be built before the Hextech Gunblade or the Void Staff depending on the game and how you are doing.

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Abilities and Combo

Passive- Spider Swarm

Elise's Passive Skill allows her to prepare Spiderlings in her Human Form and release them in her Spider Form. Spiderlings are prepared each time you use an ability in Human Form. The maximum number of Spiderlings produced increase as you lvl up your ULT. The Spiderlings help you deal a little more damage, ensuring Last Hits on Minions, and take some damage for you. Great for protection from turrets and Skill Shots.

Q - Neurotoxin / Venomous Bite

ELise's Q has two abilites. Neurotoxin and Venomous Bite are for Human Form and Spider Form, respectively. Both skills are not skill shots making them very easy to land and have low CD. Neurotoxin is used for poking and harassing enemies. It's damage is determined by how HIGH the target's remaining health is. Venomous Bite is used to finish off the target. Since it costs no mana, it can be used on Minions and Monsters to farm if you are conserving mana. This is also great for chasing down enemies since you can jump a small distance to your target. The damage for this skill is determined by how LOW the target's remaining health is. MAX THIS ABILITY FIRST.

W - Volatile Spiderling / Skittering Frenzy

The next two abilities for Elise on her W are, for her Human Form, Volatile Spiderling and, for her Spider Form, Skittering Frenzy. These abilities are her main farm skills. The Volatile Spiderling does a huge amount of damage and can easily wipe out a wave of Minions when maxed. This ability is a Skill Shot so you will have to aim it correctly or it will hit an unwanted target such as a few Minions so careful when using while chasing down an enemy near the Vilemaw. It can also be used for checking Brushes since it gives a bit visibility and can follow nearby enemies. When the Spiderling reaches its destination, it will either go to the nearest enemy and explode on contact or wait a few seconds then explode. Skittering Frenzy gives Elise and her Spiderlings a crazy Attack Speed boost and a bit of Life Steal. This ability is good for farming and replenishing health. Just like Volatile Spiderling, it can easily dispatch a wave of Minions and a group of Monsters. This should always be activated when attacking in Spider Form since it costs no mana to use. This ability should be at least be lvl 2 before lvl 6 so that you can farm a little easier. MAX THIS ABILITY SECOND.

E - Cocoon / Rappel

Elise's E abilities are Cocoon for the Human Form and Rappel for the Spider Form. Cocoon is Elise's Stun and her only CC. You must time the use of this skill for it has quite the long CD. It is also a Skill Shot and can be interrupted by Minions and Monsters. Perfect for Ganking and running away from enemies. Rappel allows Elise to become untargetable for a short time while revealing stealthed enemies around her. She ascends into the air, with her Spiderlings, and is able to drop down onto any nearby enemy. If not an enemy, she will descend in the same spot she activated her skill. Also perfect for Ganking and escaping as you can drop down on unsuspecting enemies or jump to a Minion or a Monster in the Jungle to run away. Leveling this ability will only decrease the CD so you should MAX THIS ABILITY LAST.

R - Spider Form / Human Form (ULT)

Finally, Elise's ULT. This ability allows Elise to switch between two forms, her Spider Form and her Human Form. Her Spider form gives her a few buffs such as added Magic Damage, bonus Armor and Magic Resistance and finally a little bit of Movement Speed. It also makes use of Elise's passive allowing her to summon her prepared Spiderlings. The higher the lvl, the more Spiderlings are summoned (MAX 5). Elise obtains a new skill set when changing into her Spider Form. The Spider form is usually used for finishing off targets and can be used to run away. ALWAYS LVL THIS ABILITY WHENEVER POSSIBLE.

The Combo

Elise is a "Duelist" kind of Champion. She does very well against enemy Champions in 1v1 situations. To quickly decimate your opponent, you must first have a nice clear view of your target. Try luring them to a nice spot in the jungle. If not use your W to clear out the obstacles. Then slow down your target with a shot from your Hextech Gunblade for a more accurate shot for your E. After stunning the Champion, you can hit him a Q and a W. Then, transform into your Spider Form. If the target tries to escape, a Rappel should let you catch up to him and activate your Spider W and hit him with a Spider Q. And for the finishing touch, a hint of Ignite. With the Lich Bane, I'm sure your opponent is dead by now but if not, transform once again and hit him with another Q and maybe a W if he is still standing. The target may use a Zhonya's Hourglass or a Banshee's Veil but that's okay. The Gunblade should take out the Veil and you can wait out the Hourglass and continue afterwards. If the target gets some backup, it's time to run.

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This Mark was chosen to balance out the Human Form and the Spider Form. With a ton of AP, the Human Form can do a lot of damage but the Spider Form may not always finish off the target. This Rune would give the extra AD needed for Elise to Assassinate her opponents.

Greater Seal of Vitality
This Seal was chosen to give Elise some more Health to last longer against enemies. As you know Elise is Squishy and even with Rylai's Crystal Scepter she might not last long and would have to buy and consume a lot of Potions to survive. The extra Health might get rid of the need for potions mid and late game.

This Glyph just adds more AP to Elise for some extra damage in Human Form making your Q a powerful Poke Harass.

The CDR that this Quint gives would allow Elise to farm more efficiently and land more faster hits on your target with her abilities. This would lead to more Spaming of moves and a much more efficient Harass. This might drain your mana in Human Form so if running low then switch to your Spider Form to conserve and replenish mana.

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For Elise's Offense Masteries, the ones chosen were meant for maximum AP and a higher Damage Output. Just the usual AP Mastery build, not much new.


The rest of the Mastery Points went into Elise's Defense. The Masteries chosen were meant to reduce the damage taken from Minions and Monsters for a better farm. The small Magic Resist and the boost in Health also help too.

This isn't the best Mastery build for Elise but it gets the job done.

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Summoner Spells


In my opinion, this spell is a must have for Elise. Early game and sometimes Mid game, you may miss a kill or be killed by some enemies. The Ignite is just to add more damage to ensure kills. Tanks may get away from you time to time so just follow up your combo with Ignite and leave if needed. Ignite can't really save you but when you die and your target is left with a small amount of health, you can always get them back with an Ignite to make things even.


When there aren't any Monsters around or your Rappel is on CD, Flash can save you, especially if you use it smartly. Flash away from enemies when low on Health, being focused in team fights or getting Ganked. Try to aim for the Jungle or over Terrain to make a successful escape. I wouldn't suggest using this offensively, because you have Rappel, but if you know you can get that kill and escape easily, by all means, be my guest.

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Situational Alternatives

This Section will be filled in gradually as I continue to play Elise and hear some of your suggestions.

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Overall Elise is a very fun champ to play but is very hard. She requires a ton of practice but if mastered, she can be an invaluable player on your team. If your raking in the kills, don't get too greedy or cocky, you may be lured into Ganks or lured into Turret Diving. Trust me, I know. Just play smart know when to do things and have fun with her.

Guide is Subject to Change. Please don't forget to leave comments and suggestions.