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Elise Build Guide by Limits

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Limits

Elise Jungle 6.3 - Web your way out of low elo

Limits Last updated on February 15, 2016
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The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Threats to Elise with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Amumu I find this match-up fairly mixed because you have more presence early game and can invade him lvl 2-3 because he can get low after his first clears. However in a 5v5 team fight he will provide better help for his team.
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Hey everyone I'm Tom AKA Limits, and this is my guide to Elise jungle for patch 6.3

I have been playing since the middle of s4 and have amassed over 350 games on Elise since then (including before the start of champion mastery system) and have tried to be pretty inventive with my builds to get the best out of this extremely versatile champion.

Starting off as we all do in Bronze 5 I used her to climb in around a week up to silver 3 constantly at 70-80% win rate, so I really do know what it's like to be in low elo and even though I agree to some extent that bronze is not a nice place to be (AFK's, constant flame and raging, etc...) I do not believe that elo hell exists.
After a break I have now come back to the game and post placement match's ended up Bronze 1 and have climbed back up to Silver 1 fairly quickly (and am continuing to climb at a decent rate).

I believe that if you play to improve and think less about your team's mistakes and more about what you personally could have done to change the outcome, then you will start to climb quickly. (Even if I do realise that this is easier said than done for many of us)

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The importance of being a good teammate

Teamplay is paramount and being a good teammate is a huge step towards climbing the ranked ladder.

Even though this has nothing to do with Elise in particular I am still going to dedicate this segment to something that is extremely underrated and I feel was a huge part of me being able to get out of low elo, even though I think this could apply to every single league player.

Being a good teammate could mean different things: Carrying, not being a D***, not AFKing after giving first blood to the enemy laner, etc...
These are all basic concepts that I agree with to some extent, but to me being a good teammate is to react and participate in the game not only as your champion but as yourself. What I mean by this is to be present in the and trying to be somewhat a leader of this group of 5 strangers that have never and will never meet each other.

For example: saying gj to someone who got a kill in lane, telling someone that giving away a kill doesn't matter and reassuring them to try and prevent tilt, being polite and saying hi ^^ when entering champ select (this can avoid a lot of flame and also create a friendly atmosphere in your team, especially if you can start a friendly conversation), prioritising team play and communicating as much as possible whether it is via pings or in chat, trying to calm someone down and reassure them if they start flaming or raging, never blame someone for a mistake and take the blame if someone starts saying it was your fault instead of starting an argument, etc...

All of these things will help improve the atmosphere within your team, and if your team is friendly with each other it will incite better team play, communication and synergy. And you can bet that this will give you the upper hand over the enemy team because odds are someone will be flaming or tilting, and just by being polite and friendly you will have prevented that from happening in your team.

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Pros / Cons

Pros -

- Great early presence,
- Free kill or summoner (99%) if cocoon lands during a gank,
- Easy early clears,
- Good utility and gap close with rappel,
- Good base damage without items,
- 1 shots pretty much everyone if fed,
- Good vs tanks with % health damage,
- Can go very tanky if needed.

Cons -

- Not great in 5v5 team fights even though she has some potential with her stun,
- She's a spider,
- Not enough skins,
- Can you tell I'm struggling to find any?

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This is my current mastery page for Elise.

Scrolling through the current guides I have mostly seen Thunderlord's as the keystone mastery.
I instead choose to go for Strength of the Ages because I believe that it has much more value than Thunderlord's and here's why.

Thunderlord's Decree:

- Small early game damage buff,
- Extra Damage and pen stats from the Cunning tree.
I don't choose this keystone because I believe Elise's base damage is more than enough to burst down an enemy pretty fast and I don't think the small amount of bonus offensive stats are worth it.

Strength of the Ages:

- When the keystone is stacked to 300 (around lvl 11-12) it provides 800g worth of Hp (2 ruby crystals), which in many game can make a big impact on the outcome,
- Bonus on defensive stats,
- Easier first clear so more tank potential in early game,
- Summoner spell cool down reduced by 15%,
- +15% Tenacity which can be extremely helpful in ganks and vs heavy cc teams.

I now use this keystone on most of my jungle picks, and the concept is explained very well in this video.
(I did not make this video, all credit goes to the person who did)

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The first clear with Elise is extremely important and if done well allows you to apply good pressure on lanes in the early game.

I always start bot side to get a good leash from the ADC and Support, and there are 3 possible clears that I use:

I am using Red side start as an example but the same applies for starting on the blue side but with opposite camps of course.

Clear 1:
    1.Gromp (Smite),
    3.Wolves (Smite),
    4.Gank Mid (do crab before if you got a bad leash and are low after the first 3 camps (but you shouldn't be).
    Then carry on clearing wraiths - Red - (Krugs), before backing or ganking top or mid again if the enemy later is pushing.
Clear 2:
    1.Gromp (Smite),
    3.Wolves (Smite),
    5.Gank Bot lane,
I only use this order if my bot lane is under early pressure and are being heavily pushed in, if not I prefer Ganking Mid or Top first.
Clear 3:
    1.Gromp (Smite),
    3.Red (Smite),
    4.Gank Top.

Basic clear combo = Q+W+R+Q+W+Q (after this, the camp will be dead or very close)

Elise has a very fast clear when she gets runic echo, and she also has good sustain with an easy first clear if you get her spiderlings to tank most of the damage (walk back slightly after taking aggro of the monsters while in spider form and they will attack her mini spiders).

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Ranked Play

In ranked games a good Elise can pretty much win the game in the first 10 minutes, especially in the current snowball heavy meta.

You should be looking to either gank mid or top lvl 3 (I prefer mid), if you land the cocoon correctly this will either net you a kill or at least a flash, if it's only a flash make sure to take the flash timer and gank again before it comes off cool down, even multiple times is not a bad idea.

I personally do not look to counter jungle a huge amount with Elise unless the enemy jungler is a devourer jungler in which case I will take his entire top lane jungle and crab if I see him tank bot for example, or their jungler is weak early.

Deep vision when possible is paramount and will give you extra breathing room when ganking and counter jungling, it will also provide great information for your laners so that they know the enemy junglers position (wards win games, I'm F***ing serious!!!!!!).