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Elise Build Guide by Keoryal

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Keoryal

Elise support S6

Keoryal Last updated on January 4, 2016
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So hey guys ! its my first guide here and i hope you are gonna like it, i wanted to share with you a pick i started for fun and that actually worked really well for me.

As you noticed in the title im going to present you Elise support.

I always mained support, and always particulary enjoyed AP supp (my main is Zyra, my favorite champions) and to move back to the pick, i tried Elise support cause ... why not ? and crushed the lane so i wanted to show this pick to more people. Since that i play her more and more and i really enjoy this champion.

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More informations about Elise support

You need to know that this pick is risky, or you snowball or the whole you will be late, and when behind Elise isnt that useful.

Tho, you should try her, believe me its worth it. She have a really good laning phase for many reasons.
Her dammages are pretty insane even in early game, more her Cocoon and above that the possibility to both engage or disengage with her Rappel. Thats why Elise is such a good pick to win the lane.

But as you guessed a pick always have drawbacks, the most important one being her mana cost, you will feel like spamming Neurotoxin but you will soon notice you might be oom fast. Believe dont poke that much and just wait to hit a Cocoon to go full combo on your target.

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Match up Botlane

First lets talk about synergy if you dont mind.
Elise is really strong with other aggressive ADC. So far the two i enjoyed the most played with to win the lane are Kalista and Lucian.

Kalista might be the best ADC with Elise and that for two main reasons. In lane its really easy to proc the Sentinel of Kalista due to the insane range of kalista while you're in human form (550 knowing Annie have 575 or Lucian 500). The second reason is of course Fate's Call if Kalista throw you in you in you can easily Cocoon while the target is bumped to chain cc and instant kill someone.

Lucian works well with Elise too for the only reason that he is really aggressive and could rule the lane by itself.

I never tried but i supposed that Elise could work really well too with Draven as we talk about stomping lane, tho care, Elise can peel but she isnt Janna so might be risky with a Draven.

Now the bad match ups,
From what i saw, you dont want to face any disengage supp especially Janna. you wont be able to go in and she would slow you till you die without you having the opportunity to escape. Lulu is kinda the same.
Champions like Soraka or Nami look hell, and they are to face in the early game but just rush Liandry's Torment and after it will be better. Believe me Shields supp counter you way more than heal ones.

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Runes, Masteries & Summoners spells

I tried a lot of thing there, the one above are the ones that fit me the well, of course you can do something else.

If one thing is to maybe change in the runes in my opinion its the 10% CDR in blue like if you want to play her tanky take some MR instead of it or some scaling AP to have better dammages. But i really enjoy playing with cdr in blue it. It makes me 30% late even 40% when i go Zeke's Harbinger ; more the Frost Queen's Claim and Ionian Boots of Lucidity thats i always take.

For the masteries well here, i didnt found better, i would understand if some play Elise with 45% CDR but i like hybrid penetration which scale with my red runes.

Then for the summoners spells Flash dont even try without its like on most champions it gives you better opportunities to both engage and disengage. When you feel confident enough with Elise you will notice how deadly is the Flash Cocoon.

For the other one i prefer Exhaust over Ignite for the only reason that in my eyes Elise lack of peel, and Exhaust make you forget that, and also cause you will see, you have way enough burst you wont need Ignite that much.

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You will have an important choice there. You need to check depending your teamcomp and also seeing how you feel about it if you will play Elise Tanky or AP. Both works but they are differents.

If you go AP, Liandry's Torment and Rylai's Crystal Scepter are must have, it will give you huge dammages more some insane slow if you add the Frost Queen's Claim.

And if you go tanky, you will still have some slow with both the Randuin's Omen and the Frost Queen's Claim and also be able to grant shields/magic resistance with the Locket of the Iron Solari

It's personnal but i have two tips to give you :

1) Always make one item between your boots, sighstone and the Frost Queen's Claim. Like the Liandry's Torment if you go AP or the Randuin's Omen if you go tanky.
Something like :
starter --> Sightstone and Sweeping Lens + Ionian Boots of Lucidity --> Liandry's Torment OR Randuin's Omen --> then finish the Frost Queen's Claim
When you dont you will feel like you lack of dps or tankyness and be less useful for some time in my opinion.

2) If you choose to build the Zeke's Harbinger build it early,
like i just said before:
Starter --> Sightstone and Sweeping Lens + Ionian Boots of Lucidity --> Zeke's Harbinger --> then finish the Frost Queen's Claim
once there finish your build no matter if you choose tanky or AP Elise

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So here we are, here it's getting interesting ( if not even more interesting ?).
Elise have a playstyle i enjoy a lot. All your gameplay will be based on one word : CATCH

But lets start and be more accurate, I will explain it in 3 parts.

In laning phase : You poke a bit (i said a bit!) with your Neurotoxin in lane, care you might get fast oom so dont overuse it, always keep mana to be able to do a full combo if you ever land a Cocoon.

Cocoon Neurotoxin Volatile Spiderling Spider Form Skittering Frenzy and Venomous Bite. That would be your combo

you should and actually must, play with the vision, the bush. go in bush and when they dont expect you to Cocoon, as if you would be a Blitzcrank or something like that.
You can also easily bait them by walking in their direction Rappel when they try to catch you and they go in when they dont have cd the moment you are back on the ground.

Mid game : when the bot tower bot is down try to roam, your Cocoon is a huge weapon. Walk in their jungle with your jungler or your adc, try to catch, you can easily get fed.
But care dont forget Sightstone more the Sweeping Lens to take vision and deny their to catch easily, dont take dumb risks by checking bush without vision !

Late game : Keep catching them to then fight in 4v5, in teamfight peel for your ADC with your Cocoon and Exhaust (if you took it). Then when the tank arent on your adc anymore dive on their carries with Rappel and burst them.
Dont forget that the Cocoon can also cancel tons of things like Katarina's Death Lotus or Miss Fortune's Bullet Time.

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So that's all for my Elise support guide, it was my first one and i hope you guys liked it!

tell me in comments if you can find any ways to improve my guides and also if of course you like the pick ! More are coming probably other exotics support that i like to play so check them if it ever interest you !

Thanks for reading and see you on the rift !