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Jarvan IV Build Guide by EQA Neurotoxin

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League of Legends Build Guide Author EQA Neurotoxin

EQA NeuroToxins adaptable J4 build (UPDATED)

EQA Neurotoxin Last updated on April 22, 2015
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Hi its EQA NeuroToxin with another adaptable guide.
Jarvan is an easy to play jungler but he heavily relies on hitting e-q. his ult is very simple to use and i tell you how to use it below. j4 is an early game and you should force ganks early when your playing him.

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Pros / Cons

1. Great CC
2. Tank with some dmg
3. GREAT initiator
4. Great ganks
5. Good duelist
1. Not mobile
2. Ult can be interrupted
3. Late game is subpar
4. Can be worthless if you ult the wrong person
5. No objective control(no execute)

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Iceborn gauntlet is a good item bc after you e-q you have spell blade and it does the extra dmg from sheen passive + j4 passive + the slow.

You need to be super tanky because when you ult you get put into the middle of the fight so you need to be able to tank lots of dmg

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Skill Sequence

You need to e-q and hope they flash out of that so you can ult them after they flash
if they dont flash while you e-q then you just kill them(if you hit e-q)
if they use an escape out of ur e-q then ult them anyways to get their flash

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you need to hit your e-q early game or the gank isnt gonna be succesful
also, if your dueling, if you miss e-q stop fighting and run bc thats ur only dmg.
when you hit 6 even if u miss e-q you can still r and get a kill if they dont have flash.