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Vi Build Guide by n0rm

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author n0rm

Escaping Bronze with the Piltover super-carry (jungle guide)

n0rm Last updated on April 29, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Stuck in bronze?

The problem with bronze is that its a mixture of low level players and newcomers, making teams hugely imbalanced on a regular occasion. So to win games consecutively to evade bronze your going to need to carry the imbalanced games that are out of your favour. To do this a super-carry is needed. I`ve personally found the jungler is the easiest way of winning games in bronze.

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Vi the jungling super-carry

So why is Vi a super-carry? Vi has great damage, wave clearing ability and most importantly mobility. Yes most importantly "mobility", being that once you are ahead people will run away from you, meaning that once your ahead you will most likely fall off if your killing spree is stopped dead. But with Vi`s gap closing its pretty much impossible for anyone to evade her so once ahead its very easy to stay ahead.

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How to win games (strategy)

Step 1

Buy a Hunter's Machete and 5 Health Potions as fast as possible and run to the single bush in the river near your blue to spot any invasions. At 1:30 run to your Wolves. If the other team invades just leave it and run to their blue getting help from your top laner to steal it.

Note: Try to get teammates to help you smiteless jungle so that you can get early red for level 3 ganking.

Wolves >> blue Golem (smiteless) >> red Lizard (smite)

Start at Wolves and use a pot, then move onto blue Golems using another pot and now you can go straight to red buff and smite. (its important to spam pots to stay on full health as Vi`s Q allows her to gank at low level)

Now we are level 3 we must go middle and gank to give our mid a lead. Try to gank from the corridor next to the turret rather than the brush, this allows you to Q them from behind knocking them further from their turret.

Step 2

Go back to jungle and clear whats available. With Vi`s passive shield you should still have ~80% health left after clearing allowing you to stay and gank top lane.

Why top lane? bottom is pushed and gankable.

Bot lane can survive getting behind at the very early stages since they wont be a threat to other lanes until the mid game and snowballing requires alot compared to other lanes. Top and mid lane can snowball incredibly fast from the start of the game so we must give them our full attention.

So we are going to focus on top and mid before we are level 6 and then return when necessary.

Step 3

Now we are level 6 we have enough cc to hold a target for a substantial amount of time and enough burst damage to take a light target down to a critical level. Perfect for bot lane, but bot lane will be warded heavily at this time in the game. Easy, tell your bot lane to push the minions forward so that you can enter from the back and into the brush. Now simply ping the target you know you can hit with your Q and go all out for the gank.

Step 4

Now that we have put effort into all 3 lanes to get them ahead, your job from now is to simply use Vi`s great jungle clearing ability and ganking power to get ahead.

If your team is really bad and feeding try to win the kills and do not share the buffs so that you can become fed, selfish but your team will thank you when you win the game :D

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Ganking techniques with Vi

Approach your target with Q loaded up and try to land it on the target for the knock back, then burst with E. This will be your standard basic gank. DO NOT INTERCEPT WITH R they will simply flash away or use an evasive ability. If they evade your Q with such method you can simply use R.

Using Flash
If your target is playing safe or simply too far away load up your Q, hit flash and land the Q on them. This will allow you to cover a huge amount of ground.

If your playing against a truly evasive team such as Ezreal/Teemo/Trynd/Udyr e.t.c you can make use of the active of these items

Remember R does not do much damage so its important to try and only use this last ditch or if your teammate will be in range while your R is active on the target.

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Jungling etiquette

As a jungler you must accept that you will not have the same farming advantage as the other lanes so will by nature be behind. DO NOT JUST FARM.
Vi has great jungle clearing ability but her strongest asset is her ganking abilities! This is what will get you ahead in games to allow you to carry. So you must try and gank as much as possible!

Blue buff - give this to your mid if they are a mana mage! it will allow them to harass heavily getting their opponents hp down making ganking alot easier. Besides you will have spirit stone giving you plenty of mana regen.

Red buff - give this to your ADC it will make their damage output so much higher and an increased chance to last hit kills.

Dragon - In bronze dragon is mostly discarded until post 15 minute mark and then taken randomly. This is the biggest inefficiency of bronze matches that you can take advantage of.
Vi can solo dragon very fast so just buy a red ward when its up and take it!
If your not ready to take on the dragon solo simply gank bot lane to force them to back and then take dragon with your adc and support.

Baron - Before the w nerf vi could solo baron with 4 of the items posted above at level 14 as done by XJ9. This is not possible any more but can be done later on if you get the chance. Otherwise do it with your team ONLY when the time is right.

- there are no friendly wards around the baron area
- the other team are all still alive outside of their base

- the entire other team are clearing minions in their base
- you have sufficient map visibility with freindly wards around baron
- your team at the current time can beat the other remaining team members in a fight
-- post team fight or successful pick-offs (kills)