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Brand Build Guide by spirit legacy

Support [EUW] spirit legacy's grandmaster Brand Support Guide!

Support [EUW] spirit legacy's grandmaster Brand Support Guide!

Updated on April 26, 2022
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League of Legends Build Guide Author spirit legacy Build Guide By spirit legacy 4,812 Views 0 Comments
4,812 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author spirit legacy Brand Build Guide By spirit legacy Updated on April 26, 2022
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Runes: snowballing early

1 2 3
Dark Harvest
Taste of Blood
Zombie Ward
Treasure Hunter

Presence of Mind
Cut Down


always ignite Flash
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


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Champion Build Guide

[EUW] spirit legacy's grandmaster Brand Support Guide!

By spirit legacy
general lane advice
When laning try to only poke whenever you have your Support Item active ready. You can also try to poke when you're close to getting a Dark harvest stack. Efficent ways to poke are Q a minion into E, you can also W > E the minion but this way you'll push more and waste more mana. Try to get autoattacks inbetween to get a Presence of Mind proc. A very good way to engage in the lane is W>E the minions and hit the enemy, if you're at their tower you can W > E and if your E hit both of them and they're in the middle of the wave you can R to get an easy double passive proc. Apply pressure in the Lane by walking up, and dont randomly throw your Q. Your Stun is your biggest pressure point in the lane so try holding it as long as possible. Since you're always very aggressive pay attention to the enemy jungler as often as possible. Keep your lane warded when pushing and If your jungler is botside you can also invade with him to deep ward.
How to Teamfight
If you're a kda player IMMEDITELY drop playing Brand. (Jokes aside) You're playing the Teamfight to die. Your engage is very powerful and if you can get a really good engage to die then take it. I personally love to flash into the enemy team to release my whole combo > zhonya and waiting for my team to react on my play. You have tons of damage that's easily applied to all 5 enemy players.
Why no demonic Embrace?
Everywhere you'll see Brand guides/ players baiting you into thinking you should always buy Demonic Embrace for the Tripple Dot dmg. The Issue with demonic Embrace is that Dmg isnt everything. Sure it's lovely for your damage but you dont need it. same reason you dont buy Dcap. You have enough base dmg with just liandries. The Value of either Anti healing / Zhonya / Rylas is always better. Remember, Utility > raw Dmg.
Why do you rush Rylas first in most games?
Personally I play Brand to be a annoying engage / utility bot. I don't care about my stats etc. and I just want to be useful for my team. Having Rylas makes it easy for your Team to catch your enemy / hit spells on them. Having Zhonya's is very nice for baiting enemys spells/triggering a bad engage from the enemy and turn it into a wonderful engage for your own Team. For example you can position yourself horribly, bait out an enemy engage, zhonya > counter it with your own spells. Having Anti Healing is another Huge factor. If you'd have to think about either getting Anti Healing or Demonic you should ALWAYS get Anti healing. In every game there's alot of healing nowadays and as I mentioned before, you don't need more dmg.
League of Legends Build Guide Author spirit legacy
spirit legacy Brand Guide
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[EUW] spirit legacy's grandmaster Brand Support Guide!

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