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Evelynn Build Guide by Cidartha

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Cidartha

Evelynn AD Comeback Build

Cidartha Last updated on May 29, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello and welcome to my Evelynn gu--no no come back please! I'm not trolling I swear!

That's right ladies and gentlemen of the League, she's making a comeback.

Alright, the purpose of this guide is to show that Evelynn isn't quite as underpowered as she's made out to be. Now, you all probably know the common arguments for and against her so I'm not going to bother with that. Instead, I'll focus on how my build works and why you should give it a try.

Without going in-depth into the build yet, I'll say that AD Eve is (in my opinion) the way to go for various reasons. Now I guess I should add a bit of a disclaimer here: Eve is only good with a good team. If your team sucks and can't recognize when and how to fight, you will get steamrolled by almost anyone. In addition, it's pretty difficult to play against tanky people in lane. But not impossible. This doesn't really change if you're playing AD or Hybrid Eve instead. I've played all four ways with her (AD lane, AP lane, Hybrid lane, and jungle) and settled on AD lane. That's all I'm going to talk about here because I think it's basically the only viable option.

Guide Music:

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Pros and Cons

High Burst Damage
Stealthy & Scary
Walking Ward
She's into kinky stuff
Way better than Twitch

Squishy as heeeeeeeeeelll
Voice sounds distinctly Arachnid-like..hmm
Terrible Skins
Considered to be the worst champ
People think you be trollin' (maybe you are)

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I go with basic armor Seals x 9

and magic resist Glyphs x 9

reserving my Marks for crit chance x 9

However, this is, as usual, totally up for personal interpretation. Some people might find that early AD helps more to ensure kills, or a greater focus on armor/MR will allow you more freedom when it comes to risky initiations and such.
My quints are for a little added exp x 3

because anyone who has played Eve should know that she almost always ends up two or even more levels behind the rest of the team.

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There are two ways you could go with this: either all out defense or all out offense. I opted for the latter. The situations where you would need defense are ones you shouldn't be getting in.

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Starting off building straight into Phantom Dancer, no mucking around with doran's blades and such, and grab a Health Potion for good luck; you're gonna need it.

From there, Boots of Speed / Boots of Mobility are a good option, but the next three items are largely interchangeable and depend on your situation.

If you are roaming a lot, boots are helpful. If you feel like you need a little more damage then Zeal is for you. Either way, you get some movement speed.

In my updated build, I begin building Infinity Edge before finishing Phantom Dancer, for extra early game damage. If you can't afford to do so, simply continue to the next step, buying either Cloak of Agility or Dagger.

Now we finish off Phantom Dancer and move on to bigger and better things. You'll likely get here anywhere between 20-30 min into the game, depending on your kills.

So, if you even make it this far, your next stop is infinity city ( Infinity Edge) cause we need that huge damage. However, if you find that you just cannot gather 3830 gold but it's your damage and you need it NOW, Guinsoo's Rageblade is a cheaper and effective bridge that may guarantee you the kills (and therefore gold) that you need to continue the build. (Suggestion credit to Creep)

Personally I like to get a little lifesteal after this so I go with The Bloodthirster, but oftentimes the game is already over at this point.

If it does go for a while, though, you need to work on not dying a lot in late game. For that reason, Frozen Mallet and Atma's Impaler are a good combination. For your sake I hope the game doesn't go this long.

I am suggested to build Trinity Force late game (selling Atma's), assuming you have the gold and the game has gone for something like 50+ minutes. (Credit to TheZag)

The bonuses are greater than those given by Atma's Impaler alone, but also come at a cost. The slow from Trinity Force is useless, and the AD bonus is smaller. However, the AP and extra movement speed are useful for roaming while Sheen's ability helps for added nuke damage.

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Skill Sequence

Time to talk about skillllsss.

This ability is interesting but ultimately useless for AD Eve. It does very small AP based damage and destroys your mana before you even realize it. Don't bother with this.

The most important ability you have. This is what makes Eve...Eve. Three second slow isn't amazing, but it's definitely better than nothing.

Huge damage nuke. Yes, it scales with AP, but I use it more for it's other effects: reduction of armor and MR. Very helpful.

For AD this ult is a beautiful thing. At rank 3, the Attack Speed boost is a whopping 75% and the Movement boost 30%. Plus it's free, has a relatively short cooldown, refreshes when you get a kill/assist, AND if that wasn't enough it heals you on a kill/assist. You know, it's pretty good or whatever...

Criticize me all you want for only getting two of my three skills, but honestly her is completely useless for an AD build and I don't bother with it.

For that reason, I basically just alternate between and , while picking up her when I can.

Her ult, by the way, is a lot more powerful for AD than for AP builds. That 75% attack bonus is going to make you very happy late game. Also, it's FREE and resets when someone dies. Spam that sucker in team fights.

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Summoner Spells

is a personal favorite of mine for a few reasons. Because I don't pick up , I'm essentially a one trick pony as far as nuke damage (not that Hate Spike would help at all).

Popping out of nowhere with AND feels a lot scarier than with just , and it stops them from healing while they try to run away.

is hit-or-miss, but it's saved my butt more times than I can count. However, if you have a suitable replacement or even want to use something else that is useful, like , then by all means go for it.

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Videos and Screencaps

I gave recording a shot and ended up with 117 GB of video from just one match. I'm going to present you with just the highlights here and hopefully I can update this section regularly with new stuff.

Good start to the game with Jax picking up a kill:

You can see I used a simple trick when going invisible that made Yi a lot more confident than he would have been before.

Almost get Fiddlesticks:

Oops. Learn from my mistakes...

Time to redeem myself. Another kill for Jax and I try to harass mid again:

And then the rest:

Final Scores:

All in all not the perfect game, but not bad either.

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Summary of Gameplay (AKA Wall of Text)

This is a lot to read, I know. Please comment about the build or rate even if you don't make it through this. I need CC people!

Let's start with early game. As AD Eve you can either act as a sort of support for a bot Carry or your solo top player. It doesn't matter too much but keep in mind that you're going to basically force them to solo that lane so they need to be able to do so. Your job is simply to be a wild card in your early fights. If your carry gets attacked, you should be right behind the enemy, invisible, ready to strike. You may wish to wait a moment for two reasons: 1) their health will be lower when you attack and when they try to run and 2) they will feel safer than they actually are. Of course, this all depends on how much HP your teammate has and such, so that's up to your discretion. When you aren't setting up these mini-ganks, you should be out of sight and out of mind. Make them forget you're even there, so they will be even more surprised when you suddenly appear right behind them. Now this is where I'm going to get people yelling at me. Generally, my advice is this: If they are anywhere near you, don't bother farming. Unless you really need to, you shouldn't be farming a whole lot until mid to late game. Most of my Eve wins end up with a CS around 30 or less. It's more important to be unseen than it is to become super powerful.

This is where most Eve players fall off, in my opinion. They try to farm and fail. Eve just isn't good at it, and until they change her she won't be. Many players think they need to farm so much they miss out on a lot of great chances to gank and therefore become useless later (especially when they die trying to out-farm someone much better at it). Your main source of gold is from player kills, not CS. Basically from level 2 onward you should be roaming if you get decent opportunities. Morgana pushed a little too far mid and got hit by the tower? Time to gank. Xin dived, killed your teammate, and got away with 50 hp? Time to gank.

That's you, the cleanup crew.

Mid game Eve is pretty similar, but you're going to be constantly roaming and ever watchful. Keep an eye on what everyone is doing at all times, and move unseen. Stop to wait for Shadow Walks to cooldown in bushes when you need to, then keep going. If you decide to farm, do so discretely. If you even get a weird itch on your butt, pop Shadow Walk and get out. The last thing you want is to get ganked. For one, it's ironic, and two, you'll go down faster than your mom last night (ooohh). Remember that towers have true-sight, so stay back and never tower dive unless you really, really, really want to (die). Now it's pretty likely at this point, assuming you're against a team who is half-way competent, that they'll either start dropping pink wards or buying oracles. If you ever think that one lane has dropped a ward, note the time and move to a different lane. Come back in three minutes when they're nice and cozy and get them back. If they buy oracle....well lets just say you have your target. That person has just made themselves threat numero uno, and you should let your team know that. You want him to have wasted 400 gold. If you see that they are dropping a lot of pink wards, you do have options. Buy your own oracle! Pink wards give 25 gold to whoever kills them, and just like that you've turned their wards against them.

Late game is a tough time for Eve, but I firmly believe that while AP Eve falls off late game and sucks, AD Eve still has a lot of power. This power is now simply directed elsewhere: at their squishy carries in the back of the team fights. This is probably a good time to mention that Eve is not exactly 'good' in team fights for obvious reasons. Please refrain from initiating against more than two of them as you will get focused down so fast your head will spin. So when they come charging down middle with Garen in front, you need to worry more about that Ashe hiding in the back. Chances are you can bust in there and do some serious damage (or get the kill) then run away while your team deals with the front line. Unfortunately, as you're not really participating, this still leaves your team fight at 4v4 so you're going to have to put a lot of trust in your team.

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Extra Stuff

I figured I should probably mention a few things about my own experience with Eve. First of all, I've only been playing her a short while. I avoided her at all costs until recently when I gave her a shot on a lower level account. Since then, I have had great amounts of fun with her and decided to make this guide in an attempt to prove her worth to the LoL community. To that effort, I will soon see whether I succeeded.

Truly, I would like to see Eve be more than a troll character who ruins games with her bad reputation. Statistically, she is the worst played champion and has a higher loss percentage than any other in the League. After playing her I see that this is only because no one really knows how to play her. They just complain about how underpowered she is and never try to get to know her.

So that's my goal. I hope you will give her a try now.

If this guide sees the light of day, I'll try updating it with new info and helpful advice when I have the time. If you have something to say, criticism is welcomed. Thank you for reading!


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Major Changes

-Item build order has been re-arranged, added Trinity Force for longer games. (unknown)
-Item commentary changed to incorporate Guinsoo's Rageblade. (5/29)
-Added new section for videos and screencaps. (5/29)