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Darius Build Guide by A_Horny_Cyclist

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author A_Horny_Cyclist

EVENTUALLY: how to win as Darius even in late game.

A_Horny_Cyclist Last updated on November 17, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



Offense: 9


Defense: 21

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Hello there, and nice to meet you. I decided to play Darius the other day, and noticed many people were having lots of fun with his destructive early and mid game but found, like many large damage early game champs, that he fell off late game. I feel like i have found a way to still have a good early game, but also have a great late game.

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The first thing your going to notice about the runes is that something doesnt quite seem right...and i know what your thinking. Why would you get Quints of regen? Well ill tell you why! I own quints of regen, so thats what i used. Im a cheap bastard and dont want to buy other quints, so you must suffer. As for the seals, flat armor seals are great for top lane, or bot lane if you so choose, since most are ad. They are also great for getting that extra auto attack in when death charging a turret lvl 1. As for the marks of strength, i figure its ok to have 43 of them as long as you dont have any glyphs.

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Now before you think im just flat out trolling you with these masteries here me out. I am.

Now before i burn dog you again listen up, your a tanky ad, so get tanky ad masteries. Does Darius look like a coke adict? No, hes huge, and cuts people in half, so give him 21 in the defence tree, and 9 in the offense tree. Like seriously, he has legs like cantalopes, he reminds me of the original tarzan cartoon. Only hes one of the Apes.

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Actually playing the champ

I could see how playing this champion could see complex and wonderous, so i've made it as simple as possible, just put every level into your r, auto attack someone maybe twice, then click it on their head. You will then fly at them no matter how far away they are, and slice them in half. If you find attacking them first too difficult, try just sitting in spawn and waiting for an ally to do it for you, then simply just hitting r, as long as you believe hard enough your goals will be achieved. GOOD LUCK

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Team Work

After about 5 minutes of constant ksing your team will likely get pissed and tell you to stop, just inform them if they dont want to be ks'd they shouldnt touch anyone within your ult range. Or when you have tp up. Or ghost. Actually it might be safer just to tell them to afk because you dont really need them anyways. If they dont want two simply split them in two, and since we all live in the matrix, it will happen in real life too.

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The first thing you should look at, and probably the most important part of this build, is the items. Now your going to want to start off with boots 3 pot, I dont want to EVER see you try and pull off that dorans shield/blade ******** or I will ****ing find you and cut out your eyes, and place them in your rectum so you can see the **** your building. Next depending on your farm, or if you have a lot of cc in your lane, your either going to finish either your boots or your phage. Next grab a heart of gold, health is always greeat on him, and the extra gold gonna help a brotha out HOLLA HOLLA GET DOLLA! Next just procede to grab all of the parts of a triforce. This is probably the second best item in the game on him, it gives you health, damage, a slow on your auto attacks, attack speed, the sheen passive is great with your w and q everything about it makes me want to do some bath salts and naw a guys face off. Next turn your heart of gold into a Randuins...dont ***** and moan just do it. You can then grab a blood thirster if your doing well, or go for a maw if the enemy ap is being a pleb. You should have enough health now to grab a Atmas, and I dont know who put a sunfire cape there i swear to god it wasnt me, but its in the build so buy it. Now you should be in late game, so your going to want to sell everythign but your bloodthirster, and Atmas, and buy 4 warmogs. Now you slowly walk into the enemy team while screaming EVENTUALLY over and over in all chat, as you slowly (BUT SHIRLY!) kill each and every one of them.

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Pros / Cons

Hes very profficient at walking into a team fight, and ending all life in a ten mile radius. The only problem is sometimes when im in a team fight my pointer finger i use to press r with gets tired. I feel like im fingering an old asian lady whos had a lot of men and doesnt really feel much down there any more. I mean shes not really into it, and she looks like shes ready to go to sleep even though im really going at it, like i really dont feel like she has to work at all to get this, and you feel kinda gross afterwords. The same goes for Darius, only less work, and less asian lady. Actually not at all asian lady. Yah.

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Wont my team get mad?

If your team tries to talk **** to you after you buy 4 warmogs, and are the slowest mutha ****a ever to crawl out of a womb. Just inform them that you have 43 marks of strength, so you clearly know what your doing. Also you have TP and ghost, so its ok if your slow.

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Doesnt pentaing get old?

After you've 1v5'd their entire team for the 19th time your going to start getting bored, I'd suggest trolling your team but they're already all afk. At this point just start trying to mix it up, maybe focus the tankiest people first, or bring baron in to help the enemy team. But once you've had your fun, walk into the enemy fountain, and push the spawn turret. You will then turn into a lobster, and money will shoot from your computer. Rejoice with your mighty lobster claw, waddle side to side, then relize your a ****ing lobster and kill yourself.