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Fiddlesticks Build Guide by Eversor2k

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Eversor2k

Eversors Jungle Fiddle

Eversor2k Last updated on August 24, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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In this guide i will be explaining how to jungle well in a 5v5. This method is how i play fiddle and as a result fiddle has become one of my favorite junglers.

Overtime i have seen many fiddles trying to jungle but failing miserably. Even when they're on the opposite team i occasionally try to hand out some helpful advise. So i thought id try reach out to as many people as i can.
If u land your ultimate correctly, even against tanks you will be dealing a ton of damage whilst the squishies do not stand a chance.

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Greater Mark of Magic Penetration x9
Greater Seal of Ability Power x9
Greater Glyph of Scaling Ability Power x9
Greater Quintessence of Ability Power x3

I have played with many different runes but overtime i have found these ones to give an amazing damage output and it is very rare i do not get fed.

The runes speak for themselves, a ton of ability power means a lot of health regeneration from your drains, easy and safe jungle and still allows you to gank with crazy damage.

A lot of people like to grab mana regeneration runes but i find that if you control the blue buff well, you do not need them.

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For masteries i go 9/0/21.

A lot of the masteries speak for themselves.

The Offensive Tree
Archmage's Savvy and Smite are the only 2 in the first row even relevant to you.
In the next two lines Sorcery and Archaic Knowledge allow for faster drains and more damage when it comes to the ganks.

The Utility Tree
Perseverence is not great but it is the most useful out of the 4 options unless you plan on dying a lot.
Put 1 point in Good Hands as you do not have Ghost or Teleport.
Awareness is an obvious choice as you will not level up fast enough and at the correct times without it.
Greed , Meditation and Utility Mastery . Utility Mastery is the most important of the 3 as you want blue buff on you as much as you can.
As you continue down the tree, Blink of an Eye and Presence of the Master allow for your Flash to be up a lot as you are going to use it often and can mean the difference between no kills and a double kill during a gank.

This set up allows you too use Flash along side your ultimate as much as possible, allowing for easy precision ganks. Also, by late game the cooldowns on your drain are less than the actually drain timer, so in a lot of cases if they do not CC or Ignite you, by tossing silences and fears around you are invincible.

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The build order is very dependent on how you are doing, if you are getting crazy fed really fast keep the ball rolling and rush a Rabadon's Deathcap.

The combination of Hextech Revolver and Spirit Visage make your drain heal for a lot. In most cases it will take 2 - 3 people to out DPS your heals if they do not keep you under CC. I myself have managed to 1v3 people from full hp with great ease. However, Spirit Visage is not always necessary and you may find yourself rarely getting it.

Being fiddlesticks, a lot of the time the enemy team will try to unload everything on you to kill you, as you can easily cause an ace. Zhonya's Hourglass is very good to soak up some of this punishment. It can also buy you time as you wait for cooldowns to come up if you are struggling to kill somebody.

If you find that the opposite team are getting quite strong you might want to consider getting a Frozen Heart and a Banshee's Veil. It is really up too you, judge how the game is going and calculate which items should be kept and which should be replaced.

If you start getting very confident and find you are consistently getting high scores, you might want to throw in a Mejai's Soulstealer somewhere. By this stage i am sure you will be a confident fiddle jungler and will be tweaking this build to suit yourself.

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Skill Sequence

Skill Overview
Terrify - This ability is great for many scenarios, you can trap people in your ultimate, you can stop people running away giving a team mate an easy kill, it can keep an enemy in your drain longer. It can keep somebody off you if you encounter more than one person at once.

Drain - If fed, this ability will make you a god, if they do not CC correctly, you cannot die, combining this with the rest of your abilities makes you a hard target to take down.

Dark Wind - This ability is great to jungle faster, bouncing it off the minion with the highest hp allows it to bounce more.
Also, if 2 enemy champions are next to each other, bouncing it off of both of them can cause a massive amount of damage. If they are low enough, you can score yourself an easy double kill. (Sometimes triple kills if you get a lucky opportunity.)

Crowstorm - This is basically your IWIN Button. The best way to use it is over walls, out of bushes and try to land as on top of the enemy as you can. When you initiate with this, majority of the time the enemy is too shocked at how fast they are dying, and don't even react, however you will get the few who flash and run for their lives.

Maxing out Drain first is a no brainer, however the dilemma lies within your fear and your silence. The choice is either more damage and a silence Dark Wind or longer CC Terrify. I prefer to max out my crows second as the damage off of them can get too good to pass on. When enemy champions cluster together, a Dark Windcan deal massive amounts of damage as it bounces between them. So to max out Terrify or Dark Wind is pretty much a personal preference, each has its pros and cons. Experiment with both and see which you prefer.

Too maximize fiddlestick's potential, you must time and use all of these abilities together. When jumping over a wall or out of a bush, pick the target that is most likely to run and fear him under it. You want to throw a Dark Wind out and start draining the target with the most hp as this gives you a better chance for a double kill.
However, you will have to use already existing experience to judge who to fear and drain depending on their hp and magic resist. If you feel a tank will get away even if you blow everything on him, settle for just the 1 kill and carry on with your jungle.

REMEMBER - Use Flash for more precise placements of your ultimate, a good ultimate and Flash can be the difference between no kills / single kill and a multi kill.

Every time your ultimate is up, look for a gank. If fed enough, it is possible to ultimate them under their own tower, as drain will usually out heal the towers damage. But be careful as this can sometimes backfire, pick your fights wisely!

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Summoner Spells

Here it is a very simple choice.

- For obvious reasons, this increases your jungle speed a lot, also the extra 5g per cast is a fairly ok bonus.

- This is great to combine with your ultimate, as i have explained, you can cover great distances and allows for a more precise initiation.

Do not save it for your ultimate if you have the potential to kill somebody anyway with a simple Flash - Terrify - Drain. If it will get you a kill, use it.

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Creeping / Jungling

Jungle Path #1
This is the path i take and find it is the best. However, it is very open to a gank, get your mid to keep an eye on the small bush in the river just incase. If they have Clairvoyance, do not stand next to the golem, wait until the last 10 seconds then move in, if they Clairvoyance it and see you stood there, it will just confirm that you are starting there, and they will come get you.

Get mid to leash blue buff, pop a pot and Drain away, smiting when its low.
Next target is wolves, throw a Dark Wind and begin draining the big wolf, auto attack and when Dark Wind is off cool down again, use it on the wolf with the most hp, getting the most out of the bouncing.

Head to wraiths and fire Dark Wind at the big wrath and Drain it down, continue to kill the rest and move on to red buff.

By now you will have 2 points in Drain and 1 in Dark Wind. Toss a Dark Wind and Spam Drain the red buff, your Smite should be off cool down thanks to your masteries.

Once dead, head to the 2 golems, kill them as quick as you can with your basic rotation ( Dark Wind - Drain spam).

Check out the lane in line with the golems (depending which team you are on) if they are overextended and low on hp, whilst your team mate is still pretty healthy, tell him and go in for a kill pinging your main focus. If not and they don't have a jungle, take their blue, if they do, recall, grab Boots of Speed and head to wolves for another sweep.

Once you are 6, always be checking the lanes and go for the ganks as much as you can.

REMEMBER - Fiddle can easily solo dragon, so if you have the chance, grab it. Later in the game when you have a good portion of your build, you can even solo baron with blue buff if the time feels right. I've soloed baron many times, and the enemy team hardly ever expect it to happen.


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Team Work

Talk to your team, get a leash on blue and ask your lanes to not push too hard, this will allow you to come in for ganks easier.

WARDS, WARDS, WARDS. The most important thing you can buy if they have a jungler. This is a given and should not have to be said, but at no point is a ward useless. 75g can give your team hundreds if you are able to catch them out.

If your team is pushing too much, ask them to ease up, it is very hard to gank when the enemy is under their own tower, especially at lower levels. If they will not listen and refuse to back off, just farm the jungle as much and as fast as you can until you are given an opportunity.

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A big part of fiddlesticks is knowing the best locations to ultimate from. Study the playing field and get a good feel for where the best places would be. The idea is that you want to get as close as you can without a flash.

If the enemy team does not have a jungler, try steal their blue as much as you can, more time with blue buff the better. But watch the map, if they look like they might be near their blue, be safe and leave it for later.

If they do have a jungler, counter with wards, and tell your team to get wards. This will make their jungler useless.

If you know for sure where their jungler is, you can always pop in for a visit and kill him. Later levels, it is quite easy to take them out as they try to get a buff, but this will expose you too a gank if their team responds fast enough.

Good luck and carry your team like a champ!

If anybody has any suggestions, throw them in the comments, ill try it out a couple of times and edit the guide if i agree. But this is a pretty solid build and you should do very well.