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Ezreal Build Guide by RanDoMEz

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author RanDoMEz

Ezreal AD/Hybrid -SEA

RanDoMEz Last updated on September 29, 2011
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Hybrid Ezreal


AD Ezreal

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As you may have seen, This guide is Hybrid/AD Ezreal
SEA stands from South East Asian. That is somewhere below China.
I play on the SG/MY (Singaporean/Malaysian server)

Ok. Enough of introductions
Time to go straight into the guide

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Pros and Cons

Like every other Champion, Ezreal has his pros and cons.

Long range Poke
Amazing Passive
Free blink
Global Ulti
Insanely fun to play(all skill-shots)
Great dance... .etc (Aesthetically pleasing)

Squishy(expected of a carry)
Easily focussed if his E is down
Victim of cyber-bullying.
Insanely frustrating to play(All Skill-shots)

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Hybrid Ezreal

With Hybrid Ezreal, your Ultimate's damage is insane, and your Q is still decent. This gives you a more consistent dmg output overall, and your ulti will still be pain against their squishies late game.

So basically, as you already should know, there are only 3 true hybrid items in the game.
1. Trinity Force
2. Hextech Gunblade
3. Guinsoo's Rageblade

I always start with Doran's blade, because it gives me
2.100hp (thats alot early game)

It allows me to be more aggressive in lane
Mystic shot Applies lifesteal too <3 So if u are low on hp and auto attacks too slow, mystic shot to heal ur hp :)

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AD Ezreal

AD Ezreal relies on being able to deal dmg with his autoattacks, abusing his amazing passive. I used to play AD Ezreal, but I realised his Ulti becomes lackluster late game :( So I switched to Hybrid Ezreal and Im doing quite well :)

Anyways, Sheen is amazing with this build cos it doubles your dmg after a spell is cast, and with Ezreal, thats like, Every 2 seconds. Thats like, double dmg almost permenantly.

With AD Ezreal u wont get spell vamp with ur hextech so to make up for that u need Lifesteal, aka Bloodthirster/Wriggles Lantern.

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I take:
ArP Marks
Mana Regen/5 Seals
Flat CDR Glyphs
ArP Quints

Armor Penetration: Always good, stacks with your already insane damage.
Mana Regen: Solves all your mid game mana problems, not needed if its premade and ur jungler keeps giving u blue buff
CDR: Well, Its good on any champion. You can swap these expensive runes for Magic Resist if needed.
ArP Quints: Moar. WE WANT MOAR. ArP. Always good.

Alternative runes: Haruhiist (best Ezreal on SEA server) runs a mix of flat AD and ArP marks. It gives him that little boost early game.

Dodge Seals are viable too, but I feel that clarity is cheaper and needed more (I spam Q in lane)

Glyphs: As mentioned, Celerity and/or Shielding glyphs are welcome too.

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Summoner Spells

I always run and on Ezreal.
Flash. 1 blink aint enuf, expecially if u use ur E to chase, and get caught.
Flash has saved my A$$ countless times. its like TF with teleport :P 2 blinks? and u cant touch this.~|

Exhuast is not needed if other teammates have them, but I run it on Ezreal ESPECIALLY if there is a opponent champ that can easily just dash towards u. (E.g. Xin Zhao, Irelia, Jax, Tryndamedre) Exhaust is awesome for 1v1 fights against these heroes.

Other Spells people take include
(for chasing/escaping/mobility)
(for early 1st blood)
(to aim ulti)
(Get back to lane quick)
(cos U HATE CC)
may be needed for beginners :)

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Skill Sequence

With Every Ezreal, R > Q > E > W

Standard thing to do :) Ulti, then ur nuke, then ur blink, then ur attack speed boost

Note: W shld be taken at least once before lvl 11. thats when everyone starts pushing, and U will just be speeding up the process for ur team with W.

Ive seen guides where Ezreal just becomes a support hero, with R > Q > W/E This is for some pushing tactic, which, IMO is viable, cos pushing wins games xD

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Ezreal needs two important things. TriForce, and A form of sustainability. for Hybrid, its Hextech(Spell Vamp) and for AD, its Bloodthirster/Wriggles.

Hybrid Ezreal: As mentioned, I always start with Doran's blade.
On my first trip to base, I usually build at least half a Sheen and Boots.
Next trip back, Sheen + Phage

Hextech Revolver shld be taken around here. This gives u the ability to heal up from the neutral creeps/opponents if needed.

Complete TriForce,
Complete Hextech Gunblade (Its Active is amazing)
Complete Banshee's Veil

As a last item U shld take Madred's but if you are getting focussed abit too fast in teamfights, get Guardian Angel. Its so obvious Aura just makes u reluctant to be targeted, cos u will just spawn again xD And if u do die and getting revived, make sure u are near a wall to use ur E the moment u spawn. :)

AD Ezreal: Basically its Doran's Blade (YES, AGAIN)
And Sheen (Cos its just too awesome on Ezreal, dun u juz luv his glowing hands <3?)
This time, we go for CDR, aka the 1337 brutalizer,
and lifesteal, Vamp Sceptre--> Bloodthirster
Again, we build a Banshee's Veil from Catalyst,
Complete our TriForce, Cos Phage is great too :)
and if u are raping everyone left right center and some duo troll on the other side refuses to surrendur, Consider getting a YMG/IE to finish the game off. Makes it faster.

Ofc, IF they have some fat Jax that is so tank, Do rush a Madred's Bloodrazor xD

Note: Boots: I usually buy Zerk cos its cheap, but CC heavy teams, take Merc Threads, and if u just need more spam, Ionian is great on Ezreal too :)

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Creeping / Jungling

Jungle Ezreal... is Dangerous. I had an obsession with it ( I was trolling my friends) for awhile. U need a good leash on Blue and after that u go with the usual jungle route. But ganking is amazing for Ezreal cos u can appear outa nowhere :O Do try it, just not in ranked games xD

It's dangerous because it keeps u at less than 1/2 hp almost all the time. So it's slow cos u need to regen hp.

Note: At level 1 u can take on double golems without smite, but u have to not tanking them.(lead them out, to te max. Your mystic shot will make them come back again. It's DMG is too high for the golems to ignore.

In this build U rush wriggles, then your Sheen and Phage, ignore Bloodthirster cos U already have Lifesteal.

P.S. I win ranked games with Jungle Ezreal @ damn low elo :)

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Team Work

Ezreal, as a carry, goes bot (No ****).

Amazing laning partners are
Singed (Thanks to Rachet for this, his singed is amazing)
Anybody with a stun on demand(E.g. Pantheon)
Or a support with mana regen/hp regen, as this allows u to exchange blows and come up tops :) (Taric)

Oh right. As we talk about potential partners..
We must take note of potential enemies.

This includes anybody with a dash :/
For Example, , , and

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WEll as we all know a guide has to work :)

So here's some proof. I didnt play Ezreal consistently. But there's something I wanna highlight... WEll
Look @ the pics.
There is a game which was really different.

Sorry about the ****py formatting, this is my only guide on moba xD

Anyways u might c that I usually have triForce, cept the last game. U shld understand why i rushed madreds. I was against a tanky team, and I always got focussed by Annie in teamfights. So I bought Hexdrinker. Yea, That was what i wanted to bring up. Hexdrinker. Great item against those annoying AP :)

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Thats all I have, Sorry for the lack of photos, (Someone pls tell me how to add photos)

And Thanks for reading that wall of text separated into bits <3

Thanks all, and I hope this guide/build helps u win games :)

Enjoy this last montage! Sniper Ezreal from hell! Not by me xD