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Ezreal Build Guide by Adreon

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Adreon

Ezreal Insane Burst Damage/Life Steal

Adreon Last updated on September 13, 2011
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This build will give u a very high attack damage and life steal making u basicaly hard to die since u will have a life steal of about over 60% the 2 bloodthirsters are very important to ezreal make sure to farm up the bonuses on those. The blue buff is also important to him late game.

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i Take armour penetration marks,5 seals of fortitude and 4 seals of resilience giving ezreal some health and armour,then 9 glyphs of focus for CD reduction and my quintessences are armour penetration which are the Desolation ones.

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I take 21/0/9 masteries just look above for it pretty easy to understand.

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Items are pretty simple start with boots of speed and 3 health pots wen u get back buy a dorans blade and if can get yur BF sword which will make u do very decent damage early game after that start working on your wriggles lantern which i think is just key to ezreal xD. After that get yur bloodthirster finished then start on another blood thirster so u have 2 (in between getting yur bloodthirsters get berserker greaves) after that feel free to get a sheen BF sword for more damage a trinity force turn into later if u get a chance or a infinity edge if possible but probably never needed.

These bloodthirsters and wriggles lantern will give u incredible life steal getting yur health back UBER FAST!

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Skill Sequence

nothing much to say here if u kno how to play ezreal and are good at lining his skill shots then not much but if u suck at using skill shots then its hopeless for u lol.

Anyway i get mystic shot first (obviously) max it out first then really just follow that skill sequence up above but anyway how i start out about to kill someone i attack them first with arcane shift then quickly get that mystic shot and essence flux hit and which shud give u 3 stacks of his passive and really after that it takes like a second for them to die due to very fast attack speed and really high damage then yur ult can be used too if needed (which is usually the case)

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Summoner Spells

Take FLASH AND IGNITE dont bother taking clairvoyance its quite useless most of the time flash and ignite will help much more early game. Tho keep map awareness for people who are recalling near turret at low health if u are lucky u can snipe em.

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Pros / Cons

CONS-Squishy,u might be targeted a lot,Mana burns real fast (unless u get yur blue buff which then makes u godlike) other then its fine
PROS-Amazing Damage,Amazing Life Steal getting yur health back ASAP,Once u get blue buff u are godlike

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Creeping / Jungling

IMPORTANT - last hits are crucial for ezreal if u dont get those last hit bonus gold then u arent a good player with ezreal at all they are very important early game.

Jungling the most important buff for ezreal is BLUE BUFF make sure to be on the look out for that buff.

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Team Work

tbh ezreal cant do much team work with people but if yur ever laning with someone make sure they make u get the last hits. Really the only thing that cud barely help is essence flux lowering the enemies attack speed.

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Unique Skills

This builds UNIQUENSS is faaar different from others due to just out right damage and life steal u might think it wont work as well but it will work i swear. other ezreal builds get madreds bloodrazor and manamune sometimes yea that is OK but it as good as this build trust me.

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pretty easy how to understand just get those last hits on the minions for the bonus gold and farm some jungling minions too. Farming those extra damage and life steal on the bloodthirsters are also a very good thing to do once u enter a battle so farm every way u can to get them buffed up

and of course the BLUE BUFF.

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well that pretty much sums it up for wat to do and how to use this build

RUNES- just to say some things sometimes i just go flat out health seals instead of half and half armor and health and sometimes its ok to get crit chance marks and quintessences but i still prefer the armor penetration

SPELLS- sometimes i do use flash and exhaust (depends on wat mood im in xD)

Then get elixirs wen u feel like a boss

If u are goin against AP alot i guess i cud suggest some kind of magic resist in there so build a force of nature in between there IF REALLY NEEDED.