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Braum Build Guide by Toleration

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Toleration

Face Smashing Braum

Toleration Last updated on January 16, 2017
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Table of Contents
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Why does this work?

Braum has a nice passive activated by a basic attack or his Q <Winter's Bite). What happens is after 4 auto attacks the champion will be stunned for x amount of time depending on level. After that happens each auto has added 32+ (8* level) magic damage. So the more attack speed the more damage! Bork and wits end is perfect to compliment this because they are on hit items that deal bonus magic damage.

The items I strongly suggest always geting is BORK first! Then into wits end. After bork your 1v1 potential should be pretty good depending on who you are laning against.

Wit's end is your next buy for the extra attack speed and on hit damage.

At this point you can decide what you would like to buy next. Is the enemy squishy? Get a shiv! Is he alittle tanky or have ap? Get a spirit visage it buffs your life steal and gives you mr and health. You could also get a deadmans plate or sunfire. Yet I haven't really needed to.

Next for fun I would get a hydra because who does like smashing peoples face in with a door and making the ground shake?

Hex drinker is a option aswell as first item if the enemy is ap.

For boots You have your choice of berserker graves or merc treads

Best of luck to you summoner
If you want to jungle Just make blood razer first item

His jungling is pretty good, you can w to a alley to gank or minion toss a q to slow and a sheild to stop attacks incoming also using your R to nock up the enemy.

May the luck of the rift be in your favor

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Pros / Cons

Pros: Amazing 1v1 potential except for early game teemos.
Very pleasing to smash things with a sheild
If ahead you can 3v1 easy
Cons: Can die easy to ganks early and can be bossed around