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League of Legends Build Guide Author muggy8

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muggy8 Last updated on February 23, 2011
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heads up

this is still an experimental build and by no means perfect. i made this build as i do see some flaws in my other builds. this is actually more of a cheat cheat for me but as it stands right now this is a better build than my previous builds due to nurfs they put on soul shroud and the fact that most randomly generated teams dont have any map awareness and dont buy wards at all and everyone end up dieing from ganks and lose in team fights due to the amount of feeding going on. as it stands now, if your with a well established team and everyone does their part in map awareness then go check out my previous sona builds ( ) or else i'd say this is the better way to go.
note: the goal of the build is to solve mana problems without using clarity as cheaply as possible so you can start on warding.

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Masteries: yes your a master now go take your PHD

not much to see here 9/0/21 looks pretty normal to me and i'm sure you'd agree taking both mana regen in the utility tree will help you keep your mana up

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Runes: Run ez run

ok so you ask what's the idea with the attack damage runes? the reason i take attack damage runes is because you need attack damage to farm. with the cost of your spells it is totally not worth it to use it to farm or do anything else for that matter till they're both at rank 3 so what do you do before you hit lv7? you auto attack. and these runes do help alot in last hitting minions with your auto attack. the mana regen marks are no brainers and the cooldown because i like to keep my ult up for team fights without having to go out of my way to buy cdr items

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Items: you are jungle sona?! almost? (left)

after running some tests tear and chalice is the easiest way to solve mana problems. so here it is. starting in the early game you'll have around 20 mana regen per 5 sec. you just sit tight and do what ever. after you build your tear and basic boots you should have a bit better time spasming. but really the items are self explanatory, they're really cheep and can be obtained easily. next up is the huge load of wards. when i ward i lock down the area around one of the 4 buffs and hope to contain the team fights in those zones.

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where to put wards

in addition to every brush on the map there are some other great places to put the wards. because you can ward across walls, it is very possible to ward baron/dragon safely. also warding inside their summoner base or warding outside your summoner base if your defending. but the extra sight really helps and especially if you do know that their anivia is out getting bule and their ashe getting red while their nunu is soloing dragon and there's only mord and ez sanding around harassing and pushing then you can safely walk in and eat them and then get out. or even better steal dragon because your teemo took tele to tele shrooms and you have a ward there for tele.

the white dots are the common places i ward and when i ward i mainly lock down on 1 quarter of the jungle where the majority of our team fights will be happening, win, push and back and buy wards to lock down another quarter of the jungle so we can team fights with ease. by no means do you ever ward the entire map.

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The end :(

well this is the end of my build. feel free do comment and vote. hopefully your team will have the much needed map awareness in the fights to come. and my last words is dont be afraid to buy 6 or even 9 wards the more the better as you will be the only one warding most of the time.