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Fiddlesticks Build Guide by OnlyWeiOut

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League of Legends Build Guide Author OnlyWeiOut

Fiddlesticks Jungle

OnlyWeiOut Last updated on February 21, 2014
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Fiddlesticks Build

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Fiddlesticks Playstyle

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Fiddlesticks Itemization

Starting Items

Hunter's Machete is a core item on most Junglers and Fiddlesticks is no exception. The item gives Fiddlesticks an extra 10% extra damage, which is an extra 30 damage on his Drain at level 1. However, the most significant reason Machete is purchased is because of its upgrade, Spirit Stone.

The Stealth Ward and Vision Ward are also very important as they give Fiddlesticks the ability to defend his Jungle or enter the enemies Jungle. Since Fiddlesticks does not need Health Potion due to the health regeneration from his Drain ability, Fiddlesticks can afford these two Wards.

The Sweeping Lens is the Trinket that works best with Fiddlesticks. It is very useful early game, as clearing enemy trinkets/wards helps him ganks better. More importantly though, the Sweeping Lens is even more clutch late game, when Fiddlesticks can make sure an area is ward-free before using Crowstorm.

First Back

As previously hinted, Spirit Stone, is actually very important to Fiddlesticks. The item allows Fiddlesticks to do 20% more damage, giving him a faster clear time. However, the real treasure that the Spirit Stone holds is the ability to restore 8% Health and 4% Mana based on damaged done to Monsters. This essentially means that Drain heals for an additional 28.8/43.2/57.6/72/86.4 Health and 14.4/21.6/28.8/36/43.2 Mana per full duration cast on monsters. *Eventually, you will sell the Spirit Stone for 490 Gold, meaning it only cost 210 Gold for a great Jungling experience.

Sorcerer's Shoes gives Fiddlesticks 45 Movement Speed boost and an additional 15 Magic Penetration. Really nothing else but out of all the boots, these are the best for Fiddlesticks.

Core Items

Zhonya's Hourglass is core on Fiddlesticks for the obvious reason that if you activate Zhonya's after you ult, you will be immune to all damage while you melt away your enemies. Should pretty much always be the first AP item you complete, without an exception.

Rylai's Crystal Scepter gives Drain a 35% slow and Crowstorm a 15% slow. This essentially allows Fiddlesticks to maximize the amount of damage done, since the enemy will have a harder time escaping it.

The Sightstone is probably something a lot of people don't build on Fiddlesticks but it is as essential an item as Zhonya's Hourglass. Let me give you some scenarios. Scenario #1: You place a Ward in the small Brush near Dragon / Baron . The enemy team walk into the brush, thinking they are safe. While they stand there grouping up, you ult into their entire team from out of sight, popping Zhonya's while they all try to escape. Scenario #2: Your team is pushing to the Purple Team's Inner Turret down mid lane. You are standing behind the trees, getting ready to ult them. Then, one of their teammates walks up from behind you and kill you. In scenario #1, you won because had vision of the enemy team. In scenario 2, you lost because you did not have vision of enemy team. If you had warded around you, you could've seen that enemy coming and prepared to gank that Champion with your team. Costing only 950 Gold, the value of the Vision is worth more than a 100 AP on Fiddlesticks, since with an additional 100 AP (which cost 2175 Gold), Crowstorm will only do an additionally 225 damage if you get off the full duration.

The Void Staff is the final item that completes the set. It does more damage per AP than Rabadon's Deathcap, despite being cheaper. Fiddlesticks base damage on abilities are much stronger than the AP Ratio, hence Magic Penetration is much stronger.