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Olaf Build Guide by SirScarekrow

Jungle Finally, some fun! - A beginners guide to Olaf Jungle (8.20)

By SirScarekrow | Updated on June 30, 2019
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Who is Scarekrow?

Hi everyone, I'm Sir Scarekrow, and this is my Olaf Guide. I have been playing Olaf for three season now, and not only am I mastery 7 with him but he helped me grind to Diamond last season, and to Diamond this season. He can be a very tanky champion, but lacks in hard CC. Season 7 has not been kind to Olaf but Season 8 has made him a go to Jungler/Top laner in the meta.
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Pros / Cons


+ Heavy Sustain
+ Tanky
+ Very Healthy clear
+ Attack speed steroid
+ Ult blocks all CC
Olaf has a lot of great things going on for him. Between Berserker Rage and Vicious Strikes he is near un-killable when ahead (and low health). Add in Ragnarok and he is the only front line you need. His early Armor, Health, and MR allow him to easily move through the jungle missing barely any health either. Undertow is the only CC he has and it is barely noticeable early at 29%, but later levels they will not be able to shake you off easily.


- Poor late-game
- No hard CC
- Peeled easy
- Ult is short lived
It may not seem like very much, but these four are keeping olaf out of the meta. With high mobility champs like Vayne, Olaf has no way of sticking to her, and get peeled off very. It is just that simple. If he also gets to late game any hyper carry with one beefy tank can make Olaf's life miserable.
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Masteries & Skill Sequence

Go look at the notes of the Runes for an in depth look at what I have picked and your options.

> > >
We want to max out Undertow it is our CC, getting it above 29% of a slow is huge early. Then we max Reckless Swing as that is our execute, we need this to be high level so we can deal enough damage to be a threat to the back line. We level up Vicious Strikes last as the first level life-steal and AS steroid are fantastic. I highly recommend you hover over the icons on the left and read the abilities. I do not want to cover them in their own section as they are pretty simple, but knowing the mana costs, and ratios is key
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This section we will start to dive deep into each item, and why it matters. We will not go into detail on jungle items in this section, I will save that for the Jungle clear.


CHALLENGE ME!!! This is the core item for jungle Olaf. This allows him to have both the clear power, and the maximum dive potential. Blue smite might seem for Olaf, but he already has blue smite in his kit. Undertow is the only slow you need early, so rushing red cinderhulk is a must.

ZOOM ZOOM This is one of my favorites. It is great for initiating, and has great stats that go along with it. The active, not only gives a movement speed steroid, but once you get in range you slow your opponents too. As of 8.17 this is a core item for me due to the initiation power.

CAN'T STOP THIS TRAIN As stated above, this is part of your core item set. This allows you to get in and up close to the enemy back line and cause terror and despair. The passive also allows you to stick to the enemy champs like glue.

SLLLLLOOOWWW DOWWWWNN The Last item in our core list is Frozen Mallet. This should be the last of the core items as we don't actually need the health and slow from this until mid-game. If for some reason you start to feel like you just can not stay on them, then yes, buy this first. After the game and look back and i guarantee you did not land all your axes.

Defensive Options

The Iron Curtain Randuin's is highly situational. I do not recommend building this unless you truly need to. If the other teams Jinx is 20/0 and hits like a truck, then go ahead and build this. Otherwise build a Guardian Angel.

Here I come AGAIN! This is my favorite situational item, as I almost always get fed. This allows me to dive, get peeled and killed, and then return to the fight quickly. It also has some AD attached to it and makes killing so much easier.

This is where you get HUGE! This one is pretty self explanatory. You get more health, can throw more axes, and you regain more health and can stay away from base longer. I recommend this when you are facing true damage, or just really need that extra health.

Such Healing Much MR Spirit Visage has fallen off the map for me lately. While it is strong, I find if i play through mid and shut them down (if they are AP) I rarely need this. It still is solid if you are being destroyed by a Ryze or something.

Offensive Options

BOTRK This is a great item by itself, but it does have its problems. First is it leaves you without an armor item or a MR item. So my recommendation for this item is, DO NOT GET IT UNLESS YOU ARE 10/0 AT THE 10 MIN MARK!

Throwing bows Tiamat is an amazing item on many melee champs, and it goes the same for Olaf. Build Tiamat first and then finish it once you need the health and regen. Do not try to rush to finish this item as tiamat is good enough on its own in the early game.

Don't taze me bro! The last item I will discuss is Mercurial Scimitar. I almost always avoid this item unless I truely need it. It the other team has so much chain cc that you can no longer move, grab QSS and start working that active out.


Boots of Mobility > MAP CONTROL If you are looking to control the map a tiny bit more i recommend getting mobis. The out of combat move speed makes life so much easier when you can glide over to his krugs when you know they are up, or gank a lane in seconds.

Ionian Boots of Lucidity > MORE CDR This is my go to when I am getting a lot of kills and have a lead on the other jungler. I get these to throw more axes, because more axes means less chance of an escape.
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Development Notice

UPDATE (6/30/2019): I am back yet again, I'll be continuing to update this guide for the current patch, should be done by the end of July!

UPDATE (9/9/2018): I finally got to playing again and figured out a pretty solid rune page! The secondary can be changed a little, but i have found these help me get tankier and last longer late game.

Skill usage, Jungle clears, Jungle Tips, and summary are still under development!!! message me if you have questions!!!
League of Legends Build Guide Author SirScarekrow
SirScarekrow Olaf Guide
Finally, some fun! - A beginners guide to Olaf Jungle (8.20)
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