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Fiora Build Guide by Ry0uk

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Ry0uk

Fiora ADC- Break the Damn Meta !

Ry0uk Last updated on May 23, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

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So, I have no credibility whatsoever. I'm not platinum or anything fancy. But.....I've been playing Fiora so much as adc, I've versed a draven with blitzcrank, a Nami/jinx duo, Morgana/Vayne, Morgana/Varus, Blitz/Varus.... I mean you name all the annoying sh^%. I've faced it. Caitlyn, ashe, all of the adc's. And I can firmly say, I've beaten them all. But....there's a thing to it and you gotta be skilled to use fiora adc or you will end up feeding so hard. So keep reading to find out how you can just dominate the team.

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Skill Sequence

W. Since you're against ranged opponents 99.9% of the time. YES, you will be pushed in a lot. And most the times you'll see their adc just poke at you since they know you cant touch them early on. That's when it takes skill. Use your W the seccond you feel like the adc is taking a step forward solely to poke you. It'll parry and reflect onto him.

-You gain attack damage with W. So thats why i start with long sword, Gets you an advance on that tiamat you need and you're already puttin out nice damage.

Then Q so you can do more damge when you burst them down

E last so you repeatedly attack them as they try to escape.

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Difficulty level: HARD

If you think farming with fiora adc is easy...."you're gonna have a bad time"

So listen, get to your lane early and start farming. it takes 3 auto attacks to kill a minion. But yeah just last hit them when you can. have you finger on your W at all times when the adc gets near. If they have someone that can stun. Stay SUPER cautious. dont try to engage ANYTHING until you're AT LEAST level 4 and if you're trying this for the first time...then wait till 6 unless you've been given a perfect oppurtunity. like a gank.

Most of the time, you will be turret pushed and honestly if you're against good bot'll probably lose lane. But that doesn't mean defeat. I've lost my lane plenty times and still RAPE their adc completely. Reason being: they leave, you farm, you gank mid. And you can dive anyone at level 6 pretty much including their adc. So you're gonna get fed very easily regardless if they took your turret. and you can go back to bot lane and push their turret and use your E to take it down a lotttt faster.

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Summary/Core of

I'm Basically gonna tell you what to do once you reach level 6.

Assuming you have your tiamat by this point or better. You should be fully ready to burst your bot lane no matter who they have. There should be no way they can beat you. Your burst on them will either make them recall or you'll get the kill. And this will just repeat.

You want to have a support that can slow/stun/stop the person somehow. Cuz it will give you the time you need to close in on them. So the best support you can have is Leona/Thresh/Blitz
because of their ability to stop or reel the adc.

By the time you have finished with your bot lane. Turrets down. ROAM. and just delete any person that tries to attack your teammates. You'll honestly just get fed. THE ONLY way you can honestly lose, and I have lost a few games with her. Were with bad teammates that just kept feeding the other teammates. When you have your last whisper, you're already puttin out over 290 damage usually. I've gotten fiora up to 546 damage. and that wasn't even final build I think.

TIP !!!!!!! HAVE YOUR ULTIMATE ON AUTOCAST!!!!!!! SUPER SUPER IMPORTANT. You don't have time to have her click on the opponnent when things get heated especially when you have seconds to make a difference and get that kill you so need. JUST DO IT !!! autocast R is all you need. Maybe her Q.

TL;DR version: Play defensive until level 6. Make sure your support is poking so you can farm. You won't be farming much until you get that tiamat. So you'll have to run around, turret hug a bit. Parry a few things. Once you reach 6. The game is yours. You can carry your team to victory. If you lose, it's probably cuz you either fed bot lane or others somehow to a point of no return, or the rest of the team has fed and lost lanes and you can't help enough to recover their damage. If your team is doing ok or even if you're losing a bit, you should be able to be the one that carries or turns the game around.

Hope you enjoyed. I'm gonna try to post my last 5 games with Fiora as ADC. I've won the past 5 as adc in a row. So hopefully that boosts my credibility. Whatever you do, don't start building tanky or whatever. If you really need to go situational then pick wisely one thing you wanna change about the build. But you gotta have rav/Bt/whisper. the rest just goes with the flow...damage....damage...damage... and ult's over and over to finish up teamfights.

ENJOY THE RAPING ! Don't be afraid to try her as ADC. People will look at you funny but I promise it's so worth it when it works out great.

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