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Fiora Build Guide by Splix

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Splix

Fiora: Bringer of Death (Updated 3-27-12)

Splix Last updated on May 14, 2012
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Hello everyone, Fiora is an amazingly fun champion, I've already played 100+ games with her and I still can't put her down. She is one of the best carries to have around in a team fight yet! and make this champion a very scary opponent when in the hands of someone knowledgeable.

Fiora isn't exactly hard to play and she isn't overly easy either. Fiora is a very versatile champion, she is great solo top, bot lane with a tank/support and is even at home in the jungle, she pretty much does it all.

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Pros / Cons

Has amazing burst and sustained damage.
Has little to no issues staying on enemies.
Untargetable during ultimate.
Great mobility.
Has great harass and little to no issue closing gaps.

Squishy carry is squishy.
Singled out a lot during team fights.
Ult's range is small.
Long cooldowns.
Farming can be slightly difficult early game.

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The most important mastery's are:
Having an additional 10% armor penetration on top of your Greater Mark of DesolationGreater Mark of Desolation is one of the reasons we can afford to get and 5x

Only compliments her already fast attack speed once you pick up Burst of Speed and only furthers your ability to get that one last hit sooner. Did I mention Fiora excels at last hitting?

You won't really notice this until you get your (unless you have crit runes) but once you have it, the damage output sky rockets thanks to those two being combined.

This mastery build allows you to get and 5x and still have enough health to shrug off enemy pokes. I've tried various other mastery builds and I find this mastery build to be one of the best, allows for better sustain and with the extra health you can stay in an early lane fight that extra amount of time you need to secure that much needed kill.

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I recently changed my guide to feature this as part of the primary build because you are rarely ever in a game where they have no hard hitting AP carry and while stunned, the magic resist and shield combined provide enough protection to allow you to still fight back instead of run.

If your team has a lot of AD go ahead and get this in place of Maw of Malmortius. The armor reduction from The Black Cleaver is a debuff that is applied on hit which every AD on your team can take advantage of.

If your opponents have a lot of CC (crowd control) then I suggest getting these boots instead of Berserker's Greaves as they provide Tenacity which pretty much cuts the CC time in half, you would be amazed.

This item provides a lot of early game survivability while still giving a little damage as well so, if you are having issues staying alive in early lane/team fights then go ahead and pick this up either first or second, I myself would get this item only after my but it really depends on how badly you need that extra health.

The ONLY time you should ever get this item is if the majority of their team is stacking armor and health as that can be a HUGE pain in your side and is a pretty fast counter to any good AD carry.

Getting this item is amazing for lane sustain, especially if you are getting poked a lot. This is the perfect solo top, jungle and even bot lane item early game and after you get Infinity Edge it provides you with enough life steal to keep you alive in team fights until you are built enough to get The Bloodthirster.

Also, I know some of you are confused as to when you should sell Wriggle's Lantern, try to hold off on selling it until you at least have Phage because having that extra life steal and armor is a nice blanket until you can get some extra health and enough stacks on your The Bloodthirster. This way you wont even notice the life steal/armor loss.

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Skill Sequence

I've recently done the math and put the paper to work by taking it into games to test and I've seen that maxing Riposte first, followed by Burst of Speed and then Lunge provides the most damage output possible when it comes to harassing/killing in the early laning phases. There is nothing quite like watching a Gangplank shoot himself in the face, repeatedly. Kind of makes me want to repeat "Stop hitting yourself!" hehehe.

As for skill sequencing, I suggest the following:

> > and then going by what I previously mentioned. With this skill sequence you can start harassing effectively at level 2 and still have a great defense thanks to Riposte and it only gets better at level 3 due to Burst of Speed.

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Summoner Spells

Recommended Summoner Spells:

This spell allows you to avoid imminent death when in all reality you should be dead 1-2 seconds later, this is your cheat death card, its amazing for that much needed wall flash and its also pretty good at closing that extra gap needed to Lunge onto someone and start slowing them down with red buff or
Frozen Mallet.

This spell is one of my favorites as its secured so many kills for me, even 5 seconds after I've stopped attacking that champion. Very useful and can be used while you have your ultimate going to stop even the fastest Soraka Ulti.

Other Summoner Spells:

I personally don't like this spell because in my opinion you just don't need the damage reduction or slow it provides but sometimes having that extra slow so you can avoid a stun/CC and get back to your team can be very thrilling. It has some uses.

This spell is great when you need a way out or need to put some distance between you and the enemy team. It's also great for closing distances, especially after the enemy has flashed away and you are just out of range for those last couple hits. Very useful spell!

This spell is a nice back up plan and an even better bait, I rarely use this spell but sometimes it can save your life and even end your enemies. Waiting around with 3-4 bars of health and baiting the enemy into attack you while you are just barely out of your safe zone is a great way to score a kill. Useful but not nearly as useful as other spells.

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Lane phases

Everything you should need to know about laning w/Fiora:

Since we got Riposte first, you want to play very carefully until you at least have level 2 because again, squishy carry is squishy.

You also need to pay attention to how your laning partner (if not solo top) is playing, a passive lane partner can often be a nightmare if you think you can kill someone but they don't. You are only as good as the player next to you so try to feel them out and know how they are going to play, teamwork always comes out ahead.

When soloing top I strongly suggest playing VERY carefully until you can get wards and always try to have your eyes on a way out in case a wild Shaco appears. Also, do not assume you don't need wards, EVERYONE should ward. A normal ward is only 75 gold so and that gold is almost always returned as it puts itself to work, discouraging junglers from even ganking anymore.

As you progress through the levels, you'll find that you have less and less of a problem staying alive while chunking an enemies health bar, you have an amazing passive and your Riposte can easily ward off further enemy attacks.

The most important thing you need to know is when going in to attack an enemy: ALWAYS make sure your Burst of Speed is on cooldown, if you are attacking with it off cooldown then you are missing out on a good 30-40% damage you could be dealing. I suggest hitting Burst of Speed > Lunge > Riposte (if they are attacking you back so you can deal that extra dmg/negate some and get it off cooldown sooner) > Lunge again and by that time Riposte should be off of cooldown. Simply put: Hit that E!

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Keep in mind from levels 1 to 4 you'll be very slow in the jungle but once you get your first item it shouldn't be any problem at all.

Jungle route:
Ancient Golem > Wolves > Wraith's > Smaller Golem's > Red Lizard camp
This will put you at level 3 so if you want to get level 4 before you gank go ahead and hit up Wraith camp again.

When using Smite, make sure you know the damage it will do so you can always secure your own buffs and you don't get sniped from around the corner by an opposing jungler. I also recommend knowing when you killed your Ancient Golem and Elder Lizard (red buff camp) so you can thwart any joker trying to steal your buffs.

Important things to know when ganking.
Make sure you relay to your team that you are ganking via map pings or text.
Always go for the least pushed lane unless someone is in trouble.
If you have red buff, DO NOT waste it! Gank gank gank!

When ganking make sure that when you use Ghost you secure a kill, more often than not, enemies will burn their Flash even if you don't use Ghost so if you can simply scare someone into flashing w/out ghosting then I strongly suggest that's what you do as a burned Flash means a successful gank now and a dead enemy later. (Assuming you come back to gank that lane soon enough).

Anytime you go back to buy, make sure you buy at least 1 ward, yes Wriggle's Lantern has a ward but being able to ward Dragon & throw a ward down for someone who isn't warding can really change the game and save lives.

The most important thing about jungling! KNOW YOUR TIMERS! Mentally record when you last killed your Golem/Lizards so you can always make sure you have your own buffs. This jungle belongs to YOU and it should be treated as such, KNOW YOUR TIMERS!

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Late game guide

First things first, STAY WITH YOUR TEAM! There is nothing worse than a carry who isn't there for a team fight or gets caught alone.

By this point you should already have your Frozen Mallet so securing kills shouldn't be a problem. Anytime you or a teammate go anywhere, make sure you're paired up. Don't give the enemy the chance for a free kill.

When it comes to team fights, you are a carry, you never want to initiate because.. squishy carry is squishy and you will drop like a fat sack o' taters! Make sure you are communicating with your team, mark enemies and strategize!

If you find that you are a all too often the victim of the enemy teams affections then I suggest hanging back for just a few extra seconds, let the enemy team throw their love on to your teams tank instead, once that's over with go ahead and lunge in and start the enemies journey to a grey screen.

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Fiora is an amazing champion if played correctly, she is slightly squishy with this build but if you have the skill, that won't be a problem. I hope this guide has helped some of you become amazing Fiora's and at the least helped the rest of you become a force to be reckoned with. With this guide you *should* have no problem staying alive while you bring destruction and death to your foes.

I know some of you are apprehensive about getting Riposte maxed first and a couple certain items I have in my build but I can promise you one thing, try it and I guarantee you'll love the results.

Good luck and see you out there.

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It really works! Screenshots and videos of my success.

I caught the Teemo!!!

Why they say Fiora is "OP"

Where is a Volibear when you need one? I really wanted that last kill! xD

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Comment responses

In this part of the guide I will be answering any questions asked and reply to comments, I check this daily.

BlackCatBende, the reason I chose to get Last Whisper is because the armor pen. from that item plus the armor pen on your runes allows for harder hits and when you are attacking that fast (by this time E should be maxed) the extra damage is highly noticeable. I've tried many other items instead.. from AS, to other armor pen items and even other AD items but so far getting Last Whisper after Infinity Edge has the best result thus far.

I also chose to get Black Cleaver because by the time you pick it up you are already at 2.3 AS and getting AS capped is great but you need a good balance between AD and AS, going harder on either will only result in falling short of your full damage potential. Black Cleaver gives just enough AD and AS while removing enough of their armor fast enough (because of E) to make them turn tail.