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Fiora Build Guide by Desseus

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Desseus

Fiora - The Dance of Death

Desseus Last updated on March 3, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello and welcome to my jungle Fiora guide, the dance of death! This is only my second build as I dont tend to post on here much except on champions I am passionate about. Fiora as many of you will realised by now is an extreamly strong AD carry, whilst being Melee with her Lunge and maybe a slowing summoner spell or item she can get straight into the fight and stay there for as long as needed. Jungling with her wont be that much different, Her jungle capability is very good and played right can easily force the enemy into an early surrender.

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Pros / Cons


    Strong AD carry/jungle
    Can close into fights easily
    Very powerful ultimate
    Parry certain attacks such as parrrley
    High attack speed with Burst of Speed
    Good jungle/survivalability passive
    Great synergy with Lifesteal to stay alive
    Kills whilst Burst of Speed is active resets its cooldown

    No Crowd control abilities
    Vulnerable to crowd control when not using your Ultimate
    Lack of a proper escape mechanism
    Can be squishy unless built to counter it
    New champion currently so a popular target
    Not the fastest jungler at the start
    Failing to kill with Busrt of Speed active puts it on cooldown and can lead to your demise
    French Accent loses charm fairly quickly (Especially if your a steriotyipical Brit)

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The runes are straight forward jungle runes that are used often.

Greater Mark of Desolation

These are fairly straight forward runes for a jungler as all junglers need some armor pen to deal true damage in the jungle as well as to deal more damage when ganking against champions with armor.

Armor early on to take less damage whilst jungling in order to be able to clear more of it quicker. Not to mention be able to go on a lane and have most of your health with the ability to soak up more AD damage.

Magic Resist to build up per level will increase along with your natural stat gains from leveling to give you more Magic Resist later on in the game when you need it most to soak up AP carry damage.

Extra damage for the jungle to help clear it at a faster pace plus more damage dealt during ganks on lanes early on. I take these over more Armor Pen or Attack Speed for that very reason, not to mention with Burst of Speed on you can hit the cap for Attack speed so no more needed within runes and 15 Armor Pen is enough to do true damage within the jungle and is later accompnied by an armor pen Item such as The Black Cleaver later on in the game to take down champions easily.

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The Masteries Should be easy to understand at a first glance, 21/9/0 for both great offensive power to carry that much more and some survivability whilst improving both summoner spells for quicker ghost and gold when using smite.

Havoc Vs Deadliness

Alot of people argue over which is better, looking at the numbers you get 9 AD from deadliness at level 18 and you get 1.5% extra damage from Havoc say you did 1000 damage to a Ezreal overall and killed (A likely story), 1.5% of 1000 is 15, 15 extra damage is all your getting for three points. with Deadliness lets say you did 1000 damage with one ability like your ulti with a ratio of 1:1 so the 9 AD is an extra 9 damage. 6 difference in damage thats all. To be honest there is hardly a difference and with lower ratios Deadliness is even less worth it. The only reason you would get Deadliness was if your going a crit build and getting Lethality for it. That is why I have gone for Havoc, the extra 6 damage ^^.

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Summoner Spells

A must need for ALL junglers in my opinion, while there are those who can go without smite still has its uses such as securing baron, dragon, and your buffs from potiental counter jungling. not to mention you can counter jungle yourself with this to take an enemy buff as they are fighting it. Not to mention it can greatly speed up jungling and therefore improves the speed you level early on in the game.

A personal choice for ganking lanes from the bushes. when improved you really pick up speed and can chase down people who try to use flash to escape you, combine this with lunge and you can get into the fight before people have a chance to react. it also doubles as an escape mechanism much needed on Fiora.

Other Choices:

The AD carrys nightmare at times being able to slow and blind a AD carry can lead to their death and your survival. However if you replace Ghost with this you will be missing an escape mechanism.

Another escape mechanism very handy to flash over walls and use the terrain to escape as well as gank.

Can come in handy for backdooring, pushing as well as a possible escape mechanism at times. If for into playing that sort of havoc playstyle thats got the enemy team running all over the map just to gank you then this is for you.

A popular summoner spell like flash, placing a dot to garentee that kill is always handy however on Fiora would not say it is needed too much you can usually chase down and kill anyone once you get yourself rolling. The only reason I would see a Fiora taking it is to counter the likes of Mundo and Trynd.

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Unique Skills

Fiora regenerates health over 6 seconds each time she deals damage. Striking champions will cause this effect to stack up to 4 times.A great passive for jungling, this means you can go either cloth and pots or vamp scepter and come out with most of your health at the end of a jungle run.

Fiora dashes forward to strike her target, dealing physical damage. Fiora can perform the dash a second time within a couple seconds at no mana cost. This is what keeps you in the fight and the closest thing to an escape mechanism you get as a standard Fiora, you have to use it on a minion or another champion in order to get out though.

Fiora's Attack Damage is increased. When activated, Fiora parries the next basic attack and reflects magic damage back to the attacker. Works against champions, monsters, and large minions. This is a great ability and one you max first for jungling, increases your damage to clear faster and can parry attacks for you and resend that damage back to the source as magic damage. An absolute gem of an ability when you can rwact quickly enough to use it for everything.

Fiora temporarily gains additional Attack Speed. Each basic attack or Lunge she lands during this time increases her Movement Speed. Killing a champion refreshes the cooldown on Burst of Speed. abit like Yi's ulti due to the fact it resets if you kill with this active, and trust me you want to kill with this all the time. you level this second for high attack speed mid game.

Fiora dashes around the battlefield to deal physical damage to enemy champions. Successive strikes against the same target deal less damage. This is very high damaging even with the damage reduction on the same target. even in a team fight with low health so long as you got lifesteal you can use this and get health back, whilst using this ulti you are untargetable and can avoid CC with it so it really can be used as a ultility as well in that regard and not just to burst champions down (although that is its main purpose).

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Skill Sequence

The skill sequence is to speed up jungle times early game and to max dps potiental by the mid. you only take one point in lunge due to its low damage when compared to the increases in attack speed and attack damage from other abilities and max it last. Maxing Riposte give you extra attack damage and my the time its maxed without any attack damage items you can be over 100 AD, along with the ability to parry and two points in burst of speed for attack speed you can quickly become deadly from level 9 onwards if you were not already from level 4 when you start to gank lanes. Burst of speed is maxed second due for the early game focus on jungle but once your team starts to group up you need to give them assistance where possible. Burst of speed with its attack speed and movement speed it can give you it really helps you chase down champions when combined with lunge and get some easy kills mid game.

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Creeping / Jungling

For jungling you can go both Vampiric Scepter or cloth armour due to your passive you should do fine. I start at wolves get your AP carry to help burst them down so you can kill the camp, before Blue buff spawns. Bare in mind he needs to NOT kill them or be close enough to leach exp.

Then get them to pull blue buff and you burst it down and kill it with Smite when its low enough. Remember to use Riposte so you can parry blue buff damage.

Next head to the Wraith camp, kill the big one first and use riposte to parry damage.

Head back to the Wolves camp as it will respawn in the next few seconds and kill it again.

Next is Red as your smite should be off cooldown, same as blue just burst down the Lizard with the buff making sure to use smite to kill it and riposte and burst of speed to bring it down quicker.

Last is Double Golem again standard rules apply here.

Now you killed all that you should be level 4 so get lunge and begin to look for lanes in need of assistance and gank some champions to get gold and exp. Head back to the shop if you had not already get boots of speed and am item to make your way towards wriggles then begin to gank all lanes if possible. If not then back to jungling and then Dragon level 6-8 if you feel safe about it and got good communication with mid and bot lane.

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Now you can start with either Cloth Armour and health potions or get a Vampiric Scepter choice is yours both work well, personally I at times go Cloth Armour and potions when I think I might be counter jungled and might need a bit more in the ways of healing and survival since you will not have enough attack speed at that time for Vampiric Scepter to be better.

Next your Wriggles an item that is always worth while, attack damage, armour, lifesteal and a free ward you just cannot go wrong with this. Also make sure to pick up boots of speed before you get finish this item to help with ganking on lanes and moving around.

Mercury's Treads or Ionian Boots of Lucidity are next depending on if you need the extra Magic Resist and Tenacity from Merc's. If not the Ionion are good for the cooldown reduction which can help greatly reduce the cooldown on your ultimate as well as burst of speed should you not land a kill when using it.

Phage next but not taking it all the way just yet, a good early item provides a chance to slow with attack damage and health.

The Bloodthirster, the most powerful AD item as when fully stacked it gives 100 AD and 25% lifesteal. A great item for any AD carry and really goes well with Fiora and her ultimate for gaining you life back as mentioned eariler.

Now time for the Frozen Mallet. Even more health and damage than phage and an increase on the chance to slow really helps Fiora keep her targets close to her to burst them down.

Atma's Impaler, armor crit and extra attack damage based on your max health, combining this with Frozen Mallet really amkes Fiora a bit tanky against AD carries at this point and tops her attack damage to over 300. if needed you can get Wit's End before this for the Magic Resist.

Wit's End is a great item for Magic Resist with Fiora as it comes along with even more attack speed. Make note that this item needs to gain stacks for the magic resist to begin going up.

The Black Cleaver is the Armour Pen item of choice for me with Fiora although you could use Last Whisper if you are against a tanky team all with more than 100 armour. Black Cleaver also gives attack speed and attack damage to help nearly hit the cap with burst of speed on. You have to sell Wriggles to get this or any other item depending on if you felt like needing this earlier.

This is just my standard build order for Fiora but there are situations where this may need to change. for example if you are against a high health team then Mandreds Bloodrazor might be better off then Black Cleaver or Wit's End. if you need Magic Resist before Armour then you might consider getting Wit's End before Atma's. this is only a guideline and should not be stuck to like glue.

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Thank you in advance for all the feedback and constructive criticism I might receive means a lot to me. Hope you do well with this build as an Jungle Fiora. pPlease if you do send me pictures and will add them to the guide here. As said before only my second build so still go easy...ish ^^. Thank you and good luck.