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Fiora Build Guide by Ashwynn

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Ashwynn

Fiora, the Facemelter guide

Ashwynn Last updated on February 17, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello, I'm Ashwynn and I bring you this Fiora guide because every other one I saw didn't match my play-style and were way too cautious. So I'd like to offer some alternative for those who like a more predatory style. This guide will be very brief as more of an inspiration than full all out manual.

Fiora is a squishy facemelter in the beginning, scaling nicely into mid and late game. She is about aggressive lane domination, which is why I wasn't happy about guides I saw; they were too defensive, especially in the early game where establishing your domination is crucial to snowballing the hell out of it.

You can play her mid or top. Some say she can jungle but I would not recommend that as she has literally zero CC so her ganks are pathetic, not to mention that her Duelist stacks only on champions so her jungle clear is a pain. She doesn't offer anything in the jungle that other junglers don't do more effectively.

I hope you will like my guide and share your thought on the matter below.

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Who is Fiora and what is her role?

She is an AD bruiser/carry, her role is to dive through the enemy team towards the squishies and end their existence. She can be played mid or top where she can dominate most of the frequently played champions.

She is really strong early and mid game, but unlike most AD casters she scales nicely towards late game as well due to her Burst of Speed -> one of the most potent auto-attack steroids in game. And it refreshes with kills.

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Laning phase

When you come to lane don't try to harass your opponent too hard. Focus on pushing (not just last-hitting) as you want to get to lvl.2 first. When you do, immediately level up Riposte, use Elixir of Fortitude and jump your opponent. Don't use the second activation of your Lunge right away, leave it for when he tries to run or to execute him.

Also - don't leave Ignite to just ensure a kill, it's +5 to AD and AP gained from Summoner's Wrath masteries are too good to be ignored so use it early. (Your Riposte actually has 1.0 AP scaling so you use every bit of the mastery). Just by using Ignite before you use your first ability you are getting about +20 dmg or more.

Sight Ward Be warded all the time! If you are winning your lane (even if you don't kill your opponent at lvl.2 he will be in no shape to stay in lane so you can free farm building your advantage).
Using your Sight Ward should be one of the first things you do in lane since Fiora is going to get camped by the enemy jungler if he has even a faint idea of what he is doing. Your snowball potential and lack of reliable escapes make you an ideal target for ganks. All your precious advantages will vanish if you foolishly feed to jungler.
There are no unexpected ganks on Fiora - you will be most likely be a priority target for the enemy jungler.

That is a good thing and you should make use of it as you relieve pressure from other lanes, giving your own jungler an opportunity to snowball them into oblivion. Don't pressure him for counter-ganks until he gets a bit fed too.

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Mid+Late game

Once you get fed enough, crush the enemy tower and start roaming with the aim to destroy more towers. Don't hunt kills. That leads to greed, feed and defeat. Your primary aim is to kill the Nexus, not have the best score ever on the after game screen.

In teamfights you don't peel for your carries, that is not your job. Leave it to the support and tank. You have no way to do it anyway. Focus on a single purpose - killing enemy carries. You are one of the first (and don't be afraid to be the first) to initiate and dive in.
The moment you go enemies will turn back to protect their carries (if they want to see them alive that is) - usually packing up on a tight space ideal for some AOE follow up.

That is why Fiora works so well with Sona, Sejuani, Anivia or Malphite. Don't be afraid to use your ulti early. Pretty common advice I see on other Fiora guides is "Don't use your ulti until you have taken some dmg!". Nonsense. You are the scary carry that goes in head first and hunts their high Value targets. If you have taken dmg you are most likely CC'd and can't use your Blade Waltz anyway (even snare prevents casting it) -> therefore you are dead because you are a great target to focus; you are not tanky enough to not be bursted down and you are in range. Use Blade Waltz early if you are initiating on someone who is out of position to give time to your team to follow up. It's always better to prevent damage than heal it up.

The chaos you create by initiating and using Blade Waltz is also usually hilarious :-D People tend to tunnel vision so they will look for where your Blade Waltz ends (something like with Guardian Angel) not noticing that rest of your team is on them before it is too late. Your Blade Waltz has pretty long duration so you will get part of your cooldowns back to be used again afterwards.

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Has a nice HP bonus for survivability but it's the Icy passive you get it for. If you are fighting some hard kiting champions ( Ezreal, Ashe, Caitlyn etc.) you will need it. They usually build movement speed as well and this may help you catch them. Consider also Boots of Swiftness.
This is the item you should most likely get early if you are fighting a bursty AP carry in lane. Akali and Elise are fine examples of champions where it will come in handy. But get just Hexdrinker and complete it later when your core items are done; you won't use missing health passive.

I love this item! Get it when the enemy has massive magic dmg (double AP or just fed AP carry). Magic resist, health, CD reduction and the unique passive makes this item a great choice.
Get this early if the enemy has a lot of sustain like Swain, Dr. Mundo, Singed, Soraka or is just stacking lifesteal. Also, your ultimate procs the effect too. It's cheap and AD and crit stats are usefull for you.

Situational items are just that -> situational. Think on how and when to use them. Don't build blindly but always think and react to what you need and what are your enemies doing. Against team with 5 x Ignite and Miss Fortune with her Impure Shots don't even bother to stack life steal and instead of Blade of the Ruined King just build Infinity Edge.

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Thanks to:

Hafu ( - best streamer ever. She taught me most of what I know about league. Pingu OP!
Wingsofdeath - another streamer from which I learned how Fiora is supposed to work.

BlackIceT - great fellow Fiora player (and guide maker) who shared his insight on my guide with me :-)
Terrible BedHead - for thorough spellchecking :)