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Fiora Build Guide by Papakush

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Papakush

Fiora - The French Jungler

Papakush Last updated on March 3, 2012
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Quick information about myself: This is my first guide so I hope everyone likes it. Any feedback would be very helpful to me, negative or positive it doesn't matter. I choose to write a guide on Fiora because so far looking at all the other guides they have it all wrong. Fiora can be built a number of different ways which is great because it gives every player the opportunity to change their build each game. The way that I like to build Fiora is just like Irelia, Tanky with huge burst damage and sustain. If anyone has feedback on my build whether it be changing an item or giving me tips on changing the order that you build them please leave them in the comments.

**This guide is still being written, and actively being edited. Information will be changing constantly for the next week until I find a good permanent build.**

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Change Log

03/1/12 - Guide was published.
03/1/12 - Added Pros/Cons, Change Log, Masteries, Items, Summoner Spells, and Jungle Route.

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Pros / Cons

1.) With Warmog's Armor you have a ton of sustain in a team fight.
2.) Once you have Atma's Impaler you will have a ton of Attack Damage
3.) If the game ends up in Late-Game and you are able to get your full build, than you will be able to survive in a fight while doing enormous amounts of damage from your critical hits.

1.) Most of your damage doesn't come until mid-game.
2.) No CC

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The core build for Fiora that I use is the following:

After I have obtained all of these items from farming I start to really focus on my damage and critical strike chance. I will upgrade the to a and than work on my . After I have that and my build is full, I will save up enough money to sell my to build a . The result of this is the following end-game build.

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Skill Sequence

When I build my skills I like to max out Riposte first, but start by putting 1 point into Burst of Speed and getting 1 point into Lunge at level 4 and maxing it last. Burst of Speed should be the second skill maxed out, while selecting your Blade Waltz whenever it is available.

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Jungling Route

I will update this section in the next few days with a video of my jungle route, but for now I will give just a very simple explanation of how to jungle with Fiora.

1.) Start at 1:40 game time(GT) at the wolves. (*Have your teammates help damage the wolves, but dont leash them and make sure you hit them first. Also hit the big wolf first and use your Burst of Speed after the first hit. Use it again when it is up because u will have the blue buff soon so mana won't be an issue.

2.) Quickly move to the blue buff at 1:55 GT and have someone leash the big golem. Save your Burst of Speed until the golem turns and starts attacking you. When the golem gets to about 500-600 life use smite on it. **You will level up, train Riposte**

3.) Move to Wraiths, focusing the big wraith first. Spam your skills but keep in mind the little minions dont work with Riposte.

Move to the small golems, focusing the big one first.

5.) Take on the red buff, smiting it when its about 500-600.

6.) Back to the Wraiths since they should be up again by now, if not wait 10-15 seconds because they will respawn fast.

7.) Than take on the wolves again.

**8.) This is where you make the decision of either ganking top/or mid, or staying in the jungle till you raise enough money (1650) to buy Wriggle's Lantern and [[Boots of Speed]

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Run Down of Gameplay

I'll try to do my best in this section to give a good run down of how to play Fiora during team fights and during the laning/jungling phase. First off lets get to know Fiora a little bit better. Looking at her skills it is easy to tell she is mostly a burst champion. That means if you stay in the fight to long you may not win it by fighting 1v1, until about mid-game. Once you are mid to late game, you will wreck people 1v1 because the Warmog's Armor will make you very tanky and the Atma's Impaler will give you a large amount of attack damage.