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Fiora Build Guide by uPhoria

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author uPhoria

Fiora the OP Duelist

uPhoria Last updated on July 1, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Fiora is a top lane carry, melee duelist. She has high burst and high damage output because of her W(Riposte). She can also be played in the jungle but if she doesn't farm early game she is bad late game so i dont suggest playing her in the jungle but, if you are confident go right ahead my build works the same in the jungle.

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Flat Ad on Fiora is super OP because of her W but, if you are not a fan of flat ad then you can build 9 Attack Damage Marks, 9 Armor Seals, 9 Magic Resist Glyphs, and 3 Attack Damage Quintessences.

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Summoner Spells

Flash is a good summoner spell to use on Fiora because she has no escape unless you can land a lucky lunge on a minion but, overall Flash is good. Ignite is great also because its op and its good for confirming those kills.

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Skill Order

I start off by maxing my W but upgrading the rest of my skills when i get the chance in the order of W,Q,E,W,W,R then Max W and then max E then Q.

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Item Builds

When i play Fiora top i usually start off Boots 4 pot but, in other situations where is a tanky champ top i start off with longsword then 2 pot or if there is a high damage champ then i get Cloth Armor and 5 Pot. In the early game if i get a kill or have substantial amount of farm i get vampiric scepter brutalizer and berserkers greaves or if you dont have enough just get dagger and on your next Recall buy Berserkers. In the mid game if we start off with a lot of early team fights i get Ravenous Hydra and BF Sword or if its still laning phase i get Bloodthirster and another Vampiric Scepter. In late game i get a Black Cleaver then farm a little or try for kills then get a Infinity Edge then another Infinity Edge if you have the gold for it. Final build would be Berserkers Greaves, Ravenous Hydra, Blood Thirster, Black Cleaver, Infinity Edge x2.

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Early Game

Early Game i just freeze the lane and farm until i get lvl 3 and have my first 3 abilities. Try to poke with Q and if he tries to attack back W and if he still keeps fighting activate E and Auto Attack him to death.

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Mid Game

Mid Game i usually try to kite the enemy and get him closer to me to bait for a kill but if that is not possible i usually ask my jungler to push top turret with me or dive and kill. Because of Fiora's low health and not a lot of sustain until you get lifesteal and attack speed she is very squishy and could be killed easily so watch out for ganks.

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Late Game

Late Game i usually try to focus the Carry's and try to kill them i try to gank other lanes and help them push there turret when the enemies top turret is destroyed.

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Team Fights

In Team Fights i focus the AP Carry or the AD Carry. I lunge to either one of the carry's then i ult and do TONS OF DAMAGE to everyone around me because of my ult and my team can get in there and help finish them off. Once your ult wears off kill the adc and then the apc then kill the rest or whatever is a bigger threat to your team.