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Fiora Build Guide by RawrNomNom

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League of Legends Build Guide Author RawrNomNom

Fiora: The Unrivaled Duelist

RawrNomNom Last updated on March 6, 2012
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Welcome to my first guide! After experimenting with Fiora for a bit, I came up with a solid way I like to play her.

Keep in mind, this IS my first guide, so I'm still getting the hang of things. Bare with me, please :)

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9x Greater Mark of Armor
9x Greater Seal of Armor
9x Greater Glyph of Magic Resist
3x Greater Quintessence of Magic Resist

I feel like my rune choice needs a little explaination...

On ALL of my AD characters I use tank runes. I value early survivability over early damage.

Personally, I think it works well with Fiora, since her Riposte gives damage passively. Damage can come with items, and if you REALLY want some Armor Pen, get the Last Whisper as suggested, it really is an under-appreciated item and works well.

Also, combined with a Wriggle's Lantern, you have some good armor early game.

I wont make a Masteries section, since I believe they're pretty self-explanatory.

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Summoner Spells

I choose to go with Flash and Ignite for my summoner spells, leaving me with both an escape and a way to secure kills, or get rid of those pesky Tryndamere's.

Other viable spells:
: Helps to keep the enemy close, plus lower their defenses.

: If you're one of those few who prefer running to Flash.

: If you just don't want to be locked down.

Stay away from:
Clarity: Not that big of a mana hog, definitely no need.
Surge: Your Burst of Speed does the same thing, minus the AP boost.

All other spells, depending on who you are, could be really viable. I'm always iffy about putting Heal, Promote, or Rally on any champ, but I've seen them put to good use.

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Skill Sequence

Always, always, ALWAYS max out your Lunge first. It's perfect to initiate your combo, plus you can use it TWICE. You don't think it could get better than that, right? Well, the second time costs no mana.

After that's maxed, your Riposte should be maxed shortly after. Followed by your Burst of Speed. The only time I would change that would be against a heavy AP team, where blocking basic attacks is slightly redundant.

Fiora's Ultimate, Blade Waltz, is a handy one. PERFECT for tower-diving as soon as you get it. Why? Because, when used, you are untargetable. Let me say that one more time: untargetable. Also, the first AND last hit hit the same target. Remember, however, that it does significantly less damage when hitting the same target repeatedly.

Basic combo: Lunge -> Riposte -> Burst of Speed -> Lunge(Second activation). By then you can use Blade Waltz to secure the kill, or redo the combo.

Also, if you're in a teamfight and all of the enemy champs have significantly low health, activate your Blade Waltz, as it will do significant damage to 4 of the 5 champs and be great in either securing a few kills, or getting quite a few assists.

So, let's use an example...

You're in lane with against, say, a Miss Fortune and a Master Yi. You just hit level 6 and the enemy is at about 1/2 to 3/4 health. Both champs are habitual auto-attackers, so what do you do? Discern who the biggest threat is, Lunge on them, activate both Riposte and Burst of Speed, then Lunge again. Between your Lunge and Riposte, significant damage has been done to your target, making them flee. The benefit is that, with your Riposte and your lane partner, the other champ should be down a bit as well.

They run under tower, thinking you wont dive. WRONG. Lunge in, then immediately activate Blade Waltz. If that DOESNT secure one or both kills, and auto-attack should be significant. Flash, or just walk :p, out. Congrats, you just pissed the enemy lane off.

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Brief explanation of item choice:

: Added defense to compliment my runes. More auto-attacking early game than ability usage, so this'll help keep me alive.

x5: Sustain in lane longer.

: What is not to like? Armor, Life Steal, and your own renewable ward. Keeps awareness in lane, adds even MORE armor to give you even MORE sustainability, and Life Steal to replace your health potions. Not to mention some damage to help you sting a little more.

: Just some slight attack speed. I've settled with these, but I also believe Boots of Swiftness, or even Boots of Mobility can be viable choice, to help catch those pesky runners and keep them in range of your Lunge or Blade Waltz.

: Oh man, no AD item? No B.F Sword? Oh my, what is wrong with me? Ha, well, let's see... since Riposte Gives you damage passively, I take advantage of it by DOUBLING it after I use an ability. It works SO well. You can Lunge -> auto attack and proc Sheen -> Lunge again. This makes you HURT. Not to mention it goes into effect after using both Riposte and Burst of Speed, just making your next attack hurt that much more. Also, Blade Waltz applies on-hit effects. It's become a MUST in my build.

: Just to add some damage and build towards Trinity Force.

: All around item with Sheen's passive, it helps. Added damage, health, mana (AP too, but it really isn't needed unless you want to build up Riposte.)Also, the possible slowing effect helps. The main reason, though, is it synergizes with your Blade Waltz, since it applies on-hit effects. One of my core items, if I really wanted to choose.

: High damage, high life steal, and it only goes up as you kill those pesky minions. A must to just make you gouge eyes out with that nice little rapier of yours.

: AD, Attack Speed, and you lower armor with each attack. Useful in making you hurt.

The last item I leave open as a situational slot. Preference would slot something like like Phantom Dancer or an Infinity Edge, depending on if you want to attack even faster, or make your abilities hurt. I've also seen a Warmog's Armor Used to great affect.

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Who to Hate

I can't single out any one specific champion to beware of, but rather certain ones I can group together to just warn you of.

Anyone with a silence!!! Or a stun, for that matter. Why? Because, being so ability reliant, a silence can give them that second that will allow a team to decimate you easily. If you're scared, grab cleanse, or even Mercury Treads for the tenacity.

Honestly, I have yet to find a single champion that I have a particularly hard time taking out. I've learned to beware silences and stuns, which is something I'm not quite used to (I play Olaf mainly, they dont overly affect me). Basically, it comes down to the risks. Do you see a Garen with a lot of health and armor, but think you can take him out since he's by himself? It's all about judgement, and that comes with time and effort.

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As I said, this is my first guide, so it's a tid bit rough around the edges. My main goal was to explain my way of playing, WHY I play that way, and how it's useful. I'm sure I will tweak this off and on, but I wanted to see how others think this build stacks up.

Constructive criticism is always welcome, and I will take all things into consideration.