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Twisted Fate Build Guide by Forsenkins

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Forsenkins

First Encounter - Twisted Fate

Forsenkins Last updated on June 29, 2011
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Welcome to the Forsenkins "Jenkins" guide on how the simplicity of Twisted Fate indubitably makes him one of the highest DPS champions in the game! This is my first guide so don't hate por favor. :)
This guide was meant for a friend, and he asked me to just put it on Mobafire.
This is not a lengthy guide, for if you are like myself, you don't feel like reading up on everything, and all you want is the jist. Sorry for all of you hardcore LoL enthusiasts!

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Okay, so I read up on it, and I had a sudden realization that Twisted Fate would benefit heavily from some defensive runes!
Greater Mark of Desolation and Greater Quintessence of Desolation so that a Thornmail doesn't rape you.
Greater Seal of Vitality so that you're not as squishy as can be.
Greater Glyph of Magic Resist so that LeBlanc, Annie, and Veigar don't kill you with 1 spell. ;D

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I follow a simple 21/0/9 build for Twisted Fate, it's clear what suits him and what doesn't. Since the way I like to use Twisted Fate, I like to rely on his auto-attacks like most, the AS, AD, and extra 4% damage are must-haves! But if you started playing Twisted Fate in your early levels where these don't matter as much, just follow that Attack Mastery build first.

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NOTE: You can also switch the order in which you buy Wit's End and Sword of the Divine if you're looking for slightly higher attack speed and Sword of the Divine's active which gives short armor penetration. ALSO my pal PigWrestler reminded me of The Bloodthirster, this is probably better than The Black Cleaver, but it depends on how you feel you'll progress financially, and how fast you want to build your items. So, whatever item build you choose, I recommend throwing in one of those bad boys!

As you can see, Wit's End applys on hit effects, excellent combined with Twisted Fate's insane attack speed.

Also, Sword of the Divine's synergism with Twisted Fate's passive from Stacked Deck, adds extreme damage per 4th attack. Building into the Banshee's Veil, just adds that survival that our squishy Twisted Fate needs. :)

Alternate Item Builds

I know I only changed 1 item, but it actually does make a difference depending on the situation. Hexdrinker adds both AD (which is important for TF), and the Magic Resistance along with it's passive shield you get when your HP falls below 30%, which is survivability that Twisted Fate needs. I also switch the order in which we buy out Sword of the Divine and The Black Cleaver because we do still want our attack speed, and I believe since we've left out Wit's End that we need to get this item a bit earlier.

This is the full on attack speed build, plus the on-hit effects of both Wit's End and Malady do excellent damage.

These builds all depend on the situation you're looking at, you'll just have to judge which build would be best against what team and item builds you're going up against (So, if you see some little squish like LeBlanc or another Twisted Fate stacking their base offensive stat, you might want to go with the attack speed build, since they have no defensive items, so to kill them as quickly as possible.)

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Skill Sequence

Finally I get to explain this last part.
The reason we don't get Wild Cards, is because it's trash. Honestly, I hate AP Twisted Fate, all that aiming, and non-simplicity isn't worth it when it's easily avoided. We swap between Pick A Card and Stacked Deck because they are both (in my opinion) equally as important to get throughout levels 1-12, but we do max Pick A Card first for a very good reason.
How we'll use Twisted Fate, is a simple...

Gold Card > Auto-attack > Any Card.

The reason for this is, yellow card stuns for almost enough time to completely drain your opponent's life bar in seconds by your auto-attacks, and your Red Card, simply slows your target down and does good damage, to both maime, and kill the target faster. Blue Card on the other hand, is when you're confident your target is going to die without having to slow him down, and you get to refund yourself the mana used towards using the Blue Card, useful for when you're ready to confront another enemy.

And to his Destiny, use this when your opponents are MIA, and you want to know where those sneaky devils are! Also, if you find them alone and you have the advantage, quick! Use that Ult again and teleport to them, backdoor those silly geese, and Yellow Card their butts! Quick and easy kills. :)

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Summoner Spells

Ghost is ghost, useful for running away, chasing, trying to get to that fight going on half-way across the map, or just getting out of turret's range. An amazing spell for anyone.

Exhaust is useful for chasing, or trying to lower the DPS of an enemy you might happen to 1v1ing that also is a strong auto-attacker, or just use it on the beefy Jax that's chasing you. Haha.

Other useful Summoner Spells for Twisted Fate.

Useful for escaping from a turret dive, hopefully you don't find yourself needing to turret dive, but also useful for escaping, RUINS your enemies ganks! :D

Oh my gosh, you already love backdooring, and getting those sneaky kills with , use teleport to double backdoor them, and it's also useful for getting back to your lane after a recall .

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I made sure I color coded the cards so to not cause any confusion, I hope it worked. Haha.

Okay, so, there are a few things I need to cover about Twisted Fate. He is very squishy, but extremely strong, so if you're good at keeping cool and not a super aggressive player that needs a tanky character to go dive and be able to just walk out without needing to get a cast off, then you'll have fun with him. Twisted Fate's Pick A Card, starts to cycle through the three colors when you first hit 'W', the cycle goes in the order, Yellow >> Blue >> Red. The second time you hit 'W' it will select the color card that's currently on the spell's image, or above his head. Your next auto-attack will throw the selected card. The yellow card does half of the damage that the blue and red cards do, but stuns them, red card has an AOE (Area of effect) added on to it that will slow any unfriendly unit near the target you threw the red card at. The blue card (along with red card) gives additional damage but unlike the red card, the blue card refunds the mana used to throw it, so it's very good for last hitting minions, or tossing at an enemy that is already stunned or slowed, OR if you just want to be frugal with your mana, which is fine. Wild Cards, again, I don't like that much, but near end game, if you decided to stray from the build due to situational purposes or just because you felt like it, then with some AP, it can be useful for when you're chasing and you're not close enough for your auto-attacks to hack them down.

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Thanks for reading my guide, friends! Twisted Fate is quite flexible, so feel free to change up the order in which you build Stacked Deck, and Pick A Card to your play style! Have fun backdooring with his Destiny by the way. ;D