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Fizz Build Guide by Pokky Yeye

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Pokky Yeye

Fish in the Jungle

Pokky Yeye Last updated on November 7, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

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My summoner name is Not Real Crash I am a low elo player, my best rank was capped at Silver 1 and I am currently Silver 3. But I can guarantee even Diamond players one thing, this build and champion is fun, viable, will screw your enemies mind up and you will wreck face.

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AD Fizz Jungle is amazing, you won't know till you try it out and can even be used in ranked play.

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Usual Build Path: Hunters machete 4 pot --> first back spirit stone a few pots and a stealth ward try to get a gank off bottom for dragon control --> Elder Lizard then your really core item is the sheen into tri force, tri force is the core core item along with berserker greaves once you get these three items you have massive amounts of damage. Blade of the Ruined King lets you shred the enemy tank and its active is essentially AD Fizz's Deathfire Grasp. Frozen Mallet makes you like a bruiser and you still wreck face, this item is important.

Situational: take last whisperer or a tanky item, but if you really want you can go for a phantom dancer. Situational Nashor's Tooth (Good Item Gives CD and Improves your burst slightly)

VS Heavy AP: Against Heavy AP you want to be able to be a bruiser with health and at the same time penetrate and do damage, and maw of malmortious will help with just that. Second off against Heavy AP your 6th item can be either Sprit Vasage or Frozen Mallet I still prefer the Frozen Mallet as it gives off more to your team with the slow passive, but Spirit Vasage will enable you to abuse more skills and on top of that have some good resistance and health.

VS Heavy AD: If fed get zhonyas instead of randuins if you are not stomping the game just get randuins and you will be an amazing bruiser. (Zhonyas active not needed on AD Fizz but get it for the armor and some extra burst)

Ideal/ Usual Build: Just build this 90% of the time and use the other builds for the other situations, (The Ideal/ Usual Build Order is just a more specific guide into getting items in the early game) the other one is the full example build so you can see more clearly of the general full ideal build of AD Fizz Jg

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This is why AD Fizz is so good as building AD compliments his Urchin Strike mainly because of BOTRK and Sheen from the Tri Force (Q) (Read the notes in the photo) Credits to

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Pros / Cons

-Sustain in the jungle
-Fast Camp Clear (Need Berserker Greaves)
-Tons of Damage
-Less Enemy Focus after getting phage
-Trinity Force + Frozen Mallet makes you a real hard bruiser
-On AD Fizz E isnt abused so it is rarely on cooldown
-Gap Closing Q into W and AA
-Power Spikes after picking up Tri Force and Berserker Greaves (2 Items only)
-Does not fall off like AP fizz
-Constant Damage coming out (not just a moment of burst)
-Many Different items that can combo well
-Can't really gank Pre 6
-Need an AP mid or top to play him in the jungle
-Cooldowns are longer than AP fizz
-Not a lot of burst

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Creeping / Jungling

Start off with blue and go straight to wraiths then do red (get a gank off at the lane near red). If this succeeds you will be able to get a early spirit stone and some pots or a ward. If you get the gank off successfully on bot lane then put the stealth ward in the river to gain dragon control until you are confident you can do it (Tell support to keep full vision on river) If you get a gank off top side then keep ganking him (usually once the top laner gets killed your top laner can snowball it off and carry quite hard) so keep getting him going if you can get a gank off top. Jungling is very easy and quick after spirit stone (becomes super quick after berserker greaves) sustaining is not a problem with the set of masteries and runes given to you (so don't worry about a thing)


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Ganking and Teamfighting

Ganks: When you gank (if pre 6) you want to lane gank (Most Effective) this is because your lane ganks are really good even if they just come into a range of 550 as your e can cover that range and quickly start doing damage with your w.

Early Game Teamfight: In early game teamfights (avoid early game teamfights) but if an early game teamfight erupts you want to burst since you still have quite a bit of ap from your sheen you are not a really bruiser offtank shredder yet but the sheen will give you quite a bit of burst since it is in the early game. Basically play early game teamfights like an AP Fizz.

Mid Game Teamfights: This is your prime time as your core items are getting in place. So now start playing a more bruiser role but not fully you still cant be of fully focus or else you will get wrecked but you can afford to be in the middle of fights with your playful trickster as a last ditch option if you are in trouble. In other words do damage while getting focus on you and shred the carries as at this stage you can do that in a matter of seconds and keep going for other targets. Meanwhile getting down focus on you would be good as you can chunk the carries quickly and not rely on your E so you can always get away with it after.

Late Game Teamfights: Get onto the carry without using your E you can chunk them and if you are not getting focused you have enough slows from your autos from frozen mallet and your ultimate to survive throughout and at the sametime you have insane attack speed with BOTRK to sustain for longer, keep doing damage but always get out safe is how you play these teamfights (late game teamfights everybody gets chunked if its an even game) so play these fights carefully but you will be a lot more effective than AP Fizz as all AP Fizz does in the late game is kill one zhonyas and try to get out with the E meanwhile AD Fizz stays in the fight and does ongoing damage with sustain and can also be used as an offtank bruiser type role.

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Ranked Play

As you can see I have played with this build, runes, masteries and everything I have said in this guide. All those games were ranked game as you can see and im in Silver Elo, I am not sure if it works out in other elo but im sure you will have fun, just give it a try. :)

Side Note: I also played it in the mid lane as you can see from the photo :) tell me if you want me to make a guide on it!

Here is another photo of how I built in the game I hope it gives you a better idea of how to play him! Thanks I hope you enjoyed the guide.